Mark Chao Too Busy to Congratulate Vic Chou in Person

Recently returned to Taiwan from the South Pole, Taiwanese-Canadian actor Mark Chao (趙又廷) shared that he has no plans to meet up with fellow actor Vic Chou (周渝民), who officially tied the knot with actress Reen Yu (喻虹淵) last month.

Mark and Vic first met when they co-starred in the police drama Black & White <痞子英雄> in 2009. However, their friendship quickly soured when they were both nominated for Best Leading Actor in that year’s Golden Bell Awards. Though Vic was easily the fan favorite, it was Mark, then just a newcomer in the industry, who walked off with the win.

Because of this sore point, Mark and Vic avoided one another until 2014, when Mark’s wife, mainland Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓), filmed Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 <單身男女2>, which also featured Vic. In October of that year, both Mark and Vic were present at Louis Koo’s (古天樂) birthday celebration, marking the first time the two had appeared in a photograph together since the Golden Bell Awards five years prior.

Last month, Vic announced his marriage to Reen Yu on his Sina Weibo. The same day, Mark congratulated him online, writing, “I send you the sincerest blessings from the South Pole. I hope you two are happy and blissful and live to a ripe old age together.”

However, Mark revealed that he does not plan to congratulate Vic in person, explaining that he understands Vic’s personality and would not specifically seek him out to meet up. He also shared that his return to Taiwan this time was too brief, as he returned from Beijing on December 9 and would be flying back on the evening of December 10 to film additional scenes for his upcoming movie, Till the End of the World <南極絕戀>.

Mark was previously in the South Pole for more than a month. Though he enjoyed the trip and found the scenery beautiful, he also divulged that the experience was very difficult, because he suffered from snow blindness, frostbite, and sunburn. Fortunately, he is now mostly recovered.


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