Lynn Hung Regrets Pushing Aaron Kwok Too Hard; Tearfully Asks For Reconcilation

Aaron Kwok’s (郭富城) girlfriend, 31-year-old Lynn Hung (熊黛林), feverishly wanted to get married. Due to their earlier stable relationship, Lynn pushed the stakes higher in an attempt for further development. Unfortunately, her plans backfired and had a big argument with Aaron! There may even been a cold front in their relationship right now! Regretting her actions, Lynn sent numerous text messages [to Aaron] asking for a reconciliation.

In 2006, Lynn and Aaron started dating after filming a music video together. In an underground relationship for 5 years, the couple possessed a peaceful relationship and Lynn was widely known as “Mrs. Aaron Kwok.” With recent marriage rumors circulating continuously, Lynn’s marriage urges escalated and she openly discussed the topic of marriage before the press, “When I get married, I will announce the news since I hope to receive everyone’s blessings!” Becoming increasingly bold, Lynn often hinted at her relationship with Aaron, hoping that her status would surface as soon as possible.

Lynn Hung’s Plans Backfire

Earlier, Lynn revealed to the press that she had received a pendant for Valentine’s Day. Lynn’s high-profile flaunting of their relationship made Aaron extremely dissatisfied. Appearing at an event on the same day, Aaron denied giving Lynn a necklace, “Wah such a nice [gift]! But I really was not the gift giver!” Allegedly, the pair had a big argument that night, with Aaron leaving the next day angrily for Malaysia to prepare for a new film.

Due to Aaron’s gestures, Lynn felt wronged and retaliated immediately. At a promotional event, Lynn referred to Aaron as a friend only, stating that she and he were separate individuals and should not be lumped together. Lynn added that she did not want to mention Aaron in the future.

After Lynn’s response was published in the newspaper, the entire City of Hong Kong thought that the couple’s relationship was likely over. However, Aaron did not react to the news in any manner. Realizing that she had pushed the stakes too far, Lynn sent Aaron numerous text messages, “Can we can go back to how things were before?” Aaron stood firm and had no reaction towards Lynn, while writing on his Weibo blog, “Wait for me to come back, yoyo!” Aaron completely ignored Lynn. It was understood that Aaron will be returning to Hong Kong on Thursday to attend an event.

Regretting her actions, Lynn’s face has been awash in tears recently, unhappy and worried about the current situation. Yesterday at 2 PM, Lynn left her house while accompanied by her parents to purchase groceries. Appearing extremely haggard, Lynn wore a cap and a face mask.  Reporters rushed over to ask Lynn whether she had broken up with Aaron and the reason for the breakup. Lynn did not answer and  continued walking. Lynn’s parents nervously followed her into the car, whereby the family returned home.

It was understood that Lynn’s parents came to Hong Kong to visit relatives and stay for a period of time. Lynn hoped that Aaron would take her parents out for dinner, but he was currently busy filming in Thailand.  With Aaron’s constant refusal to spend more time with her parents, this resulted in friction between Aaron and Lynn, spurring an unprecedented crisis in their relationship!


Excerpt: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Perhaps Lynn gave Aaron some sort of marriage ultimatum which angered Aaron? A woman cannot wait forever for marriage…she has already waited 5 years.

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  1. Agree with you, Jayne …. and she shouldn’t bother waiting any longer!

    Drop him, Lynn – you’re still young and there are plenty of eligible men around!

    1. Impmuse,
      Lynn always strikes me as more eager in the relationship than Aaron. As noted in the article, she apparently hinted that she and Aaron were advancing in their relationship, while Aaron keeps his distance before the press.

      I suspect it may be over for Aaron and Lynn. As she is eager for marriage and he’s not…reconciliation won’t bring them to a compromise on the real issue.

      1. I agree with you guys. Gosh, I feel that Lynn has already waited for way too long. If she waits any longer, I think she will regret it in the long run since a woman has a shorter biological clock than a man does. I think she should just drop him and move on if he still will not marry her. Once the time is gone, it will never come back…

      2. I also want to add that I really agree with Jayne that Lynn truly is the one that is more eager and likes Aaron more than he likes her. I think that is how it is with pretty most relationships/marriages. Of course you botb like each other, but there is always one that likes the other a little bit more or even a lot more.

