Celebrity Bachelorettes to Find Love in TVB Reality Dating Show

TVB is hosting a reality dating show once again but this time the contestants will be made up of single female artists.

Following the global trend of reality programming in recent years, TVB tested the local market with makeover show Bride Wannabes <盛女愛作戰> in 2012 which aimed to help a group of “leftover women” find love. Although the show achieved high ratings, it also received backlash for reinforcing the unhealthy public perception about single women. The TV station made another attempt in 2013 with Bachelors At War <求愛大作戰>, switching the focus to local single men. The series did not fare as well as the first and generated major controversy over some of the questionable coaching by its team of experts.

This year, TVB will take reality dating to a new level by introducing celebrity contestants. The new series, Finding a Good Man <搵個好男人>, will run for twenty-episodes beginning in late February. Four TVB female artists will guest star each week to find their perfect match among ten male contestants. Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Tracy Ip (葉翠翠), Jacquelin Chong (莊思敏), and Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏) are slated to appear during the first week. Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Samantha Ko (高海寧), Toby Chan (陳庭欣), and Whitney Hui (許亦妮), as well as comedic genius May Chan (陳嘉佳) may also appear in the show.

Although filming has just begun, host Louis Yuen (阮兆祥) is already employing hard-sell techniques to attract attention to his new project. “We have recruited over 300 quality men… including the ‘tall, rich, and handsome’ returning from overseas, university associate professors, fitness coaches, and CEOs of publicly traded companies.”

In addition to providing plenty of water cooler gossips, Louis hopes to reveal the genuine personalities of the onscreen goddesses. “[Priscilla Wong] is a simple, naive, and sentimental person. May Chan, who Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) and I really like, is happy-go-lucky, loves to laugh and loves to eat.”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I would be super excited to see a male celebrity version featuring Kenneth Ma and Ruco Chan. 🙂

    1. agree the male version sounds more interesting and will draw more ratings! especially ma ming is the title holder of best suen poon in hk now! lots of girls will be interested!

      1. Best suen puen in TVB to be exact.
        Although of cuz I don’t quite agree.
        If in HK, he can’t even get close to Nicholas Tse and Louis Koo!!

      2. I don’t agree that Ma Ming is the best suen poon.. I personally think he’s over-rated or at least exaggerated by HK media.

        Maybe, people think he’s suen poon due to the fact that he’s 40, still single, a mommy’s boy, rising siu sang. :3

  2. I do not see a point in these sort of reality shows involving celebrities when none of it will come to any fruition. I hope Ruco and others steer clear from this and just act well in their own series.

    1. I don’t see the value of this type of reality show period.

      Bachelor, Bachelorette, Big Brother, Honey BooBoo, Duck Dynasty, all of them are proof at how brain dead the television audience has become.

      1. Sorry… I have no intention of dulling my brain watching this slop.

        And the Discovery channel used to be a great educational channel… but they themselves are now responsible for a lot of slop on television.

  3. If this show is done right or well, it may be popular among the Chinese audience.

    My parents love watching 非诚勿扰 (a reality Chinese dating show that started 4 years ago to now and has garnered foreign audience). And whether or not they are successful in dating or not, that’s up to the fate between the two people.

    http://www.4hw.com.cn/new/weishi/20140211/48931.html <– an example of a "successful" couple.

  4. TVB is such as a hypocrite, telling their artists to not date or prevent them from announcing their relationship to the media. On the other hand, they are making a HK version of Bachelorette and have their artists guest star in it. I thought that TVB is so afraid of scandals, Bride Wannabes and Bachelors at War created so much backlash already. If their female artist found a “good man”, what will TVB do, are they allow to date. Will their relationship have to be a public display? I can not imagine that Eliza Sam will appear on the show, not to mention her large male fan base. TVB is daring or desperate.

  5. can’t stand the lady on left, on e news, she pretended to cry pityfully cos of her mom’s health while wearing a see-through dress, no respect at all for her mom, just hoping to get some publicity out of it

      1. Dude, wearing a see through dress or not, how the hell has that got to do with whether or not her emotions were sincere??! For all that I know, I would be crying or show my concerns regardless of what I was wearing if my mother’s health wasn’t the best or in a critical condition.

        Funny, when the public doesnt see or media doesnt snap up photos of artists’ crying from their family member’s passing, they can be seen as cold and heartless or uncaring. When artists’ cry in front of camera, they are accused of trying to gain publicity or making a scene for themselves.

      2. I was REPLYING to Air’s comment above. AIR made THAT comment. Not me. I didn’t make that comment about her being insecure or wearing the “see-through” dress when it’s clearly a champagne-like colour dress… Ever since I saw Tracy’s acting several years ago, I always liked her, wished I could see more of her in the dramas.

