Lynn Hung Married Dream Husband Generous with Money and Love

When Lynn Hung (熊黛林) broke up with Aaron Kwok (郭富城) in 2012, many pitied the model for wasting seven years of her youth in their dating relationship. But letting go of Aaron allowed Lynn to find a man who cherished her much more. Meeting Ken Kwok (郭可頌) in 2014, Lynn got married two years later and gave birth to twin daughters in April. Always placing Lynn as his top priority, Ken is known for being generous in love and even bought a luxury condo for Lynn’s mother to stay in Hong Kong.

The younger brother of Kenix Kwok (郭可盈), Ken inherited the Kwoks’ family business and is worth $10 billion HKD. Although he has a demanding business to run, Ken makes sure to spend time with Lynn, often clasping her hand and holding her bags when they are out together.

While they were dating, Ken gave Lynn many gifts, including a Porsche. Lynn never asked Ken to buy her things, but he was always a generous lover. He also did not mind spending $200,000 HKD for Lynn’s hospital stay to ensure she is provided the best care in a VIP room after giving birth.

Extending his generosity to Lynn’s mother as well, Ken recently purchased a condo for her to live in. Although previously living in Mainland China, Lynn’s mother will spend more time in Hong Kong to take care of the new babies. Ken said he wanted Lynn’s mother to always have a home in Hong Kong when visiting. Mother and and daughter were delighted by Ken’s suggestion.

Treated Like a Queen

After giving birth, Lynn has been drinking cordyceps soup every day to help nourish her body back to health. Although Ken hired two nannies to help out, taking care of the newborns still proved to be a challenge for Lynn.

Coming down with Mommy’s Wrist because of frequently lifting of the babies during breastfeeding, Lynn emerged out of her postpartum confinement yesterday to see a doctor. Reporters asked if Lynn is not used to holding the babies as a new mother. She said, “Yes!” The interview was cut short as Ken emerged with his car to drive Lynn home.

Flashing her bandaged wrists on social media, Lynn wrote, “In pain and happiness.” Although Lynn’s wrists may be hurting now, her husband’s attentive care and love should make it all better.

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  1. Ken Kwok sounds like such a good husband! Much better than Aaron Kwok, who likened Lynn to a pair of “bad fitting shoes” when they broke up. So insulting!

    1. @jayne But in some ways, although it’s clearly wrong of Aaron to use such verbiage, he was lashing out. It’s clear he’s bitter about the breakup and he’s not emotionally equipped enough to be a better man. Not trying to excuse his behavior, but sometimes people say the wrong things when angry.

      But I’m sure Lynn isn’t upset about this now. She’s found a much better fit for her.

    2. @jayne I totally agree that what Aaron said about Lynn was very insulting. She is such a classy lady. Those words were not said out of heat of the moment anger, but were said to deliberately hurt Lynn. Why?…..this statement was made during an interview, after the breakup, which had already happened for quite some time, not during an argument between Aaron and Lynn. Anyways, looks like she found her Mr right and now has a beautiful little family.

  2. She still has to thank Aaron Kwok for making her even be known. I doubt anyone would know who she is if she never dated Aaron. Without being known as Aaron’s girlfriend, she would probably have to go back to China and wouldn’t even have the chance to meet her current husband. I think everything worked out the best for everyone.

  3. Some women are really lucky to have found good looking, rich husband and love them.

    1. @hayden
      You can say she’s lucky to have found a $$$$ hubby and love her but I would leave out the good looking? haha lol….

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