      3. Hopefully this is the ‘wake up call’ she needed. When a man loves you enough to commit, he will. So if you’re ready but he isn’t, give it some time then if nothing happens still, you know to move on. It will probably be better for her in the long run!

      4. Well if Aaron dump her ,Lynn are the one who are at loss since she only date Aaron for money and no love between them ,Lynn shall find other man aka costumer now since she still can sell her body to anyone who is rich,even a African or Bengali will do, and Aaron will continue his playboy style,please Lynn ,look for other man now,this for own own good and sake.

      5. I agree completely with yr opinions.. It is true the woman throw herself at him whereas he does not mind having an FOC sex machine.. He also want to be in the same league as those Hollywood stars dating super models.. Now that the woman is old n haggard he is source for a young super model.. I m v sure I m spot on on this situatn.. Man will always marry someone much younger than him.. If he marries Lynn she will surely bear him a retarded, Down Syndrome or Mongoloid child due to her age!

      6. @Gerry,

        Sorry but are you retard-ed yourself? Lynn is only 31 and she’s not at any risk of having any bb with down syndrome etc. Plz get your fact checked before you come here to insult “women”. thnx

      7. How come no one ever EVER question the age of sperms? Like can they swim? Maybe all too old to swim right? Why blame the woman?

      8. Funn,

        hahaha, bc its proven that some old men might still be able to conceive a child.

        I believe the sperms are relatively young (produced constantly) so not old and can’t swim no more, LOL

  2. yes I agree with Impmuse, Lynn should not waste time on him anymore, dont waste her youth away.

    1. Its better to be loved than to love!
      Is love poison, fame, security or success or ruin..

  3. Youth is really important for a single female. she needs to let go and stop wasting time on someone who has no intention in marrying her.

  4. Wonder if Aaaron Kwok is already married to Sui Mei his manager? They have been in a business partner for a long time and they do make a great couple.

    1. I highly doubt that…If that were the case, then his image is gone…

      1. Aaron Kwok is almost 50, he cannot continue being the handsome Heavenly King and not marry because his fans would be heartbroken…One of the things I find it very strange and unusual is celebrities in Asia cannot have “boyfriends, girlfriends, wife or husband” otherwise their image will be tarnish. I wish the Asian celebrities were more “hollywood” like, date who they want to date and marry who they want.

      2. @ Samantha

        This does not apply to China celebs. China celebs date openly and also married early. Many china young actors and actresses are married e.g Liu Ye, Lu Yi, Deng Chao, Nie Yuan, Sun Li, Xie Na, Liu Tao.

    2. Great couple?! Yuck.
      Although I do remember when Aaron accidentally called her siu mei yun in his acceptance speech at jsg. They probably had a mixed relationship back then but that was many yrs ago.

      Anyway, Aaron will probably take Lynn back but does she love him enough to keep waiting for peter pan to finally grow up? Cuz right now, he seems more dedicated to his new horse than her.

      1. I know he’s Aaron and still fine. But come on, isn’t he in his 40s or 50s .. time to grow up and settle down!

      2. Josie, what is so yucky about Sui Mei and Aaron Kwok as a couple? She isn’t bad looking and has been his manager since he was first famous. I am sure a relationship could work if one partner is not a celebrity and another partner is not a celebrity. I think it is pathetic how a man who is in his 40’s needs to protect their idol image. 🙁 Never been fond of Andy Lai so don’t give a hoot about him or his long suffering “wife” but I like Aaron Kwok so wish he would settle down and make cute, hot babies so we can have mini Aaron Kwoks.

      3. Damn I need an edit button. I meant to say a relationship can work between a celebrity and a normal non-celebrity.

  5. Aaron looks like he’s still isn’t ready for marriage and family. Drop it Lynn. Your biological clock is ticking too.

    1. I think it is sad that at his age, Aaron still doesn’t seem to be ready for marriage. It’s not like he comes from a broken family or has divorced parents. I wonder why?? Is he still a kid at heart?? Or does he not want to be a husband and a father?? He keeps on saying that he loves kids, but yet he doesn’t seem to want to get married and have kids. Lynn really needs to move on or else she will regret it later.

