Lynn Hung Confirmed to Be Dating Kenix Kwok’s Brother

Lynn Hung (熊黛林) has confirmed that she is dating Kwok Ho Chung (郭可頌), the younger brother of former TVB actress Kenix Kwok (郭可盈).

In August, the paparazzi confronted Lynn having a private Korean barbecue lunch with Kwok Ho Chung. She denied dating the rich heir at first, but later admitted at an awards ceremony held in Mainland China that she is dating someone who is not an entertainer.

Lynn had a nasty breakup with Aaron Kwok (郭富城) last year, ending her seven-year relationship with the Heavenly King. Lynn has responded coldly to rumors regarding Aaron’s new love interests, emphasizing that she is no longer linked with the singer-actor.

Speaking with the press a few days ago, Lynn revealed that she has been dating Kwok Ho Chung since early this year. A source revealed that Ho Chung was actually married to a woman named Ami in October 2012, but since January of this year, Ami was nowhere to be seen in the Kwok family photos. Lynn refuted the claims that she was the third wheel in the relationship, stating that Ho Chung was already single when they first met.

Yesterday, Lynn was spotted taking her dog to a veterinarian clinic with her assistant. After staying in the clinic for 45 minutes, Lynn left for Central to see her physician and followed up with a quick shopping trip.

Asked if she has purchased a Christmas gift  for Ho Chung yet, she smiled and said, “Not yet.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. he’s a rich heir? does that also mean kenix is a rich heiress?

  2. Good for Lynn Hung/熊黛林 to have moved on from that old midget shoe Aaron Kwok/郭富城.

    1. Well, she just moved from one rich Kwok to another rich Kwok. No big deal for her.

  3. Woow never knew Kenix kwok has a wealthy background still i miss her in TVB her acting is good

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