Lynn Hung’s 5-Month-Old Twin Girls are Adorable!

Above: Baby Kaylor smiles for the camera.

Giving birth in April, Lynn Hung‘s (熊黛林) twin girls, Kaylor and Lyvia, are already five months old. Yesterday, Lynn shared a video clip of Kaylor smiling and giggling at the camera while the 37-year-old mother talked to her. Kaylor’s adorable laughter melted many hearts.

Lynn has been happily married to husband, Ken Kwok (郭可頌) since in 2016. The younger brother of Kenix Kwok (郭可盈), Ken inherited the Kwoks’ family business and is worth $10 billion HKD. Although he has a demanding business to run, Ken makes sure to spend time with Lynn and their daughters.

Conceiving through in-vitro fertilization last year, Lynn delivered her twin daughters in April. Since she had twins, Lynn was unable to carry them until full-term and had to get induced earlier. The twins look different from each other, with one girl looking like Lynn, and the other resembling Ken.

“Good Morning, Kaylor!”

Sources: Sinchew, Sina

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