      1. Maybe he just wanna stay like this forever – no string attached.

  6. In this case Lynn cannot push Aaron, some men are not ready to commit with pressure. I have seen it happen with friends of mine where some (not all) men will take a long time before they settle down and it has to be on their terms. If a woman gives an ultimatum that will generally fail because it’s not on their terms. I done some reading on this matter from relationships & pyschology books and it’s very interesting how men mind works. Lynn has a choice (if she got back with him again) if she waits long enough and the relationship continues I believe he will settle down eventually but if she pushes him it will fail. She may want to move on if she wants children. It’s a hard decision.

    1. See, a part of me hates how a relationship has to have all these mind games or strategic and calculated moves. But that’s how its like with a commitment phobe. I’m more someone who hopes for someone to love me enough to want to commit to me of their own will. If not, why should I commit and wait around?

      1. Does commitment have to be marriage? The guy can still be fully commited to you i.e. not cheat on you and a husband can still fool around like a single guy.

      2. Unfortunately some men string out the relationship as long as they can before committing marriage. It’s almost as if to make sure that no-one else is going to come along that’s better.

  7. Too bad Lynn you shouldn’t have pushed Aaron into marriage. I think it’s too late as Aaron don’t want it he might move on to another girl.

  8. They are not going to break up just like that. It’s been 5 years. I am sure they will work it out. Probably this is not their first fight, there is probably countless behind the media.

    1. The length of time that you date doesn’t necessarily mean that you will more likely work things out and stay together. As we have seen with some couples who have dated for 9-10 years+, they can break up just like that and then marry someone that they hardly even know or have known for a very short period of time.

    2. Pls enjoy basking in your misery awaiting for your man to turn up.. Goodbye! No use wasting time answering your crappy frustrations.. Good luck!

  9. Aaron is a jerk for this charade is doing.. Open secret that he been with Lynn for 5 years.

    Just acknowledge you are together…

    It’s obvious he gave Lynn a diamond necklace for Valentines, so why LIE about to everyone ..

    He has lost my respect…

  10. Lynn is also being pressured by her parents to get marry. From previous interviews, the parents expressed that they were already old and really wanted to see their child marry and have a family of her own. Lynn is in a difficult position.

    1. I heard about that too and feel bad for Lynn since her parents really want her to get married and have kids. As we can see, Lynn’s parents are pretty old and can’t wait forever so it isn’t just Lynn that can’t wait.

  11. If he doesn’t want to marry you now, he probably won’t. Great example; Daniel Craig. Dated like 5 years or so with one, met another within months got married. It is not that he doesn’t want to get married, maybe he doesn’t want to get married with you.

    1. Think they knew each other more than a few months but dated less than 7 months according to Wiki! They both had a partner before meeting in “Dream House”.

      Who can blame Daniel for falling under Rachels spell, LOL

    2. I agree and think if you are ready to get married, then it doesn’t matter how long you have dated for.You can date for years and years and it can end just like that. But you can date for a very short time and then just get married and have kids. We have seen that with Shirley and Gregory, Joyce and Marco and other couples… It just depends..

      1. Maybe one party was too tired to wait for the agreement on marriage from the partner so they have to choose to give up and find someone more ready.

  12. I know exactly how she feels as I waited for my ex boyfriend for 3 years and knew in the end that it was a “dead end” and so we parted. It hurt like hell of course and took me a long time to get over it but in the long run, he did me a big favour. I have been happily married for many years now to my husband who is a wonderful man.

    So if I was her, I would definitely say to Aaron, “thank you but good=bye”!!

    1. Good to hear that pineapple, glad you made the right choice and have a happy life now.

  13. Maybe like the drama, “4 in Love”, it is all about timing. I mean if she stay with him and work it out, they might end up getting marry. But if she don’t feel like waiting, then she should move on and it is not too late, she is still young but he is not. Maybe when Aaron is ready he will just get marry even if he date someone for a year. It is always about when is the right time for him to finally commit. So I hope he can find that special someone.

