Jay Chou Does 300 Abdominal Exercises for Newly Ripped Body

Jay Chou (周杰伦) is busy directing and starring in his new film Rooftop <天台> in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. While working, he also did not forget to spend some time with his young lover, 19-year-old Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌). Wearing face masks, Jay and Hannah were spotted in the night market of Kaohsiung. Despite the day’s temperature hitting a high 30°C, the newly muscular Jay with 8-pack abs wore a cap and put on a mask in an attempt to conceal his identity. 

Although wearing a mask, Jay was quickly recognized by his fans. He was gracious and allowed them to take pictures. His good friend, Will Liu (劉畊宏) was also seen walking with Jay at the night market. Netizens then spotted a masked Hannah in some photographs, following Jay from a distance. Some Netizens mocked the pop prince for wearing a mask in such a hot weather. Instead of concealing himself, he appeared more visible, while some fans were more concerned if he would risk getting a heatstroke!

When asked if Hannah was with them, Will Liu faked ignorance and replied, “Is it? I did not see Hannah around at all!” Jay was also speculated to sleep over at Hannah’s home, which was just ten minutes away from the night market. 

Jay Shows Off  Ripped Body

Jay Chou has been toning up his body for his new film Rooftop. At a photo shoot for PHANTACi, he showed off his well-trained body, displaying his rippling 8-pack abs! His dashing looks coupled with his new sculpted body will make any female onlookers flustered! Jay commented that it was not easy maintaining his toned body, and he had a problem controlling his food cravings.  

Jay said, “I ate too much food in southern Taiwan! I had supper almost every night. I am worried that once the filming is finished, my 8-pack abs will be gone too!” His personal trainer, Will Liu, ensures that Jay completes 300 abdominal exercises every morning and works out at the gym every day! 

Jay Releases New Music Videos Collection

Jay recently paired up with Lara Veronin (梁心颐) in his new music video for Piano Wound <琴伤>, a track from the album Exclamation Mark. Jay plays a perfumer, who transports himself into the world of his perfume bottle after inhaling a magical scent. He has a romance with a beautiful woman in the magical bottle. The music video has drawn positive and overwhelming responses from his fans. Jay had previously won the best music video for directing Mr. Magic <魔术先生> in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.

However, his fans will be disappointed to know that Piano Wound is not in time for a nomination in this year’s award. In response, Jay’s recording company, JVR Music expressed that it was more important to have a quality video then winning any award.

Jay’s latest music videos collection DVD <Jay Moment> will hit the stores on July 17th. 

Source: 21CN.com, 21CN.com

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  1. Yeah but the face is still…anyway he is a talented man no doubt.

    1. Eh, I like his face. I think he’s aged well. Didn’t like his face when he was younger though. I like the new MV with Lara but dislike the song. Haven’t really fancied his music for in a while.

  2. Sorry it’s a 6 pack at most and im not impressed if he does 300 abdominal exercises everyday just to get this result, LOL.

  3. not exactly a fan.. though isnt hs gf a bit tad young for hm

    1. ::SIGH::

      I love Jay. A lot, a lot, a lot. But I must admit…my love for him diminished some in his choice of Hannah. Not that I don’t adore her and think that she is super cute and pretty…but I am inclined to believe that he’s dating her because she is super cute and pretty and young…and easy to control (most importantly, that last one) :-\

      1. omg, i have the same feelings as you! i believe many fans of jay are like so too.

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