“Lives of Omission” Synopsis; Laughing Gor Battles Bosco Wong!

Lives of Omission will be airing in Hong Kong on August 1, 2011 at 9:30 PM.

The character, “Laughing Gor” from E.U. <潛行狙擊> catapulted Michael Tse (謝天華) to fame and money. His popularity among netizens helped resurrect Laughing Gor back to life, even bringing him to the big screen in film, Turning Point <Laughing Gor之變節>. In Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, Laughing Gor will be pulled between the police and mafia world.

After completing his undercover assignment, Laughing Gor returned to the police department to train new cadets. To help achieve justice, Laughing Gor once again infiltrates the mafia world as an undercover police officer and share a battle of wits with “Cripple Co,” portrayed by Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). The ensuing drama makes it difficult to differentiate between good and evil.

Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui’s Love-And-Hate Relationship

A departure from his normal roles, Bosco Wong will portray a villain in Lives of Omission. Due to his standout role, Bosco and Michael Tse will have a lot of sparks onscreen. During the filming, rumors claimed that Bosco’s onscreen time was increased and stole the limelight away from Michael. Bosco may have a breakout role in Lives of Omission.

Bosco’s character, So Sing Pak, joined the mafia due to destitute circumstances at home. Since he shined in the underground world, a jealous triad member injured Bosco’s leg and framed him, sending him to jail. As a result, he was nicknamed “Cripple Co.” Bosco and Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) lawyer character, Yiu Ho Ho, knew each other from childhood. The couple share a complicated on-again-off-again relationship. To climb to the top, Kate was willing to let go of Bosco. Their relationship was marked by love and hate and lacked mutual trust.

Returning to the police department as an instructor, Michael trained a new generation of undercover police officers. Michael met the street-smart gangster, Bosco. The pair develop a police and informer relationship. Working together under many circumstances, they treated each other like brothers. However, the cunning Bosco only wanted to use Michael to help him become the triad leader.  In addition, Bosco discovered Police Chief, Damien Lau’s ((劉松仁) weakness and used him to accomplish his goals.

Michael Tse and Fala Chen’s Love Relationship

Chow Mong Ching, portrayed by Fala Chen (陳法拉), resembled Michael’s ex-girlfriend. Due to work, Fala and Michael fall in love. However, they often feel that their superior-subordinate in the police department comes between their relationship. As a result, they have frequent conflicts and their love is tested. Fala and Police Chief, Damien Lau, feel that Michael’s personality was not suitable for law enforcement duties.

When Bosco sacrificed the life of Michael’s colleague, Michael was unafraid to take the risk of a new undercover assignment to infiltrate the mafia world. Danger awaits….

Source: Ming Pao

Jayne: The synopsis of Lives of Omission sounds exciting. TVB really rushed the post-production to have this series aired in August. Hopefully this may indicate they have some exciting material in their hands, or is TVB hoping to push Michael and Bosco’s careers higher in time for the year-end Anniversary awards?

Bosco’s character sounds very dark and cunning. I hope he pulls it off! He tends to have too much of a sunshine, cheerful disposition, which hopefully does not appear in Lives of Omission.

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  1. LOL, just looked at the first photo of Laughing Gor looking deeply into Bosco’s eyes. Perhaps the eye contact is supposed to convey menace and danger.

    However, with the soft grey light, the photo appears almost romantic and there is a slight gay feel to it. A kissing moment anyone? 🙂

      1. Perhaps Jayne felt some ambiguity in that scene cap 😛

    1. That would be a very violent passionate kiss then.

    2. Want to see gay feel?

      Check out Michael and Raymond’s interaction in Raymond’s first concert. 😀

    3. Oh yeah Jayne, Bosco’s ambiguously-gay partner is actually KC and Wai Wai 😛

      1. Under the Canopy of Love. 😀

        When did he partner with Wai Wai?

      2. Not in dramas. They kinda fool around taking “subtly-gay” pics and post on their wei-bo while filming Grace Under Fire 😀

      3. Well judging from Bosco’s recent photo spread, he doesn’t seem to mind sharing himself with the world. No need to be exclusive then.

      4. I actually think Bosco was smitten with Kevin most during BF3.

        @masaharu: no wonder Wai Wai’s shirt was always open in GUF. now I understand.

      5. @Vivien: Bosco is such a shameless flirt, I can’t help it. I think a “brokeback infernal affairs” would be interesting. Lots of angst and underlying sexual tension!

  2. good job michael and bosco, looking forward for this drama.

