Michelle Reis Not On Good Terms With Parents-in-Law?

Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) was never truly accepted by her parents-in-law since marrying Julian Hui (許晉亨) in 2008. Although their relationship steered in a good direction after giving birth to a little boy, Jayden Max, the happy times were over quickly.

Recently, Michelle and Julian set off for their one-month vacation to Europe, with rumored intentions to have another baby. Instead of letting Julian’s parents take care of Jayden in the meantime, Michelle let her elder sister do the job. Julian’s parents thus missed this good opportunity to spend time with their beloved grandson. Michelle thought it was better for Jayden to stay with her sister, because she also has a son. Jayden’s cousin, Ayden, is only one year older than him, and would keep him company. However, Mrs. Hui believed Michelle was purposely not letting her stay with Jayden.

An insider revealed, “Mr. and Mrs. Hui were already dissatisfied with Michelle when Julian was dating her. But he’s an adult, and they could not do much if he loves her. In 2008, Michelle suddenly told the press about using a sperm donation bank after trying to become pregnant. As a conservative senior, Mrs. Hui was in a rage and scolded Julian harshly. The relationship between Mrs. Hui and Michelle got slightly better after the birth of Jayden. At the time, they would often head out for afternoon tea and have a chat. Mrs. Hui also constantly prepared soup for Michelle to drink. Julian felt more at ease when his family members were getting along.”

Reportedly, Michelle liked to have Jayden stay with her side of the family. Therefore, Julian’s parents did not get to see him very much. The insider continued, “Usually, Julian’s parents would have to wait for Michelle to organize a day in order to spend time with Jayden. Sometimes, they would have to wait for a whole week. Complaining to Julian about it did not improve matters. Feeling upset, Mr. and Mrs. Hui announced that they will no longer beg in order to see their grandson in the future.”

Source: Next Magazine #1222 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What a shame ……….. to wait for a week to see the grandson!

    1. but would you take a child to a place where the mother is not really accepted and the child is? the in laws can be pro active and give them a heads up on when they want to come over to visit. it doesn’t have to be at the in law’s house.

      1. No matter what it is, he is still their grandson. My mum was in a similar situation but she didn’t fail to bring myself to visit my grandma every week because she once said that it is not right to interfere with my responsibility to care for my grandparents as a grandchild. Later, my grandma saw my mum in a better light..

      2. The same situation existed for my mum. She and my grandmother didn’t get along at all early on… they didn’t approve of her at all. Once the grandchildren were born, however, my parents still went at least a couple times a month to visit them (it was a bit of a drive). In the end, things changed and my grandmother began to see how good my mum was to her son and to us (her grandchildren).

        My mum would call her every weekend when we didn’t visit, and she always called her on special occasions to wish her well (and have the grandchildren wish her well on the phone too).

        In the end, my grandmother and mother were really close… when she passed away my mother was heartbroken. Amazing to think that at the start there was so much friction between them.

      3. Your mother was super nice. She did not care how her mother-in-law treated her. She just did her best as a good daughter-in-law. Eventually her mother-in-law accepted her. It was a good ending, but there are not always good endings in that kind of relationships. Someone has to be super nice first.

    2. she’s one crazy women. she’s taking advantage of her beauty, yet she has lost her mind.

  2. the grandparents can just over to their house and hang out there and eat dinner there if they want to see their grand-kids, i don’t understand why it’s necessary to organize a date & time for it…

    1. They Obviously don’t get dinner invites from michelle and julian.

    2. Yeah they can show up but if the kids not there defeats the purpose, hence I think thats why they have to make arrangements. Sometimes in-laws can be sufficating too, this report seems too onesided.

    3. To Sasa, sometimes it’s easier for us to say. You’re talking about some rich ppl here, their life, lifestyle can be very different with ours. Sometimes not just the rich, some just average parents dont like their in laws to touch their babies. I’ve seen that in my own eyes. I think we chinese are really lacking of respect for the elderly. Like the ones I’ve seen, they said the in laws hands can be dirty full of germs. Some will show faces to their in laws. In this world there are all kinds of people, you may not have met nor heard some terrible stories so you might think everything is so easy as abc.

      1. I agree with Bloom that the rich do not have the same lifestyle that the average Joe and Jane have.

      2. not all chinese people lack the respect for elderly people, maybe just the the ones you’ve seen.

  3. Why is this news? This happens to a lot of couples with young kids. If Michelle feels more comfortable with her side of the family looking after her son so let it be. Unfortunately, her husband is in the middle of this dealing with the feelings of his parents and wife. I know this first hand since this also applies in my case with my own kids…

    1. To Tom, while it’s nothing wrong for Michelle Reis to be closer to her own family members. But, I feel she should not let the elderly ppl beg to see their only grandchild. Michelle Reis is pretty but she may not be a good daughter in law.

