Carina Lau Forbids Tony Leung from Seeing Maggie Cheung

At the 2010 Venice International Film Festival, old love rivals Carina Lau Ka Ling and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk almost meet face-to-face. To avoid an awkward public showdown, Maggie intentionally departed from the film festival after a brief appearance.

During the filming of In the Mood for Love<花樣年華> in 2001, romantic rumors spread between Maggie and Tony Leung Chiu Wai. The rumors reached their height in 2002. Despite having free time, Carina refused to appear at the premiere of Hero <英雄>. Allegedly, Carina and Maggie’s friendship was over and the pair never appeared at the same function together afterwards.

Continued Avoidance of Each Other

At Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing’s funeral in 2003, Maggie allegedly refused to attend after realizing that Carina and Tony would attend. In 2003, Tony received the Hong Kong Film Academy ’s Best Actor Award. Although Maggie was nominated for Best Actress, she did not attend the awards ceremony. Many of Tony’s friends were present at his wedding with Carina in Bhutan , but Maggie was noticeably absent.
Perhaps Carina realized in advance that Maggie would appear at this year’s Venice International Film Festival. To prevent Tony from re-igniting love sparks with Maggie, Carina may have forbidden him from going to Venice despite his free schedule.

During the week of the film festival, Tony was spotted leisurely shopping and eating out alone in Hong Kong . Tony was dressed casually and visited a local noodle shop to eat his favorite comfort foods. Allegedly, Carina, who loved to wear designer brands, did not like visiting such casual establishments.


Jayne: The rivalry between Carina Lau and Maggie Cheung does seem obvious, given their avoidance of each other despite having many mutual friends in the past. My speculation is that Tony and Maggie may have indeed had an affair that lasted from 2001 to 2002, but Tony chose Carina in the end.

In the above photos, you can see that Tony loves to go out alone: visiting bookstores, shopping, and eating at small noodle shops. He’s a pretty casual guy that seems to have simple pursuits.

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  1. i don’t know how he remained attracted to Carina after all that has happened. the relationship with carina was very complicated and all the previous girls he dated seemed more suiting for him, ie kitty lai, margie tsang, maggie cheung..

  2. I find it funny that speculations are saying Carina forbids Tony from seeing Maggie but yet it’s ok for them to do movies together? Why can’t they let them live their happy lives, why must they spread rumors to sell a few more magazines? There are lots of reasons as to why some artists don’t attend certain functions but since they don’t announce it to the public, rumors and speculations start like a wild fire.

  3. Perhaps the affair started during that movie? That wong kar wai movie? I believe you’re right Jayne about the affair.

  4. Trang, It is hard to avoid rumours and other stuff like that in the circle. That is one of the prices that a celebrity has to pay for fame and fortune.

    No wonder Maggie did not show up at Leslie’s funeral. But I know that she keeps Leslie in her heart. Leslie even said that Maggie is one of the most important women in his life. I heard that Maggie was also too sad to come to Leslie’s funeral.

    I also think that the other girls that Tony dated in the past are more suitable for him.Maybe it is fate?? Tony seems to live a more simple lifestyle while Carina seems to want to live a more “rich” and high maintenence life. I guess opposites attract…

    I heard that Carina is fine with Margie now, but it is sad to hear that she and Maggie do not get along…

  5. How could Tony walk down a street like that in hong kong and not get harassed by fans?

  6. Hmm, I think it’s rather disgusting that people are so quick to cheat on each other in the entertainment industry – and against people who are your friends?

    I guess, if Carina could steal Tony from Margie then it’s not really surprising that he would stray from her too. Still, I think the person who comes off as the worst is Tony who have no problems with cheating on girlfriends he have dated for many years. Then again, didn’t he also stab his friends in the back when they were the 5 tigers?

  7. Pandamao, Margie was known for her princess attitude and probably not an easy girl to date. On the surface, Kitty Lai’s personality seems to match Tony’s, but their relationship was the shortest.

    Carina dated several rich boyfriends, including Hui Chung Hung, whom she left in order to date Tony. Looking at their old pics from the early 90s, they seemed to have a very passionate love for each other at the time. Their personalities are different in that Tony is quiet and Carina is very social. But at the same time, Carina is very worldwise and appears to be a very tolerant person, more than his past gfs.

