Michelle Reis Shares Her Marriage Life

Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) and husband Julian Hui (許晉亨) have been married for nearly seven years. Since their marriage, the former actress retired from showbiz and dedicated her time to take care of their four-year-old son, Jayden Max, and charity work.

A marriage can be tasking, but if one puts heart and effort into the relationship, the results are overwhelmingly rewarding. Michelle smiled and said, “We actually don’t really do anything special for Valentine’s Day. If we are free, we would sometimes take small trips together. I don’t need big surprises. After all, we’ve been together for nine years.”

Michelle said one of the best ways to capture a man’s heart is through his stomach. She said, “[Julian] really likes my Japanese-style gyoza. He actually told me he does not mind eating that every day for the rest of his life.

Michelle was formerly one of Hong Kong’s most popular actresses, and her love life was the center of gossip. It came as a surprise when Michelle decided to settle down with Julian in 2008, as she once stated that she did not mind if the couple does not get married.

“I’ve been in the industry for many years. No matter what I do, there will always be people who will be supportive, and those who are not. We were very clear on one thing – that we would only get married if we still stayed together.”

Marriage was never really on Michelle’s mind when she was still dating Julian. “Marriage is not just about walking down the aisle. You still have many days left together, so it takes careful consideration. Whether or not it was marriage or having children, I’m glad that I wasn’t affected by anyone else. We continued with the road we wanted to walk on.”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It seems like all the pretty ones always get snatch up early by rich dudes, shoot, wish I was RICH.

    1. And you don’t mind if wealth is one of the only reasons they are attracted to you? It’s not all about heart and personality in many of these cases.
      What happens if the wealth suddenly fades? (as in the case of Gigi Fu, and she announced divorce shortly after he was declared bankrupt)

      Michelle was attached to tycoon Joseph Lau even when he was married (along with other actresses he also dated).

      And Julian Hui was Carina Lau’s almost-fiance in her early days. She pre-empted the status by announcing it herself, and they broke up soon after.

      1. Julian was also formerly married to Stanley Ho’s daughter, Pansy Ho.

    2. To be more accurate, a lot of people felt that Julian didn’t have to settle for a “used-up” leftover like Michelle……..Yes, she is extremely beautiful for her age, but it is no secret in the entertainment industry that she was the “mistress” to many other tycoons and were their sex-toy for years….That’s why she couldn’t find a man to take her until she was almost 40 years old……Hardly can say that she was a catch, cause a lot of men would rather stay away from a woman that’s been the plaything for so many other men.

      1. Ya she has an extremely bad reputation in HK. Openly being many rich men’s plaything. It’s a lie if she didn’t want to marry Julian. Did you hear about the story that Julian’s parents didn’t approve? Can you imagine they go to high society functions and have all those gossip behind their backs ?
        Michelle is pretty but don’t be fooled by her innocent sweet looks.

      2. i agree that michelle doesn’t have a good rep but the guy dumped his wife for her.

      3. What’s so beautiful about Michelle Reis? People are blind. -sigh-

      4. “Can you imagine they go to high society functions and have all those gossip behind their backs?”

        Biat-ches will gossip no matter what when they are “jealous”. As soon as men hear women gossip about another women, they know exactly who to go after. 🙂

      5. after hearing all this open public criticism about michelle, i’m still astonished that julian didn’t mind. it’s obvious she’s in it for the money; she was from the start. either love is really blind or lust is lol.

      6. To the western countries especially Hollywood this is Sup Sup Sui because over there stars married and divorced like changing clothes example just look at Elizabeth Taylor.

  2. Can’t blame her. If wanna condemn her, then how bout all those rich heir who willing to pay to get her into bed?? She and her hubby suited each other. Her hubby is no Mr pure too.

    1. There’s a CNN show called…

      This Is Life With Lisa Ling – “Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies”

      that talks about how wealthy men bid $$$$ on young women saying “I could have her for such-and-such amount of $$$$”.

    2. I remember hearing from somewhere years ago how she said that as long as she had feelings for any man,she would go after him regardless if he is married or not. I thought how messed up is that? Has she ever thought of how others can go after her husband or how he can cheat on her since she has done it to others in the past?

      1. There will be karma I guess. I am surprised to read about her past here that I didn’t know of. Most of the time, if you are happily married, you can say all about the lovey-dovey-mushy-story you want especially if married to a rich spouse. The story will be twisted if they are heading to a divorce in future (which I hope they won’t).

  3. My hysband is perfect my son is perfect my life is pErfect i am perfect.

    Thats the summary. I for one do not believe the last para. The truest test is can they go through bad times together? And i dont mean other women or arguments. I mean for richer or poorer.

    But people could change culd grow up with different priorities as long ceain standards are maintained. Her hair itself is high maintenance. Maintain that high maintenance part and the marriage is perfect.

  4. The best way to satisfy a man is empty his balls and fill his stomach.

  5. I’ve noticed that many vain women likes to only show the luckiest sides of them. They don’t complain about the bad even if they secretly hate it on the inside. You can call it knowing to count their blessings or you can call it pure pride and vanity. Because they don’t want to be embarrassed or pitied unless absolutely necessary.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! After all, those appearing in the news here are actors/actresses. It’s hard to know whats real and whats not.

    2. Wow. this is all new to me. i used to watch her movies from the 90s. i was not aware of her rep until now. thanks for the input, guys.

  6. Julian hui was the husband of one of Stanley’s daughter. Michelle is the 3rd party…and to think some guy still thinks she is THE ONE.

