Max Cheung Wants to Move to Australia

Currently vacationing in Sydney, Australia, Hong Kong actor Max Cheung (張達倫) is considering immigrating there for his children’s schooling. In 2016, Max and his wife Kimmy got married and together they are raising their toddler son, as well Kimmy’s teenage daughter from her previous marriage. Being a family-oriented man, Max sees Australia as a new potential home due to its fresh air and sunny environment.

With Hong Kong’s current political climate and residents’ mounting anxiety and dissatisfaction over city officials’ handling of the coronavirus outbreak, Max is seriously considering relocating to Australia.

The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥> actor said, “My [stepdaughter] is starting school now in Australia, which is why we took this trip to help her move in. I also wanted to see the area because my wife and son might be moving here to watch my [stepdaughter]. If that is the case, I will be flying a lot between Australia and Hong Kong.”

Though he understands that Australia has confirmed several cases of coronavirus, Max loves the expansive beaches and carefree environment where children can play freely. His son Zachary was fascinated by the kangaroos they encountered at the park and even attempted to pet one.


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  1. He might like it as most people who have been there claim there are TONS of Asians there as well. In that case, probably not much of a difference between HK but standard of living $$$$ wise might be much more?? But living space might be an improvement as it’s scary how small HK can be on some of the apts.

    1. @wm2017 heaaaaps of Chinese in certain hotspots. You can still go to places with decent mix of people.

      @cutie777 not in the Sydney area but everywhere else around it. There predicting a deluge of rain over the weekend, hopefully that’ll stop whatever fires left.

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