    Funn, Tony met Maggie many years ago while they were filming TVB’s Police Cadet. They worked also worked on Chungking Express together, but their rumors started fanning during In the Mood for Love. Both are very dedicated to their acting and perhaps it started as mutual admiration and then more.

    Advo, after Tony broke up with Margie, he dated Kitty Lai. The he dated Carina, so she didn’t steal Tony from Margie. But it was awkward because Margie probably still loved Tony at the time and felt betrayed.

  8. In that case, perhaps they are a match made in heaven since he supposedly betrayed his friends and she Margie.

    I’m a little confused though – were Carina and Maggie friends? Or was it just Tony and Maggie? I

  9. Michael Miu already explained. Tony did not betray the 5 Tigers. There were no concrete pack. Furthermore, another of the 5 tigers (iirc Felix Wong) has also agreed to stay behind.

  10. Tony hilariously looks like a bloated version of Hangeng in that first walking picture, lmao.

  11. I think the love Tony has for Carina is the love made in heaven. I still remembered they collaborated the series together (The Duke of Mount Deer) that was in the 80s. OMG! I still watch that movie and it never bored me. He is so hilarious and no one can take his role since TVB remake it several times. Carina at that time is still not as pretty as she is today…but always love her series…

  12. Advo,
    You seem to think really badly of Tony. Tony never backstabbed the 5 tigers and I have never ever heard of him doing so at all. They may not be the closest of friends, but they are not enemies for sure. Also, you can’t say that Carina stole Tony from Margie or anyone. Tony also did not 2 time from what we know. He already broke up with both Margie and Kitty before he started to date Carina. Therefore, he can’t say that he cheated on anyone. I guess it is just fate that bought Carina and Tony together and had kept them together.

  13. Everyone seems to forget Chow Ka Ling, another girl Tony dated during the on/off session with Carina. To me, Tony is very follow his heart type of guy. He doesn’t care what others think of him. I admire that about him but his handling on relationships – eh, not so much.

    As for the 5 tiger betrayal story, I have heard different versions about it but I don’t care much for it. It was probably partly fabricated and partly “bothered/jealousy” kinda thing.

    I really miss Tony in comedies. He was great in Tian Xia Wu Shuang and the other movie about fortune telling with Miriam.

    Jayne – do you know of any Tony’s close male friends in the industry? He always seem so distant.

  14. Can someone tell me about about the rumor story about how Tony betrayed the other Tigers? Is there an article/link as proof?

  15. I’m actually glad that Tony and Carina are finally together now as they have been through lots of ups and downs in their lives, epecially Carina on a personal level. She was kidnapped and forced to take a topless pic, and many speculated that she may have been gang-raped. And as far as I know, Tony has always been by her side to support her through the toughest time in her life. I think that despite them having opposite personalites, they are very compatible with each other, understand each other, and accept each other’s past. Tony has had many ex-girlfriends. but Carina has also had rumors with other rich men. So we can’t really say that Tony cheated on Carina. I’m sure they were both entangled in different relationships through the years, but in the end, they chose each other. As for Maggie, I’m sure that she and Carina are not really friends. but I’m sure they are both professional actresses that Carina won’t stop Tony from working with Maggie.

  16. I think that by now Carina and Maggie shouldnt have any rivalry remaining, so many years have passed. Has Carina been abducted? I have never read anything about that…

  17. Yeah, I think it was back in 2002 or so there was a tabloid magazine that published it and pixaled out the actress’ face, but people could tell it was Carina and she finally stepped out and admited that it was her and what happened to her years ago. I think she refused to accept a movie that the triad group was involved in, so to “punish” her, they abducted her for a few hours and she was forced to take the topless pics. Many actors condemned the magazine for publishing those photos so many years later. After Carina stepped out to talk about the incident, I really admire her for her strength and courage to face the incident. What’s more important is that Tony stayed by her side and supported her throughour this tough time. That’s why I am glad to see them finally together.

  18. I don’t really care about the so-called rumor of Tony cheating on the 5 Tigers either. It’s a private affair between them and we don’t know how the true situation is and from Michael Miu’s words even if they are not friends, neither are they enemies.

    Since Tony seems to love spend time by himself, is this why his performance is really strong when it calls for him to do those kind of deep aloof expression? LOL. Tony is indeed a special actor for those “deep soulful” scenes.

