Louis Koo Secretly Dating Joe Chen for Two Years

Hong Kong actor Louis Koo (古天樂) and Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陳喬恩) have been in a secret relationship for the last two years, according to Ming Pao Weekly. Although the couple had a rift earlier, they have not officially broken up.

The pair was allegedly introduced to each other by a mutual friend in 2010 and started dating half a year later. Louis and Joe were reportedly very serious about their relationship and considered each other as potential marriage partners.

When Louis’ relationship was exposed this week, the press tried to get a hold of Louis to respond to the matter in Thailand, where he is shooting his crime film, The Cartel War <掃毒>. Louis, however, chose not to comment.

Louis is known for keeping his private life as far from the spotlight as possible. To this day, Louis’ only acknowledged girlfriend was former Miss Hong Kong contestant Natalie Wong (黃紀瑩), whom he dated for seven years during the 1990s.

Why Louis Likes Joe

Louis and Joe may have successfully kept their relationship hidden from the public’s eyes, but their romance was widely acknowledged within close family friends. A source told the magazine, “A group of friends came together two years ago for Louis’ birthday. Joe was there sitting on the VIP spot. We all know what was going on!”

Joe once told a close friend that she admired Louis’ kindness, attentiveness, and filial nature. On the other hand, Louis is attracted to Joe’s unique personality. “Louis finds Joe’s personality very special. She is pure and not cunning. He also likes how Joe is not clingy and gives him a lot of privacy.”

Reportedly working towards marriage, Louis and Joe are patient and willing to overcome their long-distance relationship. Whenever Joe is on a break, she will travel to Hong Kong to visit him. “Joe and Jin Yong (金庸) are very close. Jin Yong and his wife see Joe as their goddaughter, and whenever she comes to Hong Kong, she almost always stays at Jin Yong’s place. I heard that she once brought Louis over to eat dinner with Jin Yong and a few other seniors,” an insider said. Louis, too, would sneak to visit Joe in Taiwan whenever he has free time.

Last November, while Louis filmed Inferno 3D <逃出生天3D> in Thailand, Joe was spotted walking around the same hotel that Louis stayed at. A crew member revealed, “The actors all stayed at the Emporium Suites, and I saw Joe arriving at the hotel. It turned out that she was there to see Louis. She didn’t visit him on set though.”

Louis and Joe in a Fight?

Louis and Joe have reportedly gotten into a fight after Louis’ good friend, Sandra Ng (吳君如), revealed last December that she tried to match make Louis with You Are the Apple of My Eye <那些年,我們一起追的女孩> star, Michelle Chen (陳妍希). Joe became upset and got into an argument with Louis over the phone, which ended with the pair giving each other the cold shoulder. The argument was allegedly the reason behind Joe’s travel to New York, where she took classes. However, a source revealed that Louis’ dinner with Michelle and Sandra was not the main cause behind the couple’s temporary rift.

“Louis does not have any feelings for Michelle. When this piece of news was published, Joe did not get made at Michelle because she doesn’t believe the reports. She never asked Louis about it. Right now, they are going through problems that typical couples will encounter. We all know that Louis has several films on his hands. He doesn’t have enough time for Joe, and she is a bit disappointed about it. Small fights escalated to bigger ones because they are both quite stubborn. They wouldn’t call each other to apologize, but they have not broken up.”

After starring together with ex-flame, Wallace Huo (霍建華), in the mainland Chinese wuxia drama Swordsman<笑傲江湖>, old romantic rumors flared again for the ex-couple. Joe’s ambiguous Weibo posts were interpreted that they have gotten back together, but perhaps Joe’s posts were not meant for Wallace after all.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2315 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wonder if Joe or Louis will step forward and address the recent rumors.

    There were no hints that Louis and Joe have been a couple for 2 years. Didn’t see this coming at all….

    1. There was a report saying that Miriam Yeung introduced Joe to Louis. Could be real?

      In any case, not sure Louis will do a Raymond Lam move and announce the relationship. In Best Actor he said he will never voluntarily make a relationship public. The only way is if he’s caught red handed with proof. The doggy snoop needs to work harder and snap that proof.

    2. I doubt that QE would do anything about this because this rumor is circulated strictly by the media in HK, which is not really her market. So there is really little to gain to touch this.

      On the other hand, I think Koo is eating it up as this rumor help in mitigating all the gay rumors about him.

      1. Louis Koo gay? No way!! He gave his heart to Michelle Saram who spit on it. Well not that dramatic. No no he is not gay, and I do believe he is not an easy person to live with.

      2. LK & JC.. is this even true?? well, both are HOT STARS.. surprising but a good match. Hope this is true 🙂

        just wonder.. how they overcome the different and communicate, but Joe have a language barrier relationship with a white guy before..

        as long as their is love, there is a way

        @funn lim; that Singapore Michelle Saram? when and how was the rumoured?

      3. Louis only had one gay rumour with Ron and it was few years ago.

      4. “@funn lim; that Singapore Michelle Saram? when and how was the rumoured?”

