Lu Han Shines As a Villain in “Light on Series: Sisyphus”

The Light on Series, produced by China’s iQIYI, has produced many popular crime thriller web dramas, and one its latest productions is Sisyphus <在劫难逃>, a 12-episode story about a retired police officer who is on the search for the serial killer who murdered his daughter. It stars Wang Qianyuan (王千源) as the retired officer Zhang Haifeng, with Lu Han (鹿晗) starring as the main suspect, Zhao Binbin.

The fast-paced miniseries details Zhang’s journey as he overcomes a never-ending time loop—each night he wakes up one day before Zhao’s first kill. While he carries on the memories from previous days, only he knows that he’s suffering in a never-ending time loop. Zhao commits his first kill and escapes. Zhao kidnaps Zhang’s family. With his past memories, Zhang is able to save his family in time, but he himself gets caught in a bomb and dies.

These moments repeat over and over until Zhang wakes up again, now waking up in a time before his daughter’s death. He learns that Zhao is also experiencing the same time loop, and—like Zhang—Zhao uses this opportunity to win at all costs.

Sisyphus premiered September 2 and ended September 10 in iQIYI. Check out the trailer below:


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