Lucas and Quintus Rarely See Nicholas Tse

Returning from attending a fashion show in Milan, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) was spotted at the Hong Kong airport. Although in a relatively good mood while talking about her sons, Cecilia kept her answers short when it came to inquiries about ex-husband, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒).

Cecilia revealed that her sons were little geniuses who managed to skip a grade after doing well in their exams. Cecilia smiled, “I’m very blessed. Both of them skipped a grade at school – Lucas managed to go from grade 2 to 3.  It was difficult helping them with the homework in the beginning, but children learn very quickly.”

When asked if Lucas and Quintus see Nicholas often, Cecilia replied, “Well, you have to ask their father about that.” On the reports that Nicholas’ post-production company is experiencing difficulties, Cecilia gave her best wishes and added, “I’ve read the newspaper and if what they say is true, then I wish him the best. Hopefully, bad things won’t happen.”

Still Single, Cecilia Disputes Relationship Rumors

Nicholas may have Faye Wong (王菲) in his life, but Cecilia’s love life does not excitement either. Earlier, reports indicated that Cecilia was dating wealthy Mainland businessman Sun Donghai (孫東海), whom she was spotted shopping groceries with at the supermarket.  When questioned, Cecilia laughed and said the reports were false and even teased that the male reporters at the airport can pursue her if they wanted to.


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  1. This is pretty sad it’s it’s true. Kids grow up fast and before he knows it, he’ll miss out on their growth. Hopefully the kids will grow up fine without their Dad.

  2. That’s the reality for kids I guess if your parents are divorced since they no longer live together. But I thought they have joint custody? If that’s true don’t they get them every other weekend or something? lol… Or too busy w/the older g/f?

  3. I always thought he would be a great father figure as he didn’t get much from his father when he was growing up. He should know better how important his existence is to his sons. He can choose to stop loving his ex wife, but he can’t stop loving their kids.

  4. He is the same age as my son, 8 years old. My son is in 4th grade and he is in 3rd. So how did he skip a grade??? Unless Singapore students start later?

    1. @vannn officially school starts at age 7 for primary grade 1. We don’t count pre,school or kindergartens, so if he is 8 and,is in primary 3 then yes he skipped 1 year.

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