  4. Considering how close a relationship her in-laws still have with Pansy Ho (Julian’s ex, Stanley Ho’s daughter), Michelle will have a hard time gaining their approval as their standard of a daughter-in-law was created too high by the existence of Pansy.

    In-laws can be hard to deal with but they are still family and Julian is stuck in the middle. They should really have a group holiday or something to clear the air.

  5. wow, she must really hate them and let’s be honest, she doesn’t come off as in her spoken Cantonese as particularly refined – she should for her son’s sake WANT him to be exposed to a different type of Chinese than herself.

  6. I hope next time Michelle Reis’ son wont treat Michelle Reis the same way she treated her in-laws. Sometimes our actions can haunt us.

  7. I don’t quite believe this. I mean Michelle Reis is a smart woman and let me just say it bluntly; the perfect gold digger. She should know playing the perfect daughter in law will be the only way to ensure the marriage lasts, the money goes to her and her husband will have zero stress. She is a woman with a checkered past. I don’t blame the in laws for despising her, after all rich are usually prejudiced and arrogant sort. But I always see her as someone who plays her cards right. After all he married her, that’s round 1 to her. If she is doing this as this article says, I think she is rather stupid because her child is her golden ticket.

    In the end is it true to say all gold diggers are actually dumb? I never see Michelle as that sort.

    1. Agree to certain extend . Maybe her in laws are hard to please , even more for the rich.Same goes to Fala .

    2. Who knows if any of this is true or not? How would the reporters know what goes on in their household??? If this was true or partially true, then I agree with Funn that Michelle does not seem that stupid to displease her in laws. I also agree that she is someone with a checkered past as Funn said so she can’t expected to be treated like a princess. I guess this shows that just because you marry into a rich family does not necessarily 100% guarantee that you are set for life.

    3. wrongg! she is an aggressive tactician and if this were real news and not just HIGHLY HIGHLY entertaining lies, she has assessed the game board and ultimately, her husband is the only son and their son is the only grandchild so the hooker does not have to try to fix her image with the prudish in-laws – BUT possibly this is all fake news in which case Miss Hong Kong is a fake hooker – which would have to mean that she was never with Joseph Lau and that Mrs. Lau faked her death from cancer

      also, if this were real news and Miss Hong Kong really is a successful and remorseless hooker than her husband is her willing victim in which case she is a superior supervisor of her child’s upbringing than the parents who raised their son to deny them access to their grandchild. She would take a page from the many teams of blood relatives run by Stanley Ho’s wives to mark off territory in his gambling empire.

      So if Mr. and Mrs. Reis are actually in love and nice people, then that police officer who wrote him a ticket and then asked for a photo op with what must be truly beautiful Mrs. Reis and then got reported by the couple for being unprofessional – is all a fabrication otherwise they will have alienated at least the police force in Hong Kong.

  8. Remember the rude phone call everyone? Just youtube it. It says everything about her. This is what she is like on the inside. Nasty. So not surprised at all that she doesn’t get along with the in laws.

    1. Not necessarily…. I think to be fair, just one phone call cannot fully describe how a person truly is. Maybe she was in a bad mood?? Therefore, it does not mean that she is always like that. I can say that I have seen some people who are rude from time to time, but they are not always like that. I don’t think it is fair to judge her on that one incident and say that she is like that all the time…

    2. Interesting… first I’ve heard of the call. I wonder if she knew she was being recorded – if not, that’s a lawsuit just waiting to happen (of course, she’d need to acknowledge it was her first).

      1. I remember that call a long time ago, back when Ada Choi was still a mistress to that rich guy? Basically Michelle is known to cuss and into vulgarities so I was pretty shocked. Denied was her voice but it really sounded like her.

      2. I also have heard very bad stories about Michelle Reis. I have the feeling that Michelle is a smart person, but not a nice and easy-to-get-along one. If she is very nice to her in-laws, I am sure her in-laws will accept her better. After all, she is the junior one. In Chinese societies, the junior ones should do something first. Don’t expect the seniors to “bend down” to the juniors.

  9. my guess is she was joking about the sperm donation bank back then or maybe even mentioned it out of spite to her mom-in-law, btw, her in-laws can sponsor orphanages and select a handful children as their own grand children, then donate all their wealth to fund the kid’s tertiary education, michelle reis don’t need their money, she’s capable of earning her own money, she can go back to work

  10. Zzzz in-law problems are hard to please no comments. One mountain can’t have 2 tigers.

  11. Problems with in-laws are never, but keeping her child away from his paternal grandparents is wrong no matter what. A child is blessed to have both set of grandparents to love him, why denied him of that opportunity? Only a stupid and selfish person would resort to using her own child for her own personal agenda

    1. unless the grandparents are convicted murderers,pedophile or something of that sort, would you want that set of grandparents to be around your child? i sure the hell don’t.

