Louis Koo Still Has Outstanding TVB Contract

Since filming TVB drama, A Step in the Past <尋秦記>, in 2001, Louis Koo’s (古天樂) stardom has rocketed in the film industry. Appearing at an advertising awards ceremony yesterday, Louis revealed that he still had an outstanding filming contract with TVB. Although he currently has numerous film committments, Louis said that he would consider filming for TVB again should he come across the right script.

Louis Will Consider Filming for TVB Again

The 41-year-old former TVB Best Actor was asked when he will return to TVB to film television dramas again. Louis answered with a smile, “It has been a long time! I still have a filming contract with TVB, but it has been more than 10 years! I may extend it, but I will pay my outstanding debts!”

If Louis were to film with TVB again, he hoped to appear in a drama with refreshing subject material, which made it stand apart from today’s generic productions. Louis said, “I hope to go back [to TVB] and be part of the creative development process. However, the subject material has be novel, unlike the current trends. The drama should be suitable for viewing by all ages in the family!”

Among his television costars, Louis’ fans often considered Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) to have the best chemistry with him. In an earlier ATV interview, Jessica had revealed that she was unable to withdraw herself emotionally from her role in a drama opposite Louis Koo. She continued to cry after filming was over, as she felt that Louis and her character should have achieved a happy ending together.

Director John Woo in Recovery Mode

Louis Koo was originally scheduled to appear in Director John Woo’s (吳宇森) new movie, Love and Let Love <生死恋> at the beginning of 2012. However, the movie has now been rescheduled to start filming in early 2013 due to John Woo’s health condition.

Tabloids earlier reported that John Woo had cancer. The 66-year-old director subsequently clarified that there was only a small tumor in his neck, but nevertheless took a hiatus from his work to recover fully.

The media has been drilling Louis about John Woo’s recent health condition. Louis assured that there has been a positive turn in Mr. Woo’s health, but asked the media to give the director privacy and space. Louis said, “He (John Woo) has to rest. I do not want to disturb him. But it has been confirmed that Love and Let Love will film in 2013.”

Suffering from a leg injury earlier, Louis had to continue to work despite the pain. Asked whether he currently had many outstanding filming obligations, he replied, “Not that many and not too few! However, I cannot stop working despite my leg injury. After agreeing to the filming offer, then we can discuss the filming conditions. We can accommodate each other a bit.”

Source: On.cc, QQ.com, Nfdaily.cn

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Jayne: Although Louis said politely that he will consider filming for TVB again, he has said the same thing for the last 10 years! His career is simply too big for him to take out time from his schedule to film at TVB’s paltry fees!

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  1. Maybe a great script will convince him sometimes paltry fees is worth the paltriness.

  2. Oh please please please gimme a series with him and Jessica paired up with a happy ending…

    1. Agree – I’m waiting for another epic pairing of him and jessica 😉 Pleaseeeeee

      1. I think Jessica would definitely come back if Louis agreed to do DIF5. But unfortunately that window of time is running out.

    2. Yes! jessica and Louis Koo were too sad in that series, I can still remember I cried lol

      1. what show is this? i cannot remember any sad show of them together.

        Anyway i do think Jessica is too old looking for Louis Koo.

      2. Was it detective investigation files iv? .. If so, I agree. They should have been together!

      3. Jessica looks too old now to pair with Louis again. If Louis come back TVB will pair him with the competitives of Myolie or Fala LOK

    3. If u want Louis and Jessica happy ending, watch “man’s best friend” (cho mut ching yuen). But I liked him better w/ sammi instead.

      1. me too.
        i dont like jessica and louis combination

      2. Men’s best friend was the first TVB modern series I’ve seen in the past (before that I only watched ancient series :P) and I love the dogs the most. The Shepherd is so adorable! And I also like Louis & Sammi :D.

        If I rmb rite, Louis and Jessica was together in Hello Teacher, too.

  3. He’s making far too much to even consider returning to tvb. How much can tvb pay him? He makes 40M per movie.

  4. Why does he look so angry in the pix?
    Anyway I love his drama characters, not so much his films. Hopefully TVB has a good script for him (well TVB needs good script these days anyway.)

    1. i like louis better in TVB too. He always look OTT and stupid in his movies.

  5. Louis n Jessica is one of the best onscreen couple. Hope TVB has some awesome script that can attract Louis to film TV series.

  6. wow i am looking forward Louis Koo in drama!

  7. old, old, old, old, old, old . . . news!

    When he EVER comes back to TeeVeeBee series, it will be something… new.

  8. I think if he puts money aside and considers other things, then filming for TVB maybe possible. But then, time is another element to take into consideration. I wonder he does not just say no instead of jeep on giving the same answers again and again???