        My comments have been:
        – “Some people are more emotionally sensitive than others.Like, some people (eg. me) can cry over the smallest things ever. But being more emotionally sensitive doesn’t mean they are trying to be pitiful to get sympathy and whatnot.

        And how people deal with their parents’ death vary as well.”
        – “There are other famous people who cried on camera. Are you telling me that they also did it to “market” themselves and to get pity marks as well?

        And I think Tracy Ip is doing well. Her mom still passed away and she only stayed 20 minutes before she headed back to work…”

    1. you won’t be crying if your mother passed away?
      and what does her wearing a “see-through dress” have to do with anything? she was filming and it’s the reporters that wanted to speak to her.

    2. i did cried when my dad passed away (when i was small), but not in front of a whole bunch of people, don’t be blind people, she cried in front of the camera? while other celebrities choose to tone down personal lives esp to the press, guess she finds it difficult to survive and decide to use the pityful card

      1. Some people are more emotionally sensitive than others.Like, some people (eg. me) can cry over the smallest things ever. But being more emotionally sensitive doesn’t mean they are trying to be pitiful to get sympathy and whatnot.

        And how people deal with their parents’ death vary as well.

      2. I cried in front of everyone at my school when my chicken died. People are different. Grow up.

      3. To be honest, I have no idea who Tracy Ip is.. so totally unbiased opinion….

        But sometimes when profound heartache hurts so much.. you can’t really control your feelings or how you express the anguish. Especially a death of a loved one…
        Tracy at least tried to go to work and keep up with the crew’s schedules – it’s very considerate of her despite the difficult circumstances.

    3. 1st it’s not a see through dress, the color is nude.

      2nd, if you have no empathy refrain to mock other’s people death & tragedy.

      1. typo

        refrain from mocking other’s people death & tragedy

        it’s still lunar new year, need you be stewing so much hate for someone you most probably don’t know?

      2. I think it is not even nude but champagne colour. If she did not cry you will say she is cold. If she did which she did, pretentious. Give the lady a break. Her mom just passed away and she still has a job to do.

      3. Ditto! I read the news last night, but didn’t pay attention to her dress. Just checked again and Tracy is wearing a blush dress with lace details.

    4. that’s my point, please don’t market yourself with mom’s passing away, it is her who is opportunist, not I

      1. I looked at the photo again. It is a nice conservative dress. She was smiling but her eyes looked very sad. Reading the contents and various comments it is evident why she actually looked sad. Give her a break. Mom just died. She wasn’t marketing herself. She had a contractual obligation to appear.

      2. There are other famous people who cried on camera. Are you telling me that they also did it to “market” themselves and to get pity marks as well?

        And I think Tracy Ip is doing well. Her mom still passed away and she only stayed 20 minutes before she headed back to work…

    5. So you’re saying you won’t be crying if your parents passed away? What did tracy ever do to you?And the dress wasn’t even see through. Get your eyes checked!

      1. champagne colour dress.. whatever, also same colour in relation to the wearer’s skin, just like miley cyrus, she was trying too hard

      2. It was a seductive dress. Even if she had to wear it during filming, she could have borrowed a shawl or a coat to cover up while crying her mom’s death over a brief report by the press. Don’t see anyone wearing any seductive clothing while paying last respect to the late Mr Run Run Shaw. There is a time for everything, dress code included.

      3. Why are you comparing Tracy Ip to Miley Cyrus for?
        Are you telling me that just because she wore a similar colour dress, which is similar to her skin colour, that’s a seductive dress?

        And I am a female and I don’t find that dress of hers seductive. It’s a conservative ivory/cream looking dress with black lace details. And it’s not even “see-through”.

        This is the full outfit she wore: http://imgur.com/OzxMHk3

      4. Her dress looks very seductive on tele esp with the zooming in at her body, not as much in photo. Lace sewed on her faux skin colour dress as if to cover up her nipples only. Plenty of men watching on tele..

      5. Her dress looked very provocative on tele esp with the zooming in at her body, but not as much in photo. Lace sewed on her faux skin colour dress as if to cover her nipples/breast only. Plenty of men watching on tele..

      6. I asked my brother if that dress is attractive, which he says it is not but he says that its conservative and that he could see why.

        ^ Here’s Tracy in a seductive champagne colored dress.

      7. I think Bubblez’s idolising Tracy, that’s why she’s so uptight, by the way, the top of Tracy’s dress looks like a lingerie.

      8. “I think Bubblez’s idolising Tracy, that’s why she’s so uptight”

        ^ No, I’m not idolizing Tracy. I am being uptight because air compared tracy to Miley Cyrus… But for Tracy, this dress is more conservative-looking (compared to her past champagne-color outfits she wore).

