Ron Ng and Stephy Tang Film New Thriller in Snow Mountains of Sichuan

Ron Ng (吴卓羲) and Stephy Tang (邓丽欣) were currently filming their new movie, Fierce Snow Mountain <凶间雪山> in Hailuogou, Sichuan province of China.  Due to the nearby glaciers, the temperatures were quite cold as the actors shot their new movie. Thriller, Fierce Snow Mountain, centered around a group of young people stranded in a glacier mountain, where they run into the dangers of a serial killer!

Fierce Snow Mountain starred Ron Ng, Stephy Tang, TAE, and mainland actress, Deng Ziyi (邓紫衣). The cast has been filming in the scenic area of Hailuogou Glacier Park, surrounded by deep forests and lush mountains. The film spoke of the story of 5 young people who encountered an accident while vacationing on a snow mountain. One person in the group broke his leg; thus the group was forced to stay at a nearby dilapidated motel. Stranded in the isolated location, the 5 people encounter a serial killer. The group must learn to survive at all costs in their race against death!

Coincidentally, Deng Ziyi sprained her ankle while filming a running scene earlier. Ron Ng immediately rushed over to offer his assistance. Deng Ziyi said, “It is normal to incur minor injuries during filming. I will be more careful afterward!”

Due to the remote filming location in the glacier park in Sichuan, Stephy Tang was well prepared for the cool temperatures. She brought three down jackets and a dozen layering pieces to keep warm. Although Ron wore a jacket during filming, he laughed at Stephy’s fear of the cold temperatures. Ron said, “If she were truly so afraid of being cold, she should eat more spicy hot pot meals to boost her internal energy!”


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Jayne: Ron Ng returns to the big screen after a long gap! Filming outside of TVB would allow expose him to people with a different skill set. The serial killer hanging out in a desolate motel in an isolated snow mountain sounds random though.

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  1. I’m actually looking forward to this movie! LOLOLOL I love how the leads are 2 Hong Kong, 1 mainland and 1 Thai

  2. OMG LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS AS WELL 🙂 I would like to see this new cast mixture.

  3. I am looking towards the movie due to the location. The Hailugou scenery is truly exquisite. The mountains and glaziers are even more spectacular than the one in NZ.

  4. What a common storyline!!! And they should change it to “one person in the group broke her leg” since Deng Ziyi broke her leg.

  5. Also, Ron should be the serial killer. This is a mando movie right? Will there be a canto version? Ron will definately not dubb his own mando voice.

      1. LOL. I can picture him chasing somebody with a knife and he’s lagging behind, then he yells out “forget it” and throws down the knife.

  6. I’m also looking forward to this movie, sounds interesting! Glad that Ron is getting more oppotunities now 🙂

  7. Deng Zi Yi is the producer, investor of this movie and she is also the main actress. Will her second movie blossom or just so-so like last time? Lolz, it’s the matter. But she really likes thriller concept.

    BTW, thank to this movie, I know that Tae is still working in ent. industry. The Thailand ent. industry is now mostly covered by Mario so I don’t hear anything about Tae in years, after the Chinese Fairy Tales.

  8. So Ron is filming a movie with Stephy (Alex Fong’s GF) and Alex filmed a movie with Viann (Ron’s GF). Interesting.

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