Louis Koo And Sean Lau To Star In 3D Fire Disaster Movie, “Inferno”

With worldwide movie audiences’ increased demand for 3D movies, more Hong Kong film makers appeared to be joining the lucrative bandwagon. Movies with 3D effects offer a more thrilling movie-going experience, in which audiences were willing to pay for the higher ticket prices. Last year, 3D Sex and Zen <3D肉蒲團之極樂寶鑑> was the most highly grossed locally produced movie in Hong Kong. According to Oriental Daily, $140 million HKD will be invested into the filming of 3D fire disaster film, Inferno <逃出生天>, starring Louis Koo (古天樂), Sean Lau (劉青雲), and Angelica Lee (李心潔).

Inferno will be directed by the Pang brothers, Danny Pang (彭發) and Oxide Pang (彭順), who have experience from filming 3D movies through their former horror movies, such as The Child’s Eye <童眼>. Inferno will be the first 3D movie from Hong Kong to focus on a fire disaster, featuring the everyday heroism of firefighters risking their own safety to save other people’s lives. Since real fires will be used during the filming of Inferno, actors Sean Lau and Louis Koo–who portray firefighters–will need to take training classes on fire safety and equipment use. Due to the risk involved in the fire scenes, the production company will purchase extra insurance for the cast of Inferno.

The announcement of Inferno has generated early excitement in the industry, as The Hollywood Reporter ran a feature on the film project. Inferno was slated to start filming in July or August 2012 and will be a joint production between Hong Kong and Chinese movie companies.

Image source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: This may be Burning Flame in 3D. Adding Wong Hei would be a nice touch!

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  1. Oh, Louis and his days at TVB. He’s still a hottie!

  2. I am skeptical on 3D technology. If Hollywood with the millions in budget still can’t make a decent 3D movie, can HK do it? I know about that Cat III movie which got praise for some nifty 3D effects but for a fire movie, already dark, smoke, fire everywhere, plus with 3D will certainly give everyone a headache. Interesting the best 3D movie EVER that was so believable because it got wind, water splashed on my face and what nots is in Disneyland HK with that 15 min short movie about Donald’s adventure.

    1. I love 3D movies such as Avatar and Transformers, movies that truly transported you into another fantasy world or thrilling mecha fights. 3D allows a whole new level in which a movie can be told and experienced by the audience.

      However, 3D is somewhat gimmicky for films such as 3D Sex and Zen, as well as the soon to be re-released version of Titanic in 3D.

      If 3D can make the fire element more horrifying and realistic for “Inferno,” why not? In fact, maybe they should make it 4D by adding heat lamps over the audience’s heads during the fire scenes to make them feel the heat of the fire and sweat. Or blast the audience with fog machine and water jets etc…

      1. I heard tat 5D stuff might come out soon and I still can’t wait to see how 5D is. 3D is a gimmick and it is quite successful recently. Everything in 3D, yay!

  3. i miss louis koo in dramas! i want him back in dramas! i love him!!!

    1. Me 2!!! i loved him in Burning Flame as a fire fighter back in 1997..he gave me the whole man feeling still does 🙂

  4. Louis and Sean are good. Louis Koo has not had any breaking-roles: Chinese Ghost, Overheard 2 = okay.

    While Sean has been quite well: Overheard 2, Great Magician, Life without Principle.
    I have not seen any Tony Leung Chiu Wai & Louis Koo!!!!

  5. Didn’t Lau Ching Wan do a fire fighting movie when Burning Flame came out too? I remember Alex Fong Chung Sun and Raymond Wong Ho-Yin was in it too.

  6. Louis Koo is looking great! I remember seeing him in films when he’s very much much fair compared to his tanned skin now. What, did he got a super tan? I’ve been wondering about his skin for so long.

    1. apparently when he was fair skinned, he wasn’t much appreciated. he was deemed weak and frail. The total transformation got people attention and his short haircut back then gave him an edge. he totally got popular after that. good change

      1. Oh i see thanks for the enlightening me, Darren =D. Totally different from MJ, huh.

  7. Aww, i definitely miss him filming for TVB. He needs to film a short series of Jessica Hsuan! I think this picture is from Burning Flame. Miss this look of him!

  8. very interesting, as Nicholas Tse is also making a fire movie this year..

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