May Chan Takes on Aerial Yoga

Recently, artist May Chan (陳嘉佳) filmed an educational promotional video for the Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent and Control Non-Communicable Diseases in Hong Kong <邁向2025:香港非傳染病防控策略及行動計劃> to encourage healthy living habits and address dietary myths. In the video, May donned sportswear and tackled both regular and aerial yoga in front of the camera. Although she deliberately took the time to train beforehand to avoid being embarrassed, May’s flexibility was visibly mediocre.

The 34-year-old actress, who boasted having experience in hot yoga, was covered in sweat after completing a single movement. Though she appeared stiff when bending backward and showcased distorted expressions, May did not back down. She attempted aerial yoga after regular yoga, but it proved to be quite challenging. The on-site staff couldn’t help but laugh at May’s exaggerated expressions of pain and fright. Despite failing miserably in aerial yoga, May successfully spread happiness all around her.

After about an hour, the star claimed she is now addicted to aerial yoga. She added that the shoot inspired her to exercise more in the future. “I shot this video with a nutritionist, so I asked a lot of health questions during the break,” May shared. “Exercise is really helpful, and it’s best to exercise at least three times a week.”

She continued, “But everyone knows that I am heavy, so doing intense exercises or running for too long may not be good for my knees. So the nutritionist advised me to do more yoga. In addition to training my breathing, balance, and flexibility, some movements can relieve strain.”

Although May previously did hot yoga, she stopped going to the classes because it was a waste of her money. “I thought it was too comfortable and fell asleep a few times during class,” she explained.

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  1. This is comical. Just cut out the junk, eat sensibly and do some power walking. You’re gonna hurt yourself at your weight performing these stunts.

    1. @anon
      if cutting out the junk is as simple as 123 then obesity wouldn’t be such a big issue. people with medical issues preventing weight loss aside, cutting down the junk takes motivation. there are people who prefer food over anything. even if it makes them ashamed to look atthe mirror, they wouldn’t trade junk for anything else. i know a few people who refuse to go to social gatherings b/c of their weight. you know, chinese people are never kind about weight issues. i think i would do something about it if i had weight issues but then everyone’s different.

  2. If you fall asleep in yoga, then you’re not doing something right. Poses require you to be standing, bending, and stretching to feel the tension eases off. It’s not all about just simply lift your arms or put your feet apart.

    Unless it’s a medical condition, I’ve no sympathy for obese adults. Eat right and exercise. If you have sweet or junkie tooth, exercise more. Do little things over time, like take the stairs, park further away, until it becomes a habit. It’s mind over matters! It’s easier said than done, yes. But it’s your health.

    1. @jjwong
      I am with u when it comes to obesity in adults. But try to say that in real life, you’d bashed left and right.

      1. @m0m0 Agree with the bashing. First thing people will scream is, omg you’re body-shaming, bully! I’ve those conversations before, smh. I don’t instigate but will call them out when they bring up weight or other excuses about not eating right and exercise.

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