Maggie Cheung Does Not Find Security in Love

Although Maggie Cheung (張可頤) has reduced her work with Hong Kong’s mainstream television mogul, TVB, in recent years, she continues to stay active in the entertainment industry. Most recently, she worked ViuTV drama, Single Papa <暖男爸爸>, which will begin airing on October 26. Though confident and finding satisfaction in her work, the 51-year-old Best Actress admitted that she has less security in romantic love relationships.

After dating financier Tsang On Bong (曾安邦) for three years, the couple went their separate ways in 2011, and Maggie has not had any publicized relationships since. Although still single after nine years, Maggie is not in a rush to get involved in a new relationship. Her past experience have given her a new perspective on love, and she does not want to date for the simple sake of not being alone.

Instead of relying on a prospective partner, Maggie has a financial plan for her own future. Attending a promotional event for an insurance company, Maggie revealed that she has purchased life insurance for herself. She expressed, “I am currently single. I am a beautiful, independent woman. I put a lot of serious thought into my life insurance plan. I am constantly worried that if I get hurt while traveling for work, I would cause nuisances for my family.”

Showing her pragmatic approach, Maggie added, “A companion may not be forever, but life insurance is. Love is a very beautiful thing, but it is also a very fragile thing. I would like to [be in a relationship], but I have many male and female friends. I feel that friendship is more stable and reliable than romantic love.”

Source: East Week

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