May Chan Four Hours Late to Work

May Chan (陳嘉佳) is getting called out for behaving like a diva after arriving four hours late to a photo shoot. On March 23, photographer and radio DJ Sunny shared a photo of a woman who resembled May on his Facebook, writing, “Originally scheduled for 4 p.m. [She] didn’t arrive until 9 p.m.”

Though Sunny never specified who the woman was, netizens quickly guessed that it was May. Some said that they were not surprised at May’s lateness and accused her of being a diva. One netizen even shared, “Taught her dancing before, and she kept complaining she couldn’t do this and that.”

Sunny said he has been shooting the posters for Patrick Kong’s (葉念琛) upcoming film project. He admitted, “May was one of the artistes. Originally we planned on wrapping up at 6 p.m., but she told us that she would be a little late. In the end, we didn’t finish until 10 p.m.”

Sunny implied that May acted like a diva on set, “We waited for her for four hours, and she didn’t even apologize for it. Having us all wait for you is really annoying!”

Asked if he would be willing to work with May again, Sunny said, “I work with many different people every year. I don’t think I want to work with her again now. I understand that an artiste can be really busy, and being late to a schedule is common, but never as far as being four hours late.”

May Chan: “Communication Problem”

In regards to her lateness for the photoshoot, May clarified that she had a family emergency and even attempted to reschedule the photoshoot, but the crew said no.

She said, “I asked the crew if I could shoot it another day so they wouldn’t need to wait for me, but they told me that it had to be today [March 23]. I already told them that I wouldn’t be there until 8:30 p.m. at the earliest. Maybe there was a communication problem. I can’t explain it all.”


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  1. I really expected her to be a hard working and likeable actress. Rather surprised she would act like a diva. Maybe it will clear up or if it’s true hope she learns from it sooner or later. Else she won’t survive in the industry.

    1. It’s called privacy. Just because she’s in the entertainment industry, doesn’t mean she has to hang her problems out like yesterday’s laundry.
      The media is kind of quick to brand her a diva. She was late once and she said she had family problems. Maybe people should give her the benefit of the doubt. If this happens again and repeatedly, there’s time enough to criticize her then.

      1. Perhaps she has indeed, apologized for it. Everyone shud give her the benefit of the doubt for this time.

  2. Perhaps communication problem. But I bet the same guy won’t sound out someone more famous.

  3. I’m not surprised reading this. I watched her on a variety show where they match male contestants with female celebrities. She was speaking with foul language and was being very critical of all the contestants in a judgmental way. Even the host Chin Kar Lok had to ask her to speak less vulgarly.

    1. I think you are referring to the dating/matching show. The host wasn’t Chin Kar Lok though, it was Yuen Siu Cheurn.

    2. I can’t stand ppl who likes to use vulgar words. Men or women! I get really upset with such ppl, more so if a woman is full of vulgar words. Women is suppose to be lady like, graceful but just imagine when she opens her mouth is all foul words? I would definitely distant myself from such ppl.

      1. Women is supposed to be ladylike? Says who? If she’s not ladylike then she’s not a woman?

      2. @ bloom

        I totally agree with you about vulgar language. I lose respect to men or women when they open their mouths and start talking like that. To me they automatically lower themselves when they are using that kind of language. It’s even worst when the women do that. I totally avoid movies/dramas when they use profanity – it’s so distracting.

      3. Me too. I was brought up not to speak any foul language, so I cannot take it either.

  4. I always thought she was a diva. Saw her on the dating show for female celebrities, she was pretty snarky and mean.

  5. Well, she is in no position to reschedule the shoot. Of course the crew wouldn’t comply. She aint no A-lister!

    1. Which part of family urgency u don’t understand??? If she already req for postponing the shoots due to family issues, it’s the crew that have prob to not to budge.

      Anyway, just hope people won’t judge her only for this. Let’s wait and see if she has other examples of diva fever.

  6. TVB should consider renewing her contract. Not even A-list but trying to behave like one. With her build she should consider herself lucky for getting good roles, coz she can’t act, sing or dance!

    1. From the report, she is definitely not trying to be A-list. .It’s emergency…she did explain already but they insisted on waiting..wad to do?!wad will u do If u were in her shoes?

  7. If it was a real family emergency and she had really told them and asked them to postpone and they said no, then what the hell do they want her to do? Yes work ethics matter, punctuality matters, communication matters, but family also matters. If she really needed to attend to family matters then I don’t see it as a diva situation. had she ditched her family emergency and attended work, she would be considered a disrespectful daughter in people’s eyes I could imagine. I don’t know what her true personality is like,mbut judging by only this incident, I don’t see it as a diva scenario…

    1. Yes u are so right..either way she is in the wrong. .the best way is try to settle her family asap and rush down, which is wad she did..This is definitely no diva example. .also its the first time that she is late..give her the benefit of doubt please

  8. Smh…..again the media is misleading ppl I think everyone should listen to what that person has to say before judging anyone!!

  9. i love how all these negative comments are generated by how this article was written. Had the author put a slightly different spin on the same exact incident and wrote actress May Chan arrived at a photoshoot late despite a family emergency…all the subsequent comments would be “what a trooper she is!” “the industry is so tough on its artists” “TVB should promote her right away for her hard work ethics” blah blah blah…netizens are sooooo easily swayed.

    1. You are so right. It’s nasty quickly an artist’s reputation can be damaged by an article. We’re all so quick to jump on the bandwagon and criticise. She may be a little narky, but I like her acting, she’s refreshing right now.

  10. A sexy girl can get away with being late many times before being critcised but she is not and being hours late is not ideal.

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