How Louis Koo Plans to Spend His 48th Birthday

Louis Koo (古天樂) has always been viewed as a well-built, hunky, and handsome actor. Turning 48 years old on October 21, Louis continues to remain a diamond bachelor in the industry. While attending a promotional event with good friend, Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Louis was asked how he will spend his special day. In addition to being known as a charitable and philanthropic person, Louis is also a filial son. For his birthday, he will stay home, have dinner, and enjoy cake with his parents.

He shared, “Every year is the same. We cut the cake and then the whole family takes a wooden-faced photo. This has been how we celebrated birthdays since I was an infant. Right when we gather for a photo, we automatically become wooden.”

He laughed and continued, “Every year, my mother would prepare my favorite dishes. The birthday meal must signify a lucky omen, so she’ll often make dried oyster and black moss, white cut chicken, and others. We celebrate like its Lunar New Year. It’s quite funny.”

On what his birthday wish will be this year, Louis said, “Good health, so that we [my family and I] can continue to get together and take wooden-faced photos. We’ve done it for so many years; it’s a routine now. We put the photos in an album. Some have already yellowed.”

Louis will also celebrate with friends prior to his actual birthday. However, Jessica will not be joining, as she won’t be in Hong Kong. Jessica shared that she had given Louis a birthday present last year and asked if he still remembered what it was. Louis joked, “If I have to remember everyone’s gifts every year, I would be very busy. But I do remember that you gifted me a shabu hot pot. It was very nice. I used it once. I ate hot pot by myself that time, because I just finished filming a movie and the crew went out to eat. There were a lot of leftovers, so I took some to-go and went home to eat hot pot by myself.”

Jessica Hsuan on How Louis Koo Has Matured


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  1. 🙁 such a nice guy and don’t have anyone to be with. Maybe he’s just one of those asexual! Maybe he’s gay, if he’s gay, I hope he come out and I’m sure it’ll be fine, everyone loves him and he has made enough money and now the boss of a management/producing company so he doesn’t need to act.

    But whatever you are, hope you have a good birthday, Louis 🙂

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