    1. Me too…Hopefully Fala doesn’t spoil my series..Like Molye did in Ghetto Justice.

  3. I probably watch it LIVE on my time: 9:35AM Monday morning, New York time on the BETV live streaming player just to see if it suck or not. It is tempting a little bit…

    1. Looks like TVB USA wont air this series, oh well!–its a crap shoot overprice service paid by my cousin$.

  4. You’re right Jayne. Bosco is naturally sunshine, optimistic, brimming with megawatt smiles and possess a boyish voice. As much as I like him I know it’s a hard task for him because I can still see the sunshine boy in Growing Through Life earlier episodes interchanging with flashes of brilliance. His “small” voice also make it difficult for him to “sound” fierce.

    Michael is a more experienced and stronger actor and Laughing Gor is his game, so Bosco is facing a big struggle here. I wish him good luck.

    I will watch this drama :D. Just the sight of him with the manly ‘stache(that many others despised..haha) already making me counting the days..hehehh.

    1. Masaharu,
      To grow in his roles, Bosco needs to drop his sunshine disposition. His youthful appearance is another limiting factor; he just appears too young to be cast for certain roles.

      It appears that he gets along well with Michael behind-the-scenes, so I look forward to their chemistry together and convey the cat-and-mouse chase more excitingly.

      “I will watch this drama 😀 . Just the sight of him with the manly ‘stache(that many others despised..haha) already making me counting the days..hehehh”

      LOL, Kate Tsui apparently hates Bosco’s mustache and made fun of it throughout filming, since it reminds her of her father. I think a goatee would have worked better than a skinny mustache, which seems too refined.

      1. Haha I knew about it too. Then both of them are real professionals because those kisses look so damn real. Darn :D.

        Kate has a sharp and strong presence which can easily tick some viewers. I’ve always liked her partnerships with Bosco; especially in Don Juan De Mercado. One of the reasons to watch. Yummeh.

    2. Yup I agree Bosco has “small” voice that’s why his character in GTL never look good when he is needed to shout(doesn’t make him look fierce),even though it is a villain role,I feel like to laugh every time he shout,scream or get agree to other characters.

  5. Jayne, based on “hearsays”, TVB rushed this production premiere forward due to they are already shooting a Laughing spin off movie this September. However the storyline and cast are unrevealed yet(besides our hero Laughing…:P).

    1. Masaharu,
      I thought the last Laughing Gor movie, Turning Point, was only mildly successful at the box office. Surprised to hear that TVB will produce another Laughing movie again.

      1. Believe it Jayne. Comes straight from Laughing’s mouth 😛

        ….and the “mildly successful” is partially(I’m tempted to say largely….) contributed by the craftmanship of Anthony Wong and Francis Ng. They were really good; no kidding.

      2. Jayne, do you have any inclination about which “big shots” will be invited to line up Laughing Gor second movie?

      3. Turning Point was actually considered to be very successful — being shot on low budget and ending up top at the summer box office plus being overall within the top 5 that entire year.

    2. Masaharu,
      “Jayne, do you have any inclination about which “big shots” will be invited to line up Laughing Gor second movie?”

      Lol, maybe Eric Tsang will play triad boss? Felix Wong and Michael Miu?

      1. Felix and Michael miu are too TV. I think they should.bring back the “Goo wak Jai” (young & dangerous) crew like ekin and Jordan Chan.

      2. Jayne, Eric Tsang I like haha.

        josie, Young and Dangerous crews need a film just for themselves. It’s a classic for me and I selfishly don’t want it to be associated in any way with Laughing Gor 😛

      3. @masaharu: It would fun to have ekin and Jordan as guest stars. Just to show that although they’re no longer young, but they can still be dangerous.

  6. Looking forward to watch this series, the story seems interesting with Bosco’s new breakout in villain role. Hopefully Michael and Bosco will bring spark with their roles in this series and Kate looks hot in the bridal gown lol, she certainly has a good figure. Fala is pretty as always.

  7. Since Bosco’s last villain role was a fail, in a way, hope this one will be better and bring him success. I can’t wait for it to start tomorrow!!! Watch it with lunch. Hehehe…
    Never really likes Kate but her stirrings with Bosco should be interesting. I think they should stop using laughing Gor…I’m kinda getting tired of it…it’s been two years…

    1. @Yee,

      Did you watch Bosco’s villain role in Growing Through Life? How did he act and what do you think were his shortcomings? Personally, I couldn’t get past the first few episodes and had to quit very early.

      1. Same with me I quit before Bosco even come out ROFL. boring series with boring acting of Toby Leung. Damein Lau also has a boring role so I quit as soon as possible.