  9. He’s earning 10mi for a movie if he come back to TVB with low pay it will only because he wants to rid tvb for good

  10. he will be back to tvb when he’s older…..

    what is the point of having outstanding contract with TVB if u don’t film for them over 10 years?


    tvb is in dire need of some actual good actors that aren’t overexposed, sick of the same faces all the time. and the same mediocre pretty faces.

  12. omg!!! i miss him so damn much!!! pleaseeee come back!!! i definitely will be the 1st to watch!!!

  13. Unfortunately .. he does not seem like the type that will do something for fans.

    I can see Andy Lau have a bigger chance of coming back to TVB to film a series than Louis Koo.

    I’ll go as far as saying, even Tony Leung has a higher chance of coming back to TVB than Louis Koo, if Tony Leung owed some outstanding contract to TVB.

    1. I doubt Tony leung would come back for real neither will Andy or Louis Koo imo.. These are all big movie star and busy men.. I doubt they will have time to film for tvb who usually stressed their artist for working long hours..

      1. Unless they still owe TVB some drama series and have to get rid of their debts. I don’t think this happens to Andy Lau or Tony Leung.

    2. andy lau is another busy man. his got other better stuff to do than work long hours to film a crappy series starring newbies. tony leung too. i don’t think he gives a crap about tvb.

      1. Yeah agree, Andy is now a boss of his own production and etc, I doubt he will even consider filming for TVB. He’s now too busy occupied with his newborn bb girl and wife in Hk.

    3. Tony Leung repaid all his debts though. I don’t know about Andy Lau.

  14. He and Jessica were outstanding in Detective Investigation Files IV, that was one of my favourite series to date……too bad they didn’t end up together, I guess this is the series that Jessica cried over.
    Hopefully he does make a return to TVB soon, I would love to watch him in a series.

  15. Louis requirements from TVB 5-6 years back:

    1. No costume series
    2. No filming in summer

    Pity actually, Louis look really good in wuxia costume.

    1. o you means he does not want to act in costume series?? but he does look very good in costume series than modern series…

  16. I’m still waiting for him to film with tvb again looooovvvveeee him…

  17. oh gosh. my fav of alltme… my biggest crush to date..

  18. Louis is waiting for TVB to go belly up then he don’t have to pay his outstanding debt 🙂

    Since TVB is so desperate these days mabye they should add Louis to the joke series TITS 2, hahaha

  19. It’s been so long since louis has filmed for Tvb.
    I have been hoping for so long for his return to Tvb. Hopefully a good script will come by and he will return. Love him

  20. Another question is Louis with anyone at the moment?

  21. tvb will prolly only use louis koo when they’re REALLY desperate. coz that is their only leverage. If they use him up, then it will be highly unlikely louis will sign anything with them again. Because filming tvb series is not an easy thing. filming 24 hours a day non-stop, not a very relaxing working environment.

    and if they use him, can’t be some cheapy sitcom with linda chung (for example)…actually frankly, i don’t think any of the current female artists at tvb (charmaine, tavia, myolie, linda, kate, fala) are on the same level as him and i don’t that pairing will interest me at all. Someone mentioned Jessica. I like that.

  22. Despite from Jessica Hsuan, is there any other actresses that are on the same level as Louis that he can be paired with?

  23. Louis is into sci-fi type of series.

    Jessica is a good match. Perhaps Kenix.

    1. I hope it wont be Kenix, not that I hold grudges against her but she definitely looks older than Louis with her skinny structure. What she needs is to eat something and grow some meat, she’s too Skinny for real.

  24. Louis Koo shall return to TVB pair him with Ron Ng ,i think TVB shall made a serial Ron Ng knee down and lick Louis shoes and toe and beg Louis for forgiveness,(just joke only lah) ,remember Ron Ng own Louis Koo money in real life ,however i don’t know if Ron already paid all his debt to Louis .

  25. Louis only hit it big time when be decided to go brown.

    1. I thought he shot to fame since 天地男儿 where he was really fair-skinned?

    2. Louis shot to fame after ROCH ’95. But, I’ll say he’s an eye-candy after the tan. 😉

  26. DIF4 was legendary !! The chemistry between him and Jessica was amazing . I hope they do make DIF5 with Louis and jessica returning …

  27. Would really love to see him & Jessica again.
    Love them both so much!

  28. why does every old ppl are returning to TVB?the current old ppl haven’t even been washed out yet. i may sound cruel but honestly, give the younger generation a chance. and if you say cuz the younger kids can’t handle it, please if you never give them a chance, how would you know if they can or cannot. in korea, even kids in their teens are talented cuz they’ve been given a chance to be in the spotlight. glad louis is still considering and not confirming. and what’s with him and jessica all the time? if he ever comes back, get him someone fresher and prettier. I don’t think TVB actually affords to pay him though. The top earner doesn’t even earn as much as he does. btw, i thought Louis looks best when he’s tan and not dark chocolate.

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