May Chan: “I Want to Lose Weight. I Want a Boyfriend!”

May Chan (陳嘉佳) caught the audience and media’s attention after portraying Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) childhood friend, “Little Tiny”, in the currently broadcast TVB drama, Inbound Troubles <老表, 你好嘢!>. Weighing 230 pounds, the 27-year old May remains a virgin. In fact, she has never had a boyfriend. People around her constantly exclaim that she would be beautiful – if only she loses weight.

“I’ve never dated anyone before. I did have secret crushes, but I didn’t have the courage to say anything. What is the point when I know we won’t be together? In the past, I would really want to have a boyfriend when I see others dating. But why would a normal guy choose a fat girl as his girlfriend? Nevertheless, each time I see delicious food, all those thoughts would vanish. So that’s why this time I’m telling myself that I must reduce my weight to 150 pounds. I want to have a date!” With her strong desire to find a boyfriend, May vowed to lose 80 pounds within 2 months by exercising and dieting.

Keeping true to her words, May was spotted at the West Kowloon Waterfront on Sunday, vigorously exercising for three hours. Running alongside the Kowloon Waterfront for 30 minutes with constant breaks, she later collapsed onto a nearby bench to catch her breath. Running is no easy task for May. In fact, she revealed that even walking would make her pant sometimes, never mind going for a run. “I’ve never had so much exercise my entire life,” May told the media.

After May’s 30-minute run, she worked hard to complete a small repitition of exercises. She managed to do a few sit-ups with the help of her assistant, who had to pull her up. May later tried to lift herself up on the monkey bars, but failed. With the encouragement of the reporters, she finally managed to get her feet off the ground after the fifth try.

In the past, May consumed 6 meals a day, absorbing about 4 times more calories than required. Now, she has cut down to 4 meals. For breakfast, she would eat a small bowl of barley congee and an apple. Lunch would be steak pasta with no sauce, and some soup. A fruit platter served as her afternoon snack. Dinner consisted of barley congee, fish, some veggies, and kiwi fruit. May was persistent in reaching her goal. “No, I cannot have people looking down on me. I must lose weight,” May insisted.

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  1. As long as she remains healthy, that’s the most important issue. If she does this too quickly, it may have counter effects.

  2. Well looks like me and Funn were correct in our earlier posts from the other article.

    Seems a pity she is losign weight not for health but more to be socially accepted.

    1. At her weight, she really should have known its very dangerous for her health years ago. Its that she gained more recognition before she finally set her mind to losing weight.

    2. well, at her weight regardless of the reason behind why she wants to lose weight, it’s a good thing she wants to lose weight. As the way I see it, “wanting to lose weight to get a boyfriend” is like a motivation statement.

  3. The fact that she is doing it this quickly is a good sign that it’s not healthy nor is it safe.

  4. Agree. She shouldn’t push herself so hard in 2 months. I made New Years resolution to lose weight too but doubt if it’ll succeed. I admire her determination, I should learn too!

    1. I agree with you guys. She’s doing this way too quickly. It’s really bad =_=

      And I need to lose some weight too=(

      1. A bit overweight.. the last time i checked, 148lbs? but i inherited big bones=_=

      2. It depends on your height. If you are 5′ 6″ or taller, it is quite all right to weigh 148 lb.

      3. Yes but if I want to compete in a pageant, I need to be a bit slimmer. And I’m only 5’3″.

      4. According to Hong Kong standards, a 5′ 3″ female should only weigh 100 lb.

      5. Depends on your body-type. If you’re wider with big bones 125 @ 5’3 is OK.

      6. Should take up jogging with some friends. My cousin in the states dropped from 140 to 115 just jogging long distances.

      7. Good luck on you gals weight loss. Remember its far easier to lose weight by eating less calories than to try and burn the calories off at the gym.

      8. I’m 5ft10… how many pounds should a girl at my height be in “HK” weight?

      9. oh excellent, i officially ‘fit the norm’ lol… although each time i go back to HK, ppl never stop staring even though I’m 100% hongkie bred….. just grew up in Australia!

  5. She can try but she’s not going to lose 80 in 2 months unless…

    …unless she just doesn’t eat and her body goes catabolic and starts breaking down muscle and fat for energy.

    Well anyway, you shouldn’t lose it too quickly or you’ll get stretch marks. Going vegetarian would be a good start.

  6. Um it’s not healthy to make such an attempt. I don’t think it’s possible without breaking down unless she secretly went for liposuction. She has a pretty face. . just not a nice looking body. Nevertheless I’m excited to see her transformation. It’s like ugly duckling to a beautiful swan!

  7. May should allow herself at least 4 months to lose 80 pounds. It will be better for her body in the long run. Her body needs to adjust to this big change, or she will collapse.

    1. She should allow up to 2 years to lose all the target weight, if not the lose skin will probably depress her more.

  8. She can never lose weight doing what she does. Losing weight takes a scientific approach and regimen, and not any program suits everybody.

    Eating less is just one way, exercising is another, but these two alone won’t help. Ask the experts, she can’t be doing it on her own accord as she likes.
    She is just doing it all for nothing!!! Hopeless.

    This just speaks of her intellect or the lack of, and attitude. No planning!

