Matthew Ho is Not Popular Among Girls

Matthew Ho (何廣沛) caught viewer attention with his recent portrayal of the handsome teenage version of Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) in Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>. Graduating from the 26th TVB artiste training class last year and still new to the industry, the 25-year-old aspires to be a leading actor in ten years and sees Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) as his role model.

Recalling his initial audition for Never Dance Alone, Matthew admitted feeling confused and out of place, “It was very chaotic that day. There were so many experienced veterans in the dressing room, and I was the only student from acting class. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. When the assistant director called me into the VIP room, I saw Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Lawrence Ng, seven female leads, and the producer. I was wondering what was going on until Lawrence asked me to treat him to dinner. I then realized he was the one who nominated me for the role.”

Matthew praised the group of young M-Club girls in Never Dance Alone for their energy and enthusiasm, which helped create a lively atmosphere while filming. He revealed being most familiar with Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶), since they shared a kiss scene. As it was his first time completing such an intimate scene, Matthew consulted veteran Lawrence Cheng (鄭丹端) for advice.

Matthew noted he does not mind portraying minor nameless roles in order to brush up on his acting skills. Hardworking and ambitious, his goal in five years is to have people recognize him on the streets. In ten years, Matthew hopes to star as a male lead in dramas. Admiring Bosco Wong for his talents, Matthew shared, “I think his acting is great. He is able to portray comedic characters as well as mature ones. Earlier, we collaborated together in The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手>. His script was really long and difficult to remember, and I was impressed by his amazing memory.”

Unpopular Among Girls in Real Life

Although his character in Never Dance Alone delivers a Prince Charming vibe and is popular among girls, Matthew admitted to being the opposite in real life. He revealed, “Not many girls take the initiative to try and get to know me. As a student in the artiste training class for half a year, none of the girls cared about me and I usually spent time with the guys. But I can assure you that I’m not gay!”


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  1. Lawrence Ng wished he looked like that when he was young!! I wonder do the actresses have a choice as to who to play their younger counterpart?

    1. I think most of them got to choose their younger version themselves. I know the three below did.

      Rachel Lee (Loletta Lee)said she chose Venus Wong herself because she thinks Venus reminded her about herself, a bit confused and likes to daydream.

      Carmen Lee didn’t meet Anjaylia in person. She was given a bunch of pictures and among them she thought Anjaylia looked like her the most.

      As for Flora Chan, she thought Jeannie Chan;who is also from overseas, has similar accent when they speak Chinese so that’s why she chose her.

      1. I THOUGHT the girl who acted as FLORA CHAN resembled her a lot too. Her attitude and everything.

      2. Yeah, Flora and Jeannie are very alike. Very well portrayed by Jeannie.

      3. Flora picked a good person to portray herself and the actress did a very good job as well.

        I thought Alvina’s younger self did a good job even though their physical resemblance wasn’t there.

      4. pandamo, the girl who played the younger version of Alvina Kong is called Annice Ng. Annice is the younger twin in the girl group AOA. I think she did a good job too, especially considering how this is her first time acting (she and the one who played Fennie Yuen’s younger part Cheronna Ng have never acted before they took part in this series).

      5. Btw, for those who are curious. Although Jeannie Chan play their “rival” in the series the seven of them are very good friends in real-life, to the point that they have actually “seung kai”/become sworn sisters.

        Winki Lai (playing the younger version of Angie Cheung) is the eldest sister, Kandy Wong (Gloria Yip’s younger version) is 2nd sister, Annice Ng (Alvina Kong’s younger version) 3rd sister, Cheronna Ng (Fennie Yuen’s younger version) 4th sister, Jeannie Chan (Flora Chan’s younger version) 5th sister, Anjaylia Chan (Carmen Lee’s younger version) 6th sister and Venus Wong (Rachel Lee’s younger version) is the youngest sister.

      6. I seriously think Anjalylia bears an uncanny resemblance to a younger version -Angelica Lee Sinje….LOL!

        If you ask me which actress (younger version) resemble the actress of the older version the most, then I must agree that Jeanie Chan do look like Flora Chan including her attitude & behavior. Well done TVB!

      7. I also agree the young version of carmen resembles angelica lee. however, i don’t think she’s pretty.

  2. he’s so feminine! He doesn’t remind me of LAWRENCE CHENG’S (character) younger self.

    Very different… if you ask me.

  3. This guy is not that handsome. Very feminine. Reminds me of a second coming of Sammul Chan, but a little worse looking.

    1. many handsome guy’s looks feminine. he may look soft but he can possess a strong character,who knows we will see.

  4. I find him very good-looking. Some might think he is too feminine and not macho enough. But it’s really the eye of the beholder =/

  5. WOW M club Finale was good can’t believe it’s over. Excited for the ultimate addiction tho!!!!!!

  6. admiring bosco for his talent…ROTFLMAO..bosco is an avg actor, there are better out there 😡

  7. That’s what happens when you don’t look manly enough.

  8. He’s not masculine, but he is a decent looking guy. I would’ve had a crush on him too if I were still in HS hahaha

  9. He reminds me of stephen wong ka lok. Even his gestures and way of acting.

    1. I totally agree with you. They can play brothers. He’s like a younger version and slightly better looking.

  10. He needs to grow some facial hair. He looks and talks like a 10 years old boy. I was hoping Carmen and Lawerence will get together at the end. Eric was funny.

    1. Good husbands deserve to be remembered. Really like the ending.

  11. he looks a lot better than those rich old guys who attract young gold diggers

  12. oh he is a cutie and he only 1yr younger than me so i still get a change lol 🙂

    i like him in M club! Mcdonald prince!

  13. Not handsome enough and too effiminate.

  14. hi there

    1. for god sake.
    2. look at those k young male leads.
    3. look more gal than men too.

  15. Looks man enough for me. Really good looking, hope he makes it. We need more young hot guys in TVB who are eye candy, not just uncles who can act!

  16. I agree he looks handsome, want to see he act more and act good too…add oil!

  17. Effeminate? Are you guys kidding? I mean, are you guys serious when you are saying this? To me, he is considered masculine enough already considering the fact that he is asian. Try to have a look at korean and japanese male artists before judging anyone.

    Even if he looks effeminate, so what? It just proves that straight men can be effeminate as they want and are not necessary to pretend masculine 24/7.

    1. How do you know for sure that he’s straight?

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