Louis Koo and Daniel Wu’s “Triple Tap” Top $100 Million

Louis Koo Tin Lok and Daniel Wu Yiu Cho’s new movie, Triple Tap <鎗王之王> scored $100 million (Yuan) at the box office in mainland China within the first three weeks of its release. Director Derek Yee has broken through the $100 million directors’ club.

On many internet discussion forums, fans praised Louis Koo for his breakthrough performance.  Emperor Motion Pictures’Chief Executive Officer, Albert Lee, is looking forward to cooperating with Derek Yee again to bring Hong Kong films to new heights of success.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Louis Koo and Daniel Wu are a lethal combination!

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  1. Congrats to Daniel and Louis! LOL I haven’t seen it myself 😛

  2. Derek Yee has always been a good director. You are assured a certain level of quality when it comes to his film.

  3. LOL I forgot to congratulate the helm of the film which is Derek Yee. I agree with you Kidd, Yee is one of HK’s quality director as of now 😀

  4. I love Louis Koo!! Cant wait to watch the movie!!

  5. I watched the movie, didn’t think their acting was all that great. I actually thought Alex Fong took the limelight =)

    He was great in the last few scenes.

  6. I haven’t watched yet and now planned to watch INCEPTION first instead :P. However in regards to their acting I still remember back then when I think of Daniel as just “the pretty face” guy. But now he has improved a lot and has become an actor 🙂

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