    At the end of the day, its easy. Get an equally fat boyfriend. Unless she is lucky enough to find a normal weight guy who likes fat girls, and there are out there, actually.

    Ever heard of the tag BBW ?(big beautiful women).

    I don’t gel with this but there are those who do.

    1. It doesn’t work that way. Most guys would like a slim and pretty girlfriend and most girls would like a slim and good looking boyfriend.

      Sure, you might see a ‘larger’ couple once in a while but they compromised their preferences for a relationship.

      May Chan wants a good looking boyfriend so that’s why she wants to lose 80 pounds in 2 months. Settling is pretty much the last resort usually.

      1. Nope, it works that way. Some like it slim, some like it fat, some like it small, some like it big. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

        While most guys, me included, likes slim girls, i know of people, including some friends who complain of ‘no meat’ and one or two likes them fat and big and bulky.

        A friend of mine is a BBW and she’s happily married to a ‘slim’ man, and he likes her just the way she is, BBW.

    2. Note that while you used the adjective “some” to describe people who desire overweight people to be their life partners, I used the adjective “many” to say that most guys prefer slimmer girls.

  9. ” “No, I cannot have people looking down on me. I must lose weight,” May insisted.”

    As long as she feels unworthy of herself, no amount of weight loss will help her self esteem. People can be vicious. You can lose many pounds and there will some who will say you still is on the chubby side. The point is to ignore them and do it for yourself. The last possible reason to do anything is to get a boyfriend. I am afraid she may be doomed to unhappiness if that is her rationale. I wish her success but it sounds like she has serious self image issue. At least she is honest and did not take the easy way out like gastric bypass. She probably isn’t that big to qualify.

    1. I must disagree with you. Self esteem more or less has got to with how one looks. Being overweight can lead to low self esteem, its normal.

  10. She should get proper help such as a dietician to help her reduce weight. In that way she will be eating the right kinds of food and no damage will be done to her health. Maybe joining a reconised organization like Weight Watchers will help as an alternative remedy.

  11. 80lbs in 2 months? that’s 40 lbs a month? she needs to get real!

  12. The best way of losing weight is when you do it for yourself and nothing els. Do it for your health and body, that’s the best motivation. i believe she can do it GOGOGO!

  13. She really shouldn’t lose so much weight in a short period of time. I always refer to Jennifer Hudson as my example. Hudson slimmed down too quickly and she’s so young still but wrinkles and sagging galore > <

  14. Yeah, that’s not a really realistic goal. I thought she’s getting help from Shirley Cheung?

  15. 80 lbs in 2 months is impossible unless you literally eat nothing in those 2 months. Even if she accomplished it, she’d have a ton of saggy skin due to fast weight lost like gastric bypass patients. It’s marathon, not a sprint.

  16. There’s no way she can lose 80lb in 2 months eating a high carb, low fat diet, nor would it be healthy to lose that much. They key to success is to choose a plan that works for her long-term and not short-term.

    She should look into a Paleo or Ketogenic diet. It’s far healthier for her in the long run.

  17. I don’t think it’s drastic at all. From my personal experience, it’s better to lose the weight now if she has finally found the determination to do so. It took me 3 months to lose 10kg. Some said it was too drastic but I told myself I was ready after all these years. So, I’m looking forward to see her transition. It’s not being socially accepted but more like self exceptance.

    1. 10kg is 22lbs. and you took 3 months.That’s why people say it’s drastic. 80lbs in 2 months is impossible (even if she doesn’t eat a damm thing).

      1. Exactly. There’s no way that she can lose 80lb in 2 months. If that’s the goal that she has set herself for. She will set herself up for defeat.

        This is a lifestyle change. NOT a diet fad. She needs to keep this up for the rest of her life if she doesn’t want her weight to rebound.

  18. I’ve lost more than 120lb and has kept it off for more than 2 years. So I know what I am talking about.

  19. I am sure some slimming company will approach her soon … as sponsor.

  20. TVB is gonna have Hong Kong version of The Biggest Looser show?

  21. It’s pretty sad she needs to lose weight in order to get a boyfriend… Just proves that the boyfriend she gets is more into what she looks like than for who she is. The relationship probably aint gonna last anyhow…

    1. Your expectations are unrealistic.

      Men like women who are slim and healthy because it’s a sign of being able to take care of yourself. You let yourself go to >220lbs and what does that tell you about yourself?

  22. If her weight is causing her health problems, she should change to a better lifestyle.

    I have a few friends who are overweight or on the chubby side, but some of them never had difficulty finding boyfriends one after another or start their own family with a normal weighted guy.

    1. Do you tell smokers to only stop smoking when they get lung cancer? In that case, why should she only lose weight after she gets health problems? Prevention is always better than cure.

  23. I find her really to be really cute when I noticed her in Short of Love (Wong cho lam). I suppor her for the weigh loss, as long as she’s happy and it gives her confident. And also it’s a healhier life style. I agree with some users that say she needs a specialist to help her, because just changing her eating habit and exercise routine won’t take as much of an effect. She needs a weight loss speciialist who can help her plan out routines and schedules, and help keep her on track! 🙂 All in all, good luck to her! Support support.

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