    1. 4 In Love? Nothing about timing. More about the person. If the person is right, timing is not a factor. If timing is made a factor, it just means the person is not the right person.

      There is never a right time to commit but a right person to commit with. It’s either you want to or you don’t. Maybe when she walks out he will realise she’s the one? You won’t know your loss until you actually lost it.

      1. I think both timing and finding the right person are both important factors. In Aaron’s case, it’s always about his decison as to when he wants to get marry or starts a family. The girl does not have a say unless he is ready. It is quite selfish of him but yet again, Lynn can always leave and find someone else.

  14. She need let him go, there will be a line up of Mr nice guy out there who willing to give her what she want n need.

  15. if a guy can ignore you even dated for 5 years…then you can just forget about him..stop wasting time on crap like him sorry aaran’s fans but that’s absolutely not a gentleman act.

  16. Without any doubt, she should give up and maybe luck will smile at her. There isn’t one fish in an ocean.

  17. I too thought Aaron was a playboy but a Hong Kong friend set me straight. She said that it is commonly known amongst the locals that Aaron came from an extremely poor family and is an extremely filial son to his mother. Now that he is financially secure, he is said to be very generous financially with his entire family and supports their living expenses. It is speculated that perhaps he refuses to marry as there will be the added obligation for him to also fully support his in-laws (as is common with Chinese families) financially, which would understandably be an added source of concern to him.

    I’m unsure of the truth in this but it does provide a separate view of Aaron. And no, I’m not a supporter of his. But I think as with most stories, there are probably two-sides to how things appear.

    1. I don’t see how a very filial generous son can’t be a playboy?

      I still think he is a commitment phobe. He is George Clooney. He wants the company but none of the attachments. May stem from his poor childhood or maybe he just doesn’t want to settle or maybe he hasn’t found the right girl who makes him want to marry her. Perhaps he is looking at the wrong women (or men for that matter)

  18. Yo Veejay pls dun get so uptight n feels insulted.. The comments r not meant for you unless u r in the same situatn.. Cool it.. Anger not gd for health.. Take care baby..

    1. Yo Gerry, maybe you’re not a woman so you think it’s okay to say a woman offering herself to a guy who she’ve wasted 5 years is CHEAP. And calling someone for merely 31 “old” is a bit funny, like you won’t get old lol..

      And “cursing” someone is merely 31 to have a down syndrome bb is absolutely cruel..r u not afraid of karma at all?

      1. Yo Veejay pls enjoy basking in your misery awaiting for your man to turn up.. Goodbye! No use wasting time answering your crappy frustrations.. Goodluck!

      2. LoL…. its ok if you think that’s frustration.. since you’re the one who doesn’t have the sense of humanity and right education until you ended up this way.. good luck to you as well. Thanks but no Thanks since I’m already married..

  19. 31 for a modern woman is not old right?
    She should just conecntrate on her career, & when she’s “famous” by her own body of work, then he’ll think differently.
    Now she needs him more,so there’s nothing she can do.

  20. Lynn is 31, she should move on. She’s not getting any younger, and if she wants a family her clock is ticking.

    If she really wants to reconcile with Aaron, the first thing she needs to come to grip with is that she will always be #2 in his life. Aaron is more in love with himself and his lifestyle first.

  21. I watched an interview w/this girl n Vanness Wu while they did a series together. that series sucked btw i didnt even continue after 2 episodes. Anyway, Lynn Hung sounds high maintenace and loves ALL BRAND NEWS since she said she just loves brands n they are expensive for a reason so yes i am sure Aaron Kwok is cute but its for the money as well hahaa…

  22. Aaron can get any chick, don’t need to settle with Lynn. Keep having fun Aaron!

  23. out of the 4 heavenly kings, only two of them settle down. The other two still loving their single status…

    1. Andy, Leon, and Jacky Cheung are all married. It’s only Aaron’s left that’s still single.

      1. Andy Lau is kinda “single” because the rat only opened up about his wife Carol after getting exposed. I find Andy gross looking and wonder if he is gay.

  24. Just walk away, Lynn. Or at least read He’s Just Not That Into You. You’re not the exception, you’re the rule!

    If Aaron’s not gonna marry you at 50, he’s never gonna marry you.

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