Maggie Cheung Flies to Szechuan to Visit Orphans

The day before yesterday, a plain-faced Maggie Cheung (張曼玉) went to Szechuan to visit a child welfare home. Many citizens willingly stood outside the welfare home for four full hours, just to catch a glimpse of Maggie. After arriving at the home, Maggie immediately chatted and  played games with the orphans before distributing presents to them.

Maggie said, “The children are very strong. Looking at drawings of the moon and mooncakes that they drew, I felt very moved. It’s nice that my birthday falls exactly on the Mid-Autumn Festival. I will keep their drawings well. If only society were to show more care and concern for this bunch of kids, it would make their tomorrow a better one.” After staying for two hours, Maggie hugged the children before biding goodbye to them.

It was known that Maggie’s trip to Szechuan was only made known to a small number of local media. Reports were permitted to be distributed only after Maggie had left Szechuan. Netizens expressed that this arrangement was truly a real form of charity. When accepting an interview with the mainland media, Maggie expressed, “I especially love kids.” (Reporter: Do you wish to be a mother?) “I’m not considering that, but I have thought of adoption in the past and bringing the kids with me to do some community service together.”

Some reports even stated that for this three days trip in Szechuan, Maggie fought hard to control her tears several times while visiting and cried while showering back in her hotel room, letting off some of her emotions.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Ahhhh, what a lovely picture of dear Maggie with those great kids. Thats the kind of thing I expect of her as she is a warm hearted individual. I’ve always been a great fan of hers and thinks that she is genuine, unlike a lot of the stars nowadays who puts on airs and graces. She’s just one of life’s unlucky people when it comes to romance as both her marriages have ended up in divorce. However, she’s still a very nice and sweet person as far as I’m concerned. Hey Maggie, keep up the good works; you’ll always have my support!!!

  2. THat is just so sweet of Maggie to visit the orphans and bring up their spirits! I still remember her during the MS. Hk 1994 pageants which was one of my favorite years ever. I thought that Maggie performed a lot better than the one that was placed second… But it doesn’t matter since Maggie now has successful career. However, it is sad that her love life isn’t as happy… Maybe she is better off single now.

    1. I think this Maggie Cheung was a Miss HK in 1982. There was another Maggie Cheung Hoi Yee in 1994. I could be wrong but I am sure this Maggie came out much earlier than 1994.

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