        I think based on what some people said in their posts here his shortcoming must be the shouting and getting fierce part.

    2. Well I watched through the entire series on my birthday…so maybe I was in a happier mood…but I didn’t find it was so bad. The whole reason because Bosco became evil was kinda stupid…and he was too friends with Ray at the beginning to adjust to him being evil. His acting wasn’t really good and kinda over evil….if u get what I mean…like trying reLly really hard to be evil. His role was originally supposted to be played by Ray.

      1. What I mean is that his evil wasn’t really believable and the cancer plot didn’t make me “tong Ching” him….and how he lost everything…

  8. Bosco with that moustache actually looks pretty good! O.O

  9. can’t wait for it!!! look very interesting….so no Ron Ng in this series?

  10. Really looking forward to the battle of wits between Michael and Bosco! Hopefully, it will be interesting and unlike the weak battle between Joe Ma and Joel Chan in Relic of an Emissary. Joel’s kindheartedness was his weakness and made the “game” lackluster.

    I’m more interested in Bosco and Kate’s on-again-off-again relationship more. Both are sexy and hopefully they will share some great onscreen chemistry. Still waiting for Bosco’s breakthrough role. And this is Kate’s third series aired this year already! But since her characters seems very intriguing this year, I don’t mind watching her. 😀

    Kinda sick of Laughing Gor’s popularity and how TVB is milking the cash cow. They should have left the idea of Laughing Gor behind and create more series with more interesting characters. Just imagine Lives of Omission doesn’t come out to be a hit because everyone is bored of Laughing Gor.

  11. I thought Laughing Gor died? So he is resurrected yet again? When is TVB just gonna let him die? I know this must be between him dying and not dying but still, some characters are best left dead.

    1. I didnt really follow the entire series but there was a part where Laughing Gor didnt die but promoted as Ah Sir in the end where a scene of him wearing uniform and adjusting his cap. I remember due to massive complaints received by Hk audiences, Laughing gor just appeared to be alive with good ending.

      1. That last scene was added promptly following public outcry wasn’t it?

      2. oops i meant “massive complaints received by TVB not the hk audiences” lol

      3. @Masaharu,

        Yep you’re right. I heard the audiences like the series and the role of Laughing Gor so much until they’re unable accept the fact and they filed alot of complaints to TVB asking for alternative ending which give back Laughing Gor back to life. If I remember correctly, the 2nd ending which showed Laughing Gor alive was aired the following day after the actual ending.

      4. yeah agree should have stay dead or maybe become a vampire haha…

      5. Or create a twin brother, called Crying Chai or Smiling Boy

      6. it’s so lame with the twin brother idea. better if they made a clone or a cyborg of his body…

      7. Twin brother or look alike is already lame. Enough with Fala look alike in this series. I’ll vomit if they create a Laughing Gor lookalike

    2. He didnt die in the Hong Kong airing. He just pops up and saying something like Arnold S. “I’ll be back…”

    3. He died! I saw him dying! Dead! Died! Gone! That last scene was I believe for another series of yet again his resurrection? To continue the story to the movie version?? I mean how can’t he be dead? He died!!

  12. This better not be boring or else I’m going to throw up twice and drop five coins onto a cake…

    hopefully i can keep my lunch and my coins.

    1. It’s so rushed. I don’t know what to expect and Laughing coming back alive is spoiling the good memory of him.

  13. First episode:
    First 15+ minutes was good. Lots of action scenes, explosions, gun fighting….

    Damien and Micheal Tse excellent.

    Kate Tsui is bad at cross examination in the court. She doesnt look right in a barrister/lawyer type.

    Fala Chen, she doesnt fit in high rank Madam cop for some reason, not as aggressive acting as I thought.

    Just to warn you….
    The subtheme song sung by Bosco. There is a MV put at the end…. IT SUCKS!!!! IT SUCKS!!!! IT SUCKS!!!!

    Again overall its good episode, not going to spoiler it.

    1. I agree. I can’t really see Kate Tsui or Fala Chen in professional roles.

      1. TVB don’t have a good actress since the likes of Ada, Esther, Kenix all left. Fala is pretty tho. I’ll start the series later

    2. Larry,
      Thanks for sharing your impression of the first episode of Lives of Omission. The triad subject matter allows for many gritty and explosive scenes. Hopefully the next episodes continue to captivate.

