Louis Koo and Daniel Wu Film “Triple Tap”

Louis Koo Triple Tap

Directed by Derek Yee, Triple Tap <枪王之王>, stars Louis Koo Tin Lok and Daniel Wu Yiu Cho as shooting experts. Louis and Daniel endured the strenuous filming demands during a scene where  they compete in shooting sports to win the title of “Champion Shooter.”

Focusing on the actual speed of firing the bullets and the accuracy of the shooting requirements, Louis had to concentrate intensely. He also needed to have a good understanding of his physical abilities. “Although possessing the correct technique and confidence were important, having the right intuition was also required. While trying to look cool in holding a gun and providing the best camera angles, it was inevitable that I got hurt. In one scene, I had to lay on the sand while firing repeatedly. My elbow got scraped by the sand. In the last shot, I sprained [my arm].”

However, Louis was still fascinated by shooting sports. “If I did not film Triple Tap, I would not have been introduced to shooting as a sport. I could not wait to purchase my ‘dream gun.’ A shooting hobbyist would feel the same way if he came across a gun they loved!”

Daniel Wu Triple TapDaniel Wu Triple Tap

Daniel Wu Triple TapLouis Koo Triple Tap

Louis Koo Triple Tap

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Louis and Daniel are two of my favorite actors. They look ultra-hot in the above photos! I have a slight preference for the more muscular Daniel though!

Can you also believe that Louis is now 40 years old? He still looks fabulous and very athletic!

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  1. OMG! I can’t believe he’s almost 40! I keep thinking he’s still in his early 30s — even though I keep thinking to myself that he looks 40ish when I see his recent pictures.

    Man, where did the time go?

  2. i’m so in love with louis koo!!! hahahha..he ‘s looking better and better…

  3. The man has charisma, you can give him that. Although he tends to overact alot (sorry to all Louis Koo fan) but I do think his acting has improved recently. Particularly like his performance in Accident. Very low key but affecting. Hope this is another winner for him.

  4. Same here I love Louis Koo!! He still looks good for his age!!! not really a fan of Daniel Wu sorry to those who are a Daniel Wu fan..

  5. Couldn’t agree more with you Jayne. I have seen tremendous improvements with them since the beginning of their career until now. Doesn’t hurt that they are physically fit and very good-looking:)

  6. Oh…they are gorgeous guy ! Luv them….keep up the high spirit, dear !

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