    1. Julian Hui was ex husband of Pansy Hui – eldest, the tough as nails one who controls all the finances and makes all the decisions. She has other sexual preferences … looks like it was a marriage of financial convenience and face.

      As for “The One” = that’s Joseph Lau, who was the married one. With the rich wife who elevated his status, Bo Wing Kam – who has since died of cancer. Michelle was one of the 3rd parties (something she has openly admitted she regrets bec his wife suffered and died) … but if I recall correctly, she was one of a string of many in Joseph Lau’s harem. Except Michelle was one of the more permanent ones.

      1. Thanks for the into! I never knew his wife died. How can she live with her herself if she was partially responsible? Here she is boasting about her happy marriage and family. Does she have any shame? She reminds me of this former friend of mine who is an empty eggshell and has nothing,but tries to act like they have it all.

      2. None if that is any huge secret. Many of the usual HK media covered it. Read perceptively between the lines in articles … and the implied pieces of the puzzle were there.
        TVB used to run this progam called ‘yu lok bak chow yu’ on E-behind the scenes scandals.

        This is but one of the many out there over the years, but conveniently recent and available on a quick google search:


        (Pal Tau Lo (white haired guy) was another – Kenny B’s ex Teresa (章小蕙) dated this dude, his wife Suzanna also had cancer and also eventually died.

      3. obviously michelle doesn’t know what shame is. she was the plaything of rich men who want the glory of having her on their arms. is her marriage that loving?

      4. Nomad822 you remind me of those “c lai” in movies. Sits around all day reading gossip magazine, talks about these celebrities as if you know them personally and jumps up at the first chance to gossip.

      5. @ rt:

        You re right. I am probably. 🙂
        Other than self-teaching myself the traditional form of chinese reading Mingpao all these yrs … it’s another level of detached study on human nature/agendas as well, obsrving outcomes despite what meets the eye on the surface.

      6. Hi Nomad822,
        If I’m not wrong, Rosamund Kwan was also entangled with Joseph Lau, same time with Michelle Reis.

    1. I also never liked Michelle and do not understand why everyone thinks she is so beautiful like a goddess or something. Her looks I admit are unique due to her mixed blood but nothing out of this world. Even if she was Jue Se Mei Ren,her character is something that is not really good. She sort of reminds me of that one character in Gu Long’s novel, Xiao Li Fei Dao, Lin Xian Er. Lin Xin Er was physically beautiful but slept with pretty much every guy she came across and used her beauty to,do bad things. But she met her fate while Michelle seems to have a pretty good fate after all that she has done. I
      You womder if karma exists or not?

      1. You guys make it sound like she’s committed some crime when in fact all she did was have different romantic partners. It’s called life. You meet one person, s/he’s not the right one for you for whatever reason, you move on. I’m not condoning her being a third party, but I’m not condemning her either. Sh*t happens. You all want to believe there’s ONE person out there for you and once you meet this person and get married, that’s it, happily ever after. People’s lives, feelings, intentions, objectives change, whether you’re a celebrity or a regular joe. You may want to brand her as ‘the third party’, but she may just be collateral damage to a failing marriage. We are not evolved to be monogamous, what she did is actually nothing out of the ordinary. No, karma does not exist.

      2. Hi HeTieShou,

        I personally think she’s pretty but I dont like her. I still prefer Gigi Lai than her anytime.

        I guess she really does have a good life.

      3. @mt – I don’t think ppl care if she’s polyamorous as long as all parties involved didn’t care either. But someone was hurt in the relationship she was in. Not totally her fault cus it takes two to clap, but it doesn’t excuse her either. Even allowing married partners to get close to her or her to them is already a really dirty move. What, are all single guys dead?

      4. Agree with coralie. She’s not only beautiful but also wise. Rich such level, young and single men don’t want to have commitment. One lady must not only beat the woman in front of her, but also a lot of young and beautiful women behind her. It’s easier for her to beat only one woman, that’s the man’s wife, who is usually older and less experienced than her. A married man is an easier target, easier to reach. Happy or not, now she is locked; if she’s free, more families might be broken, so wishing her happily live in her marriage, good for her, for her husband, for her husband’s family and for society.

  7. Maybe she is suffering a bit at home. Without much respect from the elder sir relatives. That’s why she need to reassure herself by telling the press how well and lucky she is. This is like those tvb movies where tai tais smile and hold hands with husbands in front of cameras but are ignored at home. She really was terrible in the Joseph Lau case. She didn’t care. She was just there, mistress. Mrs Lau couldn’t do anything. This women is prettier and younger. Omg.

    1. maybe she is suffering at home…but telling the press how loving her marriage is. her tycoon husband would have no problems finding another woman…how come he would fall for this one?

  8. Her elder sister is also married to a rich guy. You can say whatever you want, but nothing can talk better than money in this world! It’s that simple!

  9. I don’t get why everybody is attacking her. If the men really love her then he shouldn’t care about her past. Don’t you think it’s more important that she’s a good wife and good mother after she’s with him? She’s not the only one in the entertainment showbuz to be rich men’s playtoy. Think 90% of them are at that time including Carina Lau and Gigi Kwan. Also at this point of her life she don’t need to marry for money because she have enough money of her own to live very comfortably for the rest of her life. It’s not her fault that the men’s are not faithful to their wives and I do believe in these cases that if its not her then it’s another. Truly it’s not like if she said no to those men then they’ll be faithful to their wives

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