Louis Koo Faces Big Loss With “Warriors of the Future”

Spending almost 390 million Chinese yuan on Hong Kong’s biggest sci-fi action movie Warriors of Future <明日戰記>, Louis Koo (古天樂) broke out in tears during a promotional event as the film has been bleeding losses.

Aside from heavily investing in the movie, Louis spent over a decade working on the film. To promote his film, Louis even resorted to live-selling in Mandarin as a method to help spread word of his new movie in China.

Responding to speculations that he had cried on stage over the disappointing box office sales, Louis explained that he was saddened by the story arc of his deceased wife in the movie.  “I’m made of steel, I won’t fall down easily, even if I fall down, I’ll get up immediately, don’t worry!” As the movie is a labor of love and took three years in post production, Louis hopes more people will support it at the box office.

Opening in theaters for nine days, Warriors of Future has only made about CNY310 million. Considering other factors such as the demolition of many theaters and the limited number of showings in some smaller theaters, Warriors of Future is facing difficulty in realizing a profit.

A strong advocate to push new boundaries in Hong Kong films, Louis is especially passionate about making headway in the sci-fi genre. “Although I feel that the movie can be better, it requires us to continue learning from this experience to improve…. I think it’s necessary no matter how much time or money it takes, or we will never learn how to do this,” Louis said.

“Warriors of Future” Trailer

Sources: World Journal, Ming Pao, Yahoo

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Louis Koo is Proud of His New Sci-Fi Film, “Warriors of Future”

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  1. If I was in HK, I would go watch just to support him. Even if it was a failure, at least he tried something different. All HK produces nowadays are cop/triad films.

  2. well, no good time to release a movie ever since covid. should probably consider pay per view. sad….

  3. The trailer sux, can’t compete with Hollywood,
    Storyline is unbelievable ,

    Louis needed to come up with a better story, and not focus on the cgi…

  4. I’m hearing box office earnings are being stolen in China with tickets printed out for Moon Man while viewers come to see Warriors of Future.

    1. You mean, tickets are being bought but no one’s actually going to see it? How typical mainlander…i wonder how it did in hk though. I also would go watch it if i was in hk.
      Also that’s a great point streaming is the way to go now a days.

      1. I mean, tickets are being bought for people seeing the movies but those tickets are printed and registered for admissions going to another movie called Moon Man.

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