  6. each artist will guest star one show a week? is this serious? it looks lame.are they all really want to find a buddy on this way? i think they are forced to participate in this show.i thought that eliza sam dont want a boyfriend on this moment because she said that she want to focus on her career?

    1. i wouldn’t say they were forced, but probably just picked because they are single.
      This show is just entertainment, it’s not as if they’re all going to be successful in find a relationship. In Bride Wannabes, only one was a success and in bachelors at war, only one succeeded too excluding queenie chan..

      1. i bet no one can find a boyfriend,how is it possible for 4 artist candidate to find a partner of their life in a 1 hour show,the whole idea is lame and fake.yes its entertaining for viewers but not really believable.

  7. Tracy Ip, Jaqueline Chong, Eliza Sam, and Whitney Hui are really pretty. Can’t wait!
    ….I thought jaq was married…lol

  8. Wasn’t this the the subject of one TVB’s summer shows last year with Kate Tsui?

    1. you mean “season of love” where the 2nd story featuring kate & ron right ?

  9. I hope this turns into a B-List celebrity profile show that shows why these women don’t need men in their lives yet and are pushing hard at their careers to provide for their families.

    1. The reason why you hate her is simply because she is ugly in your eyes? Wow. YOu must spend a lot your time hating on everyone who comes across as unattractive in appearance.

      1. What better reason to hate someone if not because

        1. she’s ugly
        2. she’s untalented
        3. she sleeps around
        4. she’s a shameless opportunist

        and such various reasons.

      2. Samantha can’t take a good picture some of the time, but most of the time her pictures are the very definition of “butterface”

      3. Ugh – that should have read “Samantha CAN take a good picture”

      4. that is NOT the only reason, I hate her in the drama “Bounty Lady”

    2. tvb is wasting time and talent, they should be promotion vivian yeo and shirley yeung instead of those three clowns

      1. another actress worth promoting who be the one who acted in “come home love’, she was one of the lawyers working in the law firm, long hair and kinda reminds me of cecilia, natalis chan’s wife

    3. Wonder how Samantha Ko and Priscilla Wong got work at tvb? Samantha is certainly not pretty / beautiful. And Priscilla can’t act at all. if there is an award ceremony for the worst performing actors.. Priscilla Wong and Christine kuo will surely win

    4. you are right, tvb should promote better looking actors and actresses, samantha ko is only good as supporting cast, priscilla wong also, she can’t act, if there is a reward for worst actors.. priscilla and christine kuo would win big

  10. I think Samantha Ko is pretty in her own way. She might not have the most astounding feature but I think there’s a part of her personality that’s worth to admire.

    1. yeah, don’t take my comments above to strongly. She actually seems like a really nice person. She just doesn’t take a nice photo – similar to many people, myself included!!

      1. I agree that for most of her pictures, her body is the spotlight. I find it more enjoyable to watch her on variety shows than dramas, because her acting will take a lot of improvements.

  11. Didnt she say she was filming for celebrity bachelorettes prior to her mom’s passing? Obv if youre on a dating show, youve got to dress your best and if it means ‘seductive’ then that sounds about right.

    1. There’s no proof that the outfit she wore on the day of her mom’s passing was for the dating show. She wore that outfit for the blessing ceremony of hew talk show All Things Girl 姊妹淘, which she is co-hosting it with Jinny Ng, I believe. That’s also the same day where she was first interviewed by TVB entertainment reporter.


      If you look at asianuniverse.net’s photo there’s a sticker for 姊妹淘. image: http://imgur.com/3HlwqPF.

    2. Bubblez is young, about 20 years old. She doesn’t have much experience in life.

      1. “Bubblez is young, about 20 years old. She doesn’t have much experience in life.”

        ^ Gee thanks for pointing that out. But you shouldn’t judge my age to say that “I don’t have much experience in life”. I may have went through some difficult stages at a young age.

    1. haha, hopefully Bubblez is not studying to be a lawyer, air commented about the e-news interview on TELE and that particular dress, but Bubblez posted PIC of the many dresses that Tracy wore.

      1. well you will be happy that I’m not studying to be a lawyer.

        And I only posted that photo because some people thinks that that’s the outfit she wore for the dating show.

  12. wonder why bubblez keep on posting pic of other dresses tracy wore when she should have post the whole interview of tracy crying and wearing the champagne colour dress in the first place? what a waste of time

    1. It’s not that I didn’t want to post the interview, but the only video I found on youtube was:


      And I kept posting her pictures because some people thinks that the champagne outfit was the one she wore for the dating show. She only wore that champagne outfit at the blessing ceremony. I posted Priscilla’s photo because that’s the outfit Tracy wore for the dating show.

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