Michelle Reis Had Miscarriage? Belly Bulge Mysteriously Gone!

Since January, Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) was rumored to be pregnant with her second child. Her increasingly plump figure over the past several months suggested that the 41-year-old was pregnant once again. However, the latest edition of Oriental Sunday claimed that Michelle had miscarried in April. Her former belly bulge also mysteriously dissappeared!

After marrying Hong Kong tycoon, Julian Hui (许晋亨), in 2008 Michelle continued to take on sporadic jobs, endorsing various luxury brands at promotional events. Giving birth to son, Jayden Max, in 2008 did not halt Michelle’s work habit. Michelle’s frequent public appearances thrust her in the media’s limelight, who happened to notice that her belly mysteriously grew and then disappeared over the last 5 months! 

Michelle Reis Had Carried a Girl?

In January, when Michelle had attended a promotional event, she wore flat shoes and was carefully supported by staff members when she climbed onstage. It was rumored that Michelle had been carrying a “Little Dragon Girl,” but Michelle laughed off the media’s reaction as being too sensitive.

In February, Michelle and her husband, Julian Hui, attended a horse racing event in Happy Valley. She wore a loose dress and coat, which masked an increasingly plump figure. The following month, Michelle reported had a medical checkup at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. Flanked by bodyguards in her evening appearance at a promotional event, Michelle’s pregnancy rumors continued to grow.

In April, Michelle appeared at the Shanghai airport. She lost noticeable weight and her stomach was flat. It was speculated that Michelle may have miscarried her baby last month. Asked about her pregnancy, Michelle responded, “I have said many times in the past, but no one believes me! Right now, I truly do not intend to have a second baby!”

On Mother’s Day weekend, Michelle was once again asked about her pregnancy. She turned sour-faced and sad. It was speculated that it was tied to her alleged miscarriage.

Michelle’s manager, Chan Sin Chi (陈善之), refused to comment on her miscarriage rumors. He said, “The tabloids can write whatever they wish. We will not respond.”

Source: Sohu.com

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Jayne: Miscarriage happens more than women think. I wish Michelle a speedy recovery if it did happen to her. She is still young, so she can try again!

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  1. this always confuses me. if a woman has a miscarriage, what will happen to the fetus inside? does it rot inside the belly?

    1. The body will reject the fetus, and it will be stillborn.

      Terrible news for Michelle if true. Hopefully all goes well for her.

    2. If a woman had a miscarriage, she will seek doctor’s assistance to remove the dead feotus via operation. She will have a 1 month period/mensual after the operation.

    3. It depends how far gone she is. If it’s within 8 wks, the fetus will naturally flow out menstrually. If passed that, usually the fetus will need to be removed via a suction which is a minor op. Not a big deal though, in and out of hospital within a few hours.

  2. So sad to hear. Wish Michelle a safe recovery if it’s true.

  3. Aww such a shame but I wish her to regain her full health soon!

  4. Whatever.

    Whether or not she did have a 2nd baby she was carrying … that’s between her/ Julian Hui.

    IF she did truly miscarry, the media should give her some respectful space to grief and come to terms with the loss instead of bombarding with all kinds of speculations.

  5. Its called karma. Remember that rude phone call? It’s all over youtube. This woman is a goldigger. And she’s paid the price.

    1. Sushi,

      What phone call? Was Michelle speaking with someone regarding some money issue? how can I find it on youtube..hehe.Kinda curious with the phone call u mentioned.

      1. There is a recorded conversation (suspected to be her) where she used multiple fouls language aimed at the girls that were rumored to be favorited by her ex, Josephy Lau.

    2. Aren’t all the girls that tries to get famous or in the entertainment showbiz all gold diggers! There’s more frequent girls like that now. I even befriended this bi… Cuz she annoys me so much about this old rich guy she’s trying to get rid. The guy just want sexual favors n leave. They’re not there forever. Girls throwing themselves at the rich guys. Who wouldn’t b tempted?

    3. Wow! What kind of logic is that? She deserves a miscarriage because of a private conversation that happened to be taped and leaked? I don’t care for her much but I would never wished that on anyone let alone call it karma.

    4. We all know she is not who she projects herself to be. She is not classy, I would say it is probably true what many think of her. BUT what does that got to do with her miscarriage if miscarriage is true?

  6. if its true, then that’s sad news.

    if its not, then poor michelle being bothered.

    actually in either situation, shouldn’t bother michelle.

  7. poor girl..it is not easy being a rich man ‘s wife especially if you are an actress cos you do not know whether the man really loves you or just like you being an actress..it must be very stressful luckily she already bore him a son

  8. Probably, sad thing. But if she suddenly turns up with a baby the theory would likely be some surrogate mother but she acted as if she carried the baby. Something the media is saying about Beyonce. But likelihood is miscarriage.

  9. I wonder how far along was she. She must be at least in her second trimester if her belly is protruding. The further along, the more difficult it is for the couple… I wish her a speedy recovery, both physically and emotionally.

  10. She is young? Seriously? 41 is OLD to have babies. Miscarriage might be sad, but a fetus usually miscarriage because something is wrong with it.

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