      1. Let me just say IF the grandparents are murders, pedophile or something of that sort, i would be crazy to get involve with their son to begin with, wouldn’t you ?

  12. I can understand where Michelle is coming from. I agree that making an appt to see your grandkid might be outrageous but informal appointment is necessary. Speaking from personal experience, we have our own lives every week-end there is something to do and every grandparent should understand to give their kids space. My inlays were over at my house uninvited every freaking day even week-end. We didn’t even have family life to a point that it almost broke my marriage. So calling to see if she is available because they want to see their grandkid is a courtesy and not a big deal. It’s respecting each other’s space. But if she is refusing to let them see jayden then that is a separate topic. And leaving him with her sister whom she probably trust more than inlaws, especially since jayden is her little precious one, you would want a trustworthy chaperone. Inlaws probably have maid looking after him while her sister who is also a mom, will have her son so the cousins can play. If I was leaving on a trip, I would not leave my kids to my inlaws either, so totally understand her.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story and I can see how that is. However, what is wrong with leaving your children with your in laws??? You must be on really bad terms with your inlaws if you don’t even trust then enough to leave your kids with them. For example, in my family, I am not on great terms with my sister in laws but we don’t hate each other either. BUT it is not bad to the point that they would not leave their kids with me. In fact, they trust me more than most people since I am their paternal aunt and they happen to like me as well. I think it is not right to only trust your side of the family and not your husband’s side since they are related to your children too. No wonder many say that the mom’s side of the family loves the kids more than the dad’s side. I personally do not believe that but sadly many seem to.

      1. @HTS, most responsible parents put their child’s safety and well-being as one of their top priority. If they have to leave their children with someone, it’ll be someone that they trust would be able to handle their children. Someone who is physically able to handle active, playful kids; mentally prepared to watch out for potential dangers and mature enough to discipline or mete out punishment if required without getting out of control.
        So, unless the parent-in-laws have been babysitting the child since birth, most parents would worry, especially if the parent-in-laws are elderly and have not been taking care of small children (we can’t compare kids nowadays with previous generation. I don’t recall myself being so energetic when I was a kid. Must be all those DHA/AHA or whatever A they add into milk for brain growth which stimulates the kids’ brain so much).

      2. I agree with bizzy body. I am on good terms with my in laws and respect and love them, but if I were to leave my children with someone, it would not be with my in laws. Sorry to say but the older generations do not see eye to eye when it comes to parenting kids of this generation. What worked for them back in the day is not quite so highly regarded this day and age. When I have left my kids with my in laws even for an hr or two, they leave my kids to roam the house, UNSUPERVISED!!! Mind you, my kids are 5 and 3 yrs old. They are fairly well behaved but that doesn’t mean they can care for themselves and are ok to be left to play by themselves with minimal supervision. Many times, I have caught my father in law giving my kids shellfish and other seafood. My kids have allergies and are asthmatic. My kids have been in and out of hospital a few times due to constructed airways and so I have learned pretty quickly that unfortunately, as much as they love and adore my kids, they do not like being told how to look after my kids. I am a control freak but when it comes to my kids, I have to be. I have a sister too who has a boy of 2 yrs and I would rather her care for my kids any day over my in laws as she is a mum too and has a similar outlook on parenting. Safety and well being comes first.

        So, to all those ppl who think its not right to choose your own blood sister to look after your kids, that’s just absurd. Looking after kids is a full time job, not one you can take lightly. Kids need your attention most of the time and without adequate supervision, is a very big risk to take. My father in law is always quick to ask to have my kids over but it’s my mother in law who gets stuck with the nappy changing, feeding, bathing and supervising. She is 75 yrs old and resents my father in law every time cos he just likes to play with the kids for abit and goes off to do his own thing or sleeps! They are old for crying out loud!! They get tired so quickly. Even just watching kids play and squeal gives them a headache. I have learned to bite my tongue and instead I graciously decline and choose my words and excuses carefully so as not to hurt my in laws feelings. After all, they love and miss my kids too.