  19. Tony is indeed a very good actor and also very good looking. But I also think that he loves his wife deeply.

  20. @ HeTieShou, actually I don’t care enough about Tony to particular dislike him. I’m only disgusted if he really did cheat on his girlfriend/friends and that’s just what rumours etc. in the past – and this article imply.

  21. @advo, I can tell that you don’t like Tony much but at least you should be fair to him.As you know, most of what we hear are just rumours and speculations so who knows if they are all true. As far as I know, he did not cheat on anyone. He ended one relationship before starting another one which is not considered cheating. But you can choose to believe what you like. Also, it is the distant past now and he is now married so those past rumours should not matter anymore. I don’t think it is fair to him that you use something of such the distant past to hold a grudge against him. Even if I did not care or like any celeb, I still try to judge them fairly.

  22. Wait, I think I remember a little bit about the 5 tigers incident. Wasn’t it something like the 5 tigers were all supposed to star in a movie together or do something together, but Tony did not participate?? Therefore, some people thought that he “betrayed” or “backstabbed” them. I personally don’t think it is a big deal. I am a fan of some groups and they have a closer bond than the 5 tigers since they are actual groups. However, even they eventually have to disband and go their own ways so if I remember correctly, then what Tony did is not a big deal at all…

  23. Rumors of the 5 Tigers betrayal probably stemmed during the late 1980s, the 5 men informally agreed to unite together and not renew their contracts with TVB, due to their low pay. As a result, TVB negotiated with each of the 5 Tigers individually and broke down their barriers. Tony and Felix renewed with TVB, while the other members left. Felix said he was happy with the slight increase he got in his paycheck. And Tony may not have even agreed to the original walk-out, since it was such an informal discussion. Personally, I don’t think the 5 Tigers have anything grudges against each other, but Tony often comes across as the odd man out because he is not very social and does not make any attempts to get together.

    In the Stephen Chan “Be My Guest” episodes featuring Michael Miu and Felix Wong, this incident was discussed.

    Pandamao, from online sources, Tony’s male friends may include Jacky Cheung and Kenny Chung. Not sure if due to these men’s growing families whether they still keep in close touch with Tony. Looking at Tony’s “social life” photos, he is often surrounded by Carina’s good friends such as Faye Wong and Bridgette Lin instead. I think he has adopted her friends as his and doesn’t make an attempt to truly make new ones or reach out to old ones. I think he is just content being by himself.

    Since Tony worked so frequently with Wong Kar Wai, I would suspect that they get along very well and understand each other, at least from an film-making/ acting standpoint. Due to the mutual passion, they might be good friends.

  24. Tony seems to be a man of few words, and more introverted than the other Tigers. He’s not very outspoken.

    And out of the 5 tigers, Tony and Felix are actually some of my favorite actors! I love watching them when I was small. 😀 I think Tony has very expressive eyes.

    Bit off topic but I once came a across a video of Tony speaking English and was extremely surprised that he spoke English quite well. With a slight British accent. 😉

  25. Pearl, I think I saw the same interview as you did and was really impressed with Tony’s English. I love his British accent, very charming. And I thought that Kitty Lai was a very good match to Tony, someone very low-key and natural, but I guess that would mean boring to some men.:(

  26. Thanks for the reminder Jayne. I nearly forgot what happened between the 5 tigers since it has been awhile.BUt I just remembered that it was something about the other tigers wanting to do something and Tony did not go along with it. Tony has had a harder past because his father left his family when he was so young. I think that partially affected his personality as well.

    As for friends, Tony is very introverted so of course he doesn’t go out of his way to make friends like the rest of them do. However, the 5 tigers don’t hold grudges against each other and are definately not enemies at all. Tony does have his own friends too. I remember that his best friend(whom I don’t remember the name of) was an ATV actor if I remember correctly. It is his friend too not Carina’s. Tony is actually ok friends with Andy and the other tigers too I think.

  27. Tony has one said that he loves acting because acting let him release his bottled up emotions. Yes, I think his father walking out on the family in his early childhood does affect him.

    @HeTieShou. Is Tony’s best friend actor Ben Ng Ting Yip?

    I wonder if Tony is still good with Stephen Chow. It’s Stephen Chow who asked Tony Leung to join TVB training school. So, they should have known each other before joining the entertainment circle.