        No no no rumours at all. If you watched At The Treshold of An Era, you can see he likes her very very very much. Everytime he looks at her, his eyes twinkle. I never seen him so alive before, or after. The girl was obviously no interested in her though. If she was, maybe he would have been married now. Saw Michelle Saram on TV recently, she looked more and more like Indian as she grows older. Still pretty.

      5. And how did you come to the conclusion that Michelle Saram is the one who broke his heart?

      6. @ Funn Lim

        I never watched At the Threshold of an Era. Is this the same Michelle Saram that Louise co-starred with in A Step Into the Past? The one who played the Princess

      7. I thought he was dating Sonija Kwok or Kristy Yang at that time??

        Moreover, he did say something about Michelle Saram his co-star back then. So Michelle Saram isn’t possible.

      8. The very same one. I am not saying they dated, I am saying he was attracted to her but she wasn’t interested in him.

      9. I remember there was a rumor with Louis Koo and Sonija Kwok during A Step into the Past and then he had a rumor with Sammi Cheng. With Sammi, I think they just had a really good friendship. As for Sonija, nothing developed any further than those few articles.

      10. Pandamao,
        Louis Koo’s dating life has been kept under such tight wraps over the years. It’s still a bit shocking that his relationship with Joe Chen was exposed out of nowhere.

  2. WHATTTTTTTT….My heart of Joe and Mingdao as been smash!
    And wow, this is very beyond unexpected!! I never seen them interact! ….Have I?

    1. remember this is secret LOL

      MingEn was so sweet ^^ and they still maintain best friend

  3. The chinese name you have for Natalie Wong is Natalie Tong’s name.

    But, wow. I can’t believe this is true…although it didn’t say both confirmed it.

  4. Wowzer, didn’t know that Louis Koo dated Natalie Tong for 7 years!!! He’s way way better than Amigo. What happened? Who broke it? Anyone knows the story?

    1. Must be some typo. It’s Natalie Wong. She stayed with him during his lowest time, and he allegedly supported her financially months after their breakup.

      1. wonder why they are not together anymore, she stayed with him during his lowest time, didn’t she?

      2. It was many many many years ago.Many many many many many years ago. Both has since moved on multiple times. But I do think he appreciated her, she is a nice girl.

    2. Must be a mistake because there was no reporting that Natalie Tong dated Louis. They had a passionate kiss scene filmed in Inferno 3D, where Louis character propose to Natalie Tong. If the dated, I’m sure it would have been mentioned in the same article.

  5. Natalie Wong as in the actress in TVB who always plays minor roles?

    1. Was Txb actress. I don’t see her in any Txb series from 2002 or 2003 to now.

      1. She was in on call 36 as him’s sister with the cafe

    2. Yes, she was one of the up and rising actresses of TVB at the time, but ended up not rising as much because of her relationship with Louis.

  6. He looks like Wallace Huo – they both have sharp angular features. I can imagine Louis Koo being her type.

    1. Hehe, Wallace and Louis would be even more similar if Louis kept his fair pretty boy complexion.

  7. This news is so random…like out of the blue with no warning. I always thought Louis was going to be a forever bachelor..interesting to hear him thinking of marriage.

  8. Finally! So Wallace is NOT in the picture. And if you were to tell me these 2 are dating for real like a week ago I will say what an unlikely random pair! Can they even understand each other? One mandarin is terrible, the other cantonese is errr…. not sure, never heard her speak.

    1. mandarin and cantonese aren’t so far apart where 2 ppl can’t be together.

    2. So Funn, you think this is true? It’s possible but just totally out of left field.

    3. I don’t know this girl much except for this taiwanese variety where small S was the host and this girl was one of the special guests, this JOE girl says she has dated this american for a long long time and it was like 2-3 years or something and from what i can understand, she does NOT speak english well either haahhaha so i am sure for manda/canto they can manage a bit easier than manda/eng? haha….LOL but i remember that show she was w/Ethan Ruan that taiwanese series, even when she was speaking the word ‘NATURE’ it sounds like she’s speaking it as NATURAL ahha so imagine her english was not even and she dated that foreign dude for a while so for this Louis Koo, probably much much easier to communicate with?

      1. not American.. but Australian. the relationship remain quite long..

        see this is what I talked before that Joe have experienced to overcome language barrier with a white guy

        but both Louis and Joe is a low profile type person.. and doesn’t like to expose their romance.. This should be toooo hype for them. huh we don’t even know if this even true.. So the media really should stop and give them space

    4. There was a report, saying Louis’ mandarin has improved due of communicating in Mandarin with Joe =_=’
      I don’t want him to date with any women… I wanna keep him, hahahaha xD

  9. It could be true one from Hong Kong and the other from Taiwan and how on earth the media could simply put them together and the reporters must be spying on them now and then..I belived they are together..

  10. BTW there was a report too (#keep Louis’ new up to date, erhmmm) that Louis has changed his way of responding the reporters. He often says: if it’s not true, then it is ‘no comment’.
    Day before yesterday he was in ShenZhen and replied to the reporters, only saying ‘no comment’. So he didn’t deny the rumors that he was (or still) in a relationship with Joe… #Unfortunately =(

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