  13. Hi HTS,always love your comments. Of course this feeling was not an overnight sensation, it’s a build up from time. I have been with my husband since HS and actually really get along with my inlaws but certain things they do I would not trust my kids with them, although occasionally they do babysit them for a few hours since I have to be politically correct. To give you a few examples: her house is not child proof, I find blades lying around or toothpick on the floor-Asian you know. Or one time I saw her lifting my son to look down the window from her two story home and the screen window was not there, so she could have easily drop him. Or feeding them snacks before a meal regardless of what we say she does it all time, no respect of the parent”s teaching. The list goes on and on…when safety and trust is an issue, I am not taking the chance with my kids, the kind of gambles I don’t want to play. But I do agree that each side should be equally treated fairly but my mom listens to me and respects when I tell her not to do something that I disapproved. Sorry rambling…..

    1. Agree. Firstly, I’d rather have my kids with me when we go on holiday. If not, both of us agree not to go. Secondly, if there ever is an occasion where we have to leave our kids for someone to babysit, I’d pick my sibling (who has children around the same age) and whom I perceive to be a more responsible parent (we have more than 1 sibling) rather than my in-law as they’re both elderly and do not have a maid. They are too old to go running around chasing after their grandchildren.

  14. Michelle is a strong woman, after all, she has weathered all the good/bad in the entertainment circle for 20+ years. Everything is competition, jealousy and dubious. I agree, she is smart to have played her cards well, but of course, with her financial independence as of now and beauty, she scored the cards well with the richie rich. The obvious being said, wealthy families are not stupid to begin with. I am not surprised that M could have a pre-nup agreement with J before their marriage. The son is her trimph card, yes. But without J’s family, she can still bring the kid up. A mother’s love is unconditional. We as outsiders wouldn’t know. Maybe its really tough for her to be accepted into the family therefore she gave up? 所谓,木门对木门,竹门对竹门。 Its not easy to have gone such a long way especially to deal with the wealthy.

    1. I guess Mr. Michelle Reis is showing that it is not about muk moon dui muk moon, etc. but you can do whatever you want if you can afford it or are willing to pay the price. I can’t believe someone fortunate enough to be rich would wear a hairshirt of being with someone who is not their first choice. Do they also wear shoes in the wrong size like poor people who can’t afford the right size if the price is too high?

  15. Looks like the in laws got what they deserve… Always bite your tongue regardless if you like the woman your son will marry because it will come bite you in the butt.. In this case their sweet grandson.. When you are cruel and mean to people because they feel they are rich as they are, they tend to forget words can hurt people.. It may not be easily forgiven. I think the in laws are mean old rich people who don’t give a shit who they offend. Michelle is a beautiful and smart woman, she deserves everything life has to offer. Jullian must deal with this back when he dated with others and knows it’s how to please his parents. He looks like the type that will handle with care and patience. I wish them all well, especially with children involved. The in laws need to let stuff go and things will work out.. The in laws are coming across as those who think it’s their way or the highway! And seem like the type eho complsins in front of the child about his mother.. My mother went through that same stuff. I didnt like that growing up with my grandparents treating my mom like a house maid, but my mom is sweet and didn’t fight them because of her husband and children. I felt bad for her and what she went through. As I got older, I spoke up against my grandparents and how they treated my mom. Believe me it was not pleasant and they blame her for it.. I couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s difficult to see, hear and feel the tension and stress my mother went through. I’m on Michelle side because she alone on this.. BTW, my in laws are wonderful ppl:) I’m very lucky!

  16. I think it all comes down to one Miss Hong Kong who reportedly dated BOTH Vivian Chow husband (YEs! cards fortune) and Mr. Michelle Reis – there is NO WAY that Miss Hong Kong would have dated the latter – which means ALL of those well-compensated celebrities are part of a government propaganda operation to highlight booby traps for young girls – they perform cautionary tales for the Chinese diaspora – which means Edison’s scandal and Cecilia Cheung Pak Gee’s broken marriage are also bogus.

  17. but then where did all those Joseph Lau’s ancillary babies come from – are they all fathered by the birth mothers’ secret husbands?

    because why would a smart career woman like Mrs. Joseph Lau be interested in a younger man who opened the Red Maple bookstore?

    so that’s fake

    so they are ALL faking it – but then Stanley Ho cannot be part German -unless he is Ashkenazi

    BUT he obviously has multiple baby mamas – that is the one uncertainty – all HK gossip since the Japanese invasion can be fake to mask true Chinese cleanliness especially compared to Japanese dirtiness – but what about Stanley Ho when his relative fought the Japanese? Maybe he is a Dark Knight which means all those embarassing things his younger daughters get up to are also fabricated …

    so Michelle Reis is actually a nice girl and not a hooker

    … but are the Stanly Hos part-German and was Stanley Ho a hanjian?

  18. Chinese In Laws can be so intrusive. The kid is hers, she has a right to decide who looks over him.

    1. How would anyone know that this conflict actually occurred though? Is IS highly amusing and entertaining though.

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