      1. Episode 2 will see Bosco & Micheal Tse interaction with the deals, hopefully it wont disappoint.

    3. I already told many times that Bosco can’t sing!!!!!
      Plz stop singing,coz its suck.

      1. Yeah, his singing is WTF. Surprisingly, Micheal Tse sings way better then Bosco.

      2. WTF, just found out Bosco is singing in the “the grand master” movie (tony leung) double vomit hehe

      3. @ exoidus

        “WTF, just found out Bosco is singing in the “the grand master” movie (tony leung) double vomit hehe”

        Is his singing suitable for the themesong of such a movie? His voice is kinda light and doesn’t sound classic. Maybe he will surprise us this time. 😀

        This is really unexpected. I thought Wong Kar Wai is very artsy. How come he asks idol pop singer Bosco to sing the themesong?

    4. why is kate still being promoted? she have been in the last 3 series and im so sick of her acting or the lack of it.

      she must be treating some tvb executives real well behind the scenes…

      1. I think Kate is one of the female artist that virginia plans to promote after the departure of her favourite Charmaine Sheh. Kate, Myolie, Fala and Linda (all have one similar thing in them, that’s they’re all from the beauty pageant).

      2. Yup,among the fa dans now,only Tavia is not from the beauty pageant. She is graduate from 13th TVB Acting Class,along with Lam Fung. That’s why there is no gossip between them because they’re really close since the acting class,though many times they have been capture together and Tavia always ride on Ah Fung’s car.

    5. I’m watching this series today… Thanks for your thoughts xD

    6. Thanks for warning but don’t everybody already expect that the subtheme will be bad ROFL

      1. Try watching it 5 times a day! I dont know what is going on with TeeVeeBee bloated MV crap craze going on these days.

        At some point, TVB have to realized its f******* waste of money and time to produce every series comes out and it is crap.

    7. Agree on Fala’s looks as professional, doesn’t suit her at all. Fala and Kate looks more like a langmos than professional body.

  14. If U want to see spoilers on Episode 1-5 from TVB magazine; here it is, click the images to see . . .

    Episode 1:
    Photo: http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/large/6f7e478egw1djnvvy91qjj.jpg

    Chinese Reading: http://ww2.sinaimg.cn/large/6f7e478egw1djnvxqkv5rj.jpg


    Episode 2:
    Photos: http://ww2.sinaimg.cn/large/6f7e478egw1djnvyfk30uj.jpg

    Chinese reading: http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/large/6f7e478egw1djnvytx6ybj.jpg


    Episode 3:
    Photos: http://ww3.sinaimg.cn/large/6f7e478egw1djnw0lqikmj.jpg

    Chinese reading: http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/large/6f7e478egw1djnw15kiypj.jpg


    Episode 4:
    Photos: http://ww2.sinaimg.cn/large/6f7e478egw1djnw1pmp8pj.jpg

    Chinese reading: http://ww2.sinaimg.cn/large/6f7e478egw1djnw2h8w3pj.jpg


    Episode 5:
    Photos: http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/large/6f7e478egw1djnw35z16wj.jpg

    Chinese reading: http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/large/6f7e478egw1djnw3wfromj.jpg

  15. @Larry3

    Any link to the subtheme MV? I want to see how bad it is and ROFL

    1. I dont see it on Youtube, probably any day now.

      For the time being enjoy the episode 1 glimpse at the end of ending credits showing the sub theme MV.

      1. TeeVeeBee has NO freaken budget on MVs with few exceptions (i.e. Raymond Lam). Very poorly done….

  16. I initially am not interested to watch this series. The synopsis does not interest me. Not that into triad and undercover cop series after watching E.U.

    But, I still checked out its wiki info and look at the supporting cast list. I saw MC Jin on the cast list! Mc Jin?! Now, I’m interested. 😀

    1. Omg…finally someone excited to see MC Jin….I was kinda watching it for him and my friend called me a loser….he should be OK From what I saw in the promotional clip. Does he have a “relationship” with Mandy Wong?

      1. MC Jin visited asianfanatics. You can check it out it out under the ‘Lives Of Omission 潛行狙擊’ forum.

    2. Kidd, a reliable source told me that MC Jin is entertaining in the second episode. Perhaps you don’t wanna miss it 😉

    3. MC Jin did well in Episode 2. Its bunch undercover training.

      Ok episode.

      BTW, the subtheme song at the end of the ending credits; was removed.

  17. Chung Lap Man’s cousin sister has become a lawyer. 😀

    Has E.U. explained where has Kate’s character gone to? I forgot liao.

  18. Saw the first episode and it was kinda boring except for the first few parts I guess with a lot of action..I prefer Fala to Kate usually and this time, no exception, I’m rather anti-Kate, just can’t stand her and this is a new low, she looks so out of place as a ‘barrister’ and I think this is going to be rather boring!