  28. @Kidd,
    Like I have said, I don’t remember Tony’s best friend’s name. However, you are probably right. Tony does have friends that we may not know about since he is an introverted person and may not mention them as much. I have found that in general, introverted people seem to cling to their friends more since it took them more effort to make friends than extroverted people do. They may not have as much friends as extroverted people do, but with the friends that they have, they seem to treasure them more. But hey, that’s just what I have observed in general and it varies from person to person so it may not apply to Tony.

  29. Tony sure treasure his few friends since he has been friends with Berg Ng for 20+ years. They were in the same TVB acting class. But, because TVB didn’t sign up Berg, Berg went to ATV training class to start over again. So, even with this seperation, they still remain close friends for so long.
    (Note: read about this today)

    I think Tony is a person who is not earlier make friends but for those friends he made, he will treasure them very much. Berg Ng said that he and Tony are quite similar in that they are both introverts. But, he said Tony is more open than him. Uh, if Tony is more open than him, he must be very very introverted.

  30. @Kidd, THanks for the update on Tony and Berg’s friendship. Do you have the link to the article? I would love to read it. Was Berg at his wedding?? Hey, maybe my observation about intro and extroverts is more accurate than I thought…

    WOW, if Tony is even more introverted than Tony, then I can’t even imagine how introverted he is. I heard that Dylan Kuo(Taiwanese singer and actor) is really introverted too. I heard it took Dylan’s assistant(or was it manager, don’t remember due to my bad memory)like 6 months or more to get to know him. That is a long time to try to get to know someone.

    I heard that Tony is a great friend once you really become one of his close friends. I remember that I think he mentioned a long time(if I remember correctly) that if his family or friends wanted anything, he would get it for them regardless of how much it cost. He just wanted to see his family and friends happy. That is really sweet of him.

  31. Of course we know that Tony was good friends with the late Leslie Cheung as well..

  32. Berg has aged nicely and I find his acting very good. It’s a pity that ATV do not have the revenues to promote and develop such a great artist.

    Thanks for the info.

  33. Yes, Berg is a good actor. Unlike many, I grew up watching ATV instead of TVB series (my uncle used to operate an ATV video rental store). So, I’ve seen Berg act in many series and have always like him. The first series I’ve seen him in was a police series where his character was nicknamed ‘Gei Wai Har’ (some kind of prawn).

    Yeah, it’s a pity that ATV do not have the revenues to promote and develope their good artists. But, on the other hand, if Berg has stayed in TVB, he might not have as much chance to develope his acting skill and act in a lot of meaty roles. TVB has too many actors under it’s stable and many good actors are not promoted (I’m still waiting for Eric Li to get his big break). There’s a lot of what ifs here.

  34. @Kidd,
    Thanks sooo much for the link. Oh, so that is Berg!! I was wondering who that was and thank goodness there was a picture included in the article. I have seen him many times in ATV series through the years.I grew up watching TVB and ATV. He is a really good and talented actor.I have seen him in both good and evil roles and he really shines.What a big loss for TVB for not signing him into their company. I was really touched reading the article and can feel how close and sweet Tony and Berg’s friendship is. Berg mentioned how when they go out that Tony would treat him more since Tony made more than he did. Tony would even have fans come up for autographs but Berg did not mind at all and was happy for Tony since that shows how popular and successful he is. Berg was like Tony’s counselor and would console him whenever he had any problems. How sweet and for Tony to share his inner feelings like that shows how close they are… So sweet and touching!!!! They really have a long and solid friendship that I hope will last for the rest of their lives. Friends like that are hard to find these days.

  35. I didn’t know who Berg Ng was until I clicked on the link Kidd provided and recognized him right away! He indeed is a good actor. 😀
    It’s nice to read that Tony and Berg have such a firm and well-established friendship.

  36. Tony has a baby face, so with Carina they look like a older sister-younger brother love.

  37. No one can’t forbid their spouse from doing something since they are adults. This may sound cliche but there’s a saying and it goes like this

    “you maybe able to stop someone from doing something but you can’t stop them from having feelings” If Tony still has feelings for Maggie then there’s absolutely nothing Carina can do about it. Assuming that there’s something going on between Maggie and Tony.

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