Maggie Cheung Happy with New Beau

Fifty-year-old Maggie Cheung (張曼玉) is enjoying a half-retired life with her new beau. In January of this year, Maggie was spotted walking her dog with her new boyfriend Adrian da Silva, a member of the indie bands Audiotraffic and Cry. Adrian, who is half-Spanish and half-Chinese, is 15 years younger than Maggie.

Sources say that the couple met several years ago in a recording studio. Maggie, who gradually retired from acting over the years, had been spending more time behind-the-scenes to make music. Maggie and Adrian bonded through their love for music and eventually got together after Maggie’s consistent pursuits. Though they do not live together, Adrian was spotted on numerous occasions spending the night at Maggie’s estate in Nam Wan.

In November, the paparazzi spotted an extremely thin Maggie shopping with a group of friends at a supermarket in Causeway Bay. Although covered from head to toe and wearing sunglasses, many shoppers recognized Maggie and gawked at her, pointing out how much weight she had lost recently.

Maggie ignored the murmurs and happily shopped with her friends, picking out snacks and various pork jerky. When more people began to recognize her and the crowd thickened, Maggie and her friends quickly paid for their groceries and left the store.


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  1. He looks like Hugh Jackman doesn’t he? Lucky her! Lol! Btw, she should seriously put some weight on as she looks really frail.

  2. So what’s new? Maggie’s always with some younger white guy or other.

    1. Yup. When it’s AFWM combo, the media doesn’t think too much of it. However, when it’s AMWF, it’s taboo.

  3. Why did they use a picture of Maggie and her former German architect boyfriend?

    1. Which explains why she doesn’t look super skinny as they described, either.

      1. sigh. Jaynestars need to do more homework before reposting articles.

  4. Another toy boy for maggie.

    Hope it last (for the next year)

      1. Her previous relations with HK Chinese boyfriends didn’t work out. But then it also seems like her white husband/boyfriends relations never lasted either.

  5. This is not her current boyfriend. Jayne been giving out wrong infos lately

    1. Jayne is just trying to see if you fans are paying attension

  6. So this is the German Nazi guy who scammed her over US$8 million in stock investment. LOL!

    Well I guess she is softening her view on Asian guys now; her current beau is biracial.

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