    1. The first episode was ok for me. I kinda agree that the action in the beginning are the most enjoyable part. The action was done adequately for a TVB drama. In the second half nothing is striking enough to grab my attention.

      Mr Lau Chung Yan is by far the best performer of the premiere night. He’s more comfortable in a subtle professional character like this in comparison to his character in The Rippling Blossoms(although I selfishly admit that it’s a joy seeing him out of character and being..crazy haha).

      My bad for forgetting to judge the ending song and MV because I saw a pleasant sight(for me) onscreen. Hahaha Larry3 might puke at me but who cares :P. I’ll add my thoughts about the song later after I get the full version :).

      1. I also think Chung Yan is a good actor, he can portray from a normal character to a very crazy character very well, I also like watching his performance every time.

      2. I apologize. “Crazy” that I mean is meant for his out of Damian-like character in The Rippling Blossoms…but yeah, Mr Lau is an efficient actor.

      3. Im waiting for the full sub theme song too, just want to puke more crap if it is that bad with out watching horribly produce TVB MV.

      4. Damien and his crazy acting to me is like when Damien is in his crazy funny mode. Not like his usual serious self.

      5. @Veejay: You mean “Men In Pain”; hes acting crazier too?

  19. Ahhh I forgot Damien, he is one of my fav actors hahah, better than the younger ones 😀

    I don’t remember the ending song either, I was on the computer after the first 15 minutes hehe, my family was watching it.

    1. I watched the MV right until the last credit rolls but perhaps I was distracted by “first time watching” effect that I somehow don’t bother to judge yet about the overall quality of the song and MV. I suffer from “selective vision”; perhaps 😛

  20. Just saw the first episode. It was good enough, but nothing great yet.

    From the comments I’ve read above, it seems like many people enjoyed the action scenes in the beginning. Am I the only one who thinks that they were only mediocre? Wasn’t too thrilled for the action scenes, not bad, but nothing worth wow-ing either.

    I agree that I Tavia and Myolie looks better in professional roles than Kate and Fala, but I still enjoyed their performances in this episode. It seems like both has interesting characters. Love how Fala circled her phone number in newspaper and let Michael guess the correct sequence.

    Agree with Larry3 that the subsong by Bosco sucks at the end. His voice is too soft.

  21. I think most of us cited the action scenes in the beginning as not bad as relatively speaking, they were the better parts, in an absolute way of speaking, they were pretty mediocre..still hate Kate haha

  22. haven’t seen it yet. How is Kate as a lawyer? Does she still pout?

    1. lol.. oh dear… i don’t know why she does it. Like in W&W, she couldn’t stop pouting, she talked like she thought she was a cutie.. but its really annoying. Even as a professional lawyer, she pouts? Not a freakin sex seduction show.

      ChoLam Wong recently imitated her of that comedy show of his. The highlight was the pout…. and at the end of it, he goes ‘i can finally let go and untense my lips’. LOL

      1. good for her that most of the male tvb executives regard her as their “goddaughter” otherwise i find no logical reason for tvb to use her even as supporting roles.

      2. funny! I must try to see the clip of Cho Lam doing that – I am really sick of the pouting – ugh ugh double triple ugh..I wish she or someone related realises that the audience (mostly) can do without the totally OTT pouting which is uncalled for like 99% of the time, I give her 1% as benefit of the doubt and I’m feeling generous 😀

      3. If you ignore it Kate has pulpous lips she doesn’t pout. I think the only thing which is getting overexxagerated here this is the Kate Tsui hatred.

      4. “the only thing which is getting overexxagerated here this is the Kate Tsui hatred.”

        Yes, this forum is so Kate-unfriendly. 🙁 🙁

        I agree with you. Kate does seem to be pouting a lot, but, I attribute it to her pulpous lips. I don’t think she deliberately pout.

      5. Kate hatred is Minh a lot co eng forum. I just met her and the girl is nice and definitely more pretty thanhbve she is onscreen

      6. Nah when she was in the pagaents, her lips did not stand out like that. She either had lip injections to make it look fuller (is it botox injections?) … or she purposely sticks it out.

      7. I watched some parts of miss HK 2004 and the first thing which stroke me with Kate is her stand out features namely her lips. When she smiles indeed this looks thin -and she did it a lot during this pageant- but Kate has naturally full lips -and you can see that in her “chibi” (child) picture

      8. @ Kidd
        Frankly this is as if they some kind of button in their mind and when they see Kate Tsui name they just bash, bash, bash.

  23. Ya, can’t stand kate’s pout too! Very repulsive!

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