Michelle Reis is Not a Strict Mom

Since marrying Julian Hui (許晉亨) and giving birth, Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) has enjoyed a semi-retired lifestyle. Michelle sometimes takes up select work projects of interest, although she admitted that her son, Jayden, will get upset if she is away from Hong Kong for several days in a row. While Jayden still needs time to grow more emotionally independent, he is talented in many other areas and can converse in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Despite being pampered by Michelle, Jayden is taught to be very polite to others and possesses good manners. He would nod and smile every time he sees someone, and greet them enthusiastically.

To ensure that Jayden gets into a reputable elementary school in Hong Kong’s highly competitive schools, Michelle signed him up for a variety of activities. Jayden attends arts and crafts classes two days a week, and gymnastics classes at the same fitness center as Miriam Yeung’s (楊千嬅) son Torres. In his spare time, Julian will also play chess with Jayden.

In addition to his packed schedule, Jayden currently attends the prestigious Victoria Educational, an organization that prepares children for kindergarten enrollment in Hong Kong’s top international schools. Victoria’s classes are conducted in two languages and has attracted an elite clientele, including Eason Chan‘s (陳奕迅) daughter.

However, Michelle insists that she is not a strict parent, and emphasized the importance of sleep for children. She has yet to pick a school for Jayden since he is a rather active child who may not be suited for traditional schooling methods. “We don’t know if we’re going to follow the traditional method because there might be too much homework and memorization. We’ll see. I don’t want his childhood to turn into something that’s too stressful.”

Source: Sudden Weekly via ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. You know, im not really sure the rich and wealthy really need to know more than the basics in terms of general education. At least, not more than the general public. What a rich and wealthy heir needs to know is strategy and how to manage companies well. They can buy and hire intelligence but they cant rely on others to lead and manage. That’s why i think Michelleis correct about her son’s education. He doesnt need to that stressed because he just doesnt need to be.

    1. I’m not surprised if she isn’t. I remember watching an interview of Michele not wanting to carry the baby and was thinking of getting a surrogate for her first child. And since they have a son already, I have a feeling she wouldn’t want to go thru it again.

  2. yeah i know she wouldn’t be an strict mother
    and she will take for her own children if the rich people earn a lot of money then that is different to us…right???

  3. she is right don’t be an strict mother in Australia a lot of people think that getting into a selective high school is a good thing and getting good achievements but i think is ok to go to a local school if u didn’t get into a selective school

  4. e.g strathfield girls high,burwood girls high,concord high school,ashfield boys high,home bush boys high,and many more…..just giving some tips

    1. Totally agree with you here, I went to Burwood Girls and I felt that their curriculum was very balanced. By no means were we disadvantage for not being a selective school and I would definitely encourage other children to attend.

      I’m not criticising selective schools but not everyone unless they win a scholarship can afford to attend these schools – not against it but then it depends on which suburb you live in.

  5. selective high schools: sydney technical high school=but is a boy school,st George girls high,sydney girls high,north sydney boys high,north sydney girls high,sydney boys high,Hornsby girls high,fort street high school,james ruse high school=everyone knows is the most TOP SELECTIVE SCHOOL EVER IN NSW

      1. LOL, no I’m afraid I’m much older. Graduated in 93′. You’re in an excellent school so all the best with your studies.

  6. Some of the whys of being in the right private schools is about networking … meeting and handing around the right kind of people/crowd.

    It’s a kind of a sub-culture.

    Not so much about education.That’s a given – it’s expected your kid will graduate with something, bec it’s also the school reputation.

    For eg, counsellors in top private school can advise a parent with willing pockets to set up some club … of course with their kid as ‘organiser’ and chairman of club. Looks good on resume, parents fund the expenses …. kid looks like he’s all for fighting altruistic and community causes even as a young teenager. People like to see that … nevermind if the kid is as blur as f*ck.

    Win win for his resume, and for his school .. and for the parents who have a “successful kid”.

    Places like top US business schools Stern and Waldorf — they buy it, if it’s well packaged on your resume. That’s what elite private school are for.

    1. Waldorf Business School?? Huh? I think it is the name of a hotel in NY.

      Anyway, most business schools in the States only grant master degrees and what counts most is one’s prior work experience prior. The average student age at Harvard Business School is 31.

  7. *typo*

    Hanging around the right people and crowd.

  8. michelle reis acting is not up to par when started with TVB acting. She and Leon Lai that time was indeed matched. But she has hopped on to be with rich heirs & tycoons that time… I heard christine kuo recently has been very closed with 76 years old HK billionaire soccer tycoon who is twice married as well…christine kuo said she likes mature guy with security

  9. Study, study and more study. Homework all the time can these really make a kid smart? I really wonder why the education system in some parts of Asia really concentrates way too much on homework.

  10. If not the traditional method of schooling, what are some other options?

  11. Why are private schools so sought after?

    1) networking: even as kids, it’s a self-selected crowd of the same sub-culture. in high school, those same cohorts may go on to the same Ivy League. already early business associates (you rub my back, i rub yours) in the making.

    2) packaging: it’s finishing school. even the nouveau riche want entrance because it almost instantly buys class and manners in the next generation. and all resumes will be ‘packaged’ – as in, you pay the big bucks, they deliver the finished product.

    3) they collect way more fees so they get to hire better quality expert teachers. NOT the ‘one size fits all’ calibre of public-school teacher who may have graduated in Art History but is teaching Science and Math.

    Yes it’s not all about academics in private school.

    1. Not in the above photo. I think she looks really old in the above photo.

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