Michelle Reis Trains Son to be Independent and Responsible

Former beauty queen, Michelle Reis (李嘉欣), is now a full-time mother. After her marriage with business magnate, Julian Hui (許晉亨), in 2008, Michelle slowly faded away in the entertainment industry. The birth of their first son, Jayden Max “JM” Hui in 2011, has cemented Michelle’s full retirement in showbiz.

As the only son of two very wealthy and successful parents, JM is subjected to the possibility of becoming a spoiled “Hong Kong Kid”, but Michelle would have none of that.

“I want him to grow up to be someone who has a high EQ, responsible, and polite,” said Michelle. “I want him to learn how to make decisions on his own, and not have to rely too much on his parents.”

Michelle Reis 7Little JM is currently two years old, and was born on February 8, 2011. After JM’s birth, Michelle retired her career in the acting business and dedicated most of her time to caring for JM herself. “He is my boss now! There are no wages to this job, but maybe an occasional kiss here and there.”

In the process of raising and teaching little JM, Michelle has come to realize that she is also in the process of learning herself. “As parents, we must set good examples to our children. I once spoke up loudly against someone, and that scared little JM. He looked at me curiously and asked me what happened. I immediately realized that I shouldn’t raise my voice in such a manner, because children learn through imitation.”

After giving birth to JM, Michelle took an interest in studying child psychology, and she would use the strategies in these textbooks on JM. “A book mentioned that parents nowadays like to tell children what to do instead of asking them on what they think they should do. These kids are individuals of their own right, and as parents, we should all give them at least five minutes every day in which these kids would be able to do the things they want to do. I do this to JM every night, and he calls it ‘special time,’ He would get really sad when special time is over.”

Through these interactions, Michelle hopes to train JM to become a responsible and resourceful individual.

Behind all of Michelle’s proud smiles, she admitted that there had been times when she felt useless and weak. “Once, I took JM to the doctor to get his shot. He was feeling very sick, looked miserable, and I could do nothing to help. I felt very helpless and useless… and I cried. My biggest wish, and my only wish, is to see JM healthy and happy, and to see my family and friends in bliss.”

Source: 21CN.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. wow, Julian Ho married two Portuguese Chinese in a row.

    Where IS Isabella these days?

    1. Cleo,

      Isabella Leong is in Canada and reportedly has a new boyfriend. She was rumored to be involved in some acting projects, but I personally don’t think that will happen. Isabella didn’t come across as being very happy while she was working in the entertainment industry.

  2. Wow. I’m impressed that Michelle has really set aside her career to grow and nurture her child. Its a selfless role that does not be paid for. It’s wonderful to hear that she recognises that children are impressionable and wants to lead by example. It’s important to instill values and courtesy and respect to the new generation as I think these traits are lacking. Well done Michelle, I’m sure your little pride and joy will grow to be a fine young man.

  3. “He is my boss now!”

    Dear Michelle,

    You will probably find your 2 year old stuffing lasagna in your Louboutins. You may also find half eaten Christmas cookies, your missing earring, some batteries and something which has turned so mouldy that it can no longer be identified, in those Louboutins. That is normal.

    I hope you do not possess a love of material things, because everything will get destroyed. Do not eye your maid, it is your boss.

    Soon, the time will come for Toddler Tantrums,
    coincidentally, you will find yourself desperately wishing you were abducted by aliens.

    That, is also normal.

    Welcome to full-time motherhood Michelle.

    1. Siying,
      Michelle’s belongings are probably disposable whether she has kids or not.

      Despite Michelle’s comments that she spends time reading about child care, most of the wealthy’s way of raising children is that the tough physical part would be given to the nannies. If the children have tantrums, there is always help at an arm’s length away.

      1. Jayne,

        Yea you are right, I’ve overlooked that these celebrities have their disposables, sigh. The only disposables in my house are disposable plastic cups and plates, and we don’t even throw those away! Lol.

        It would be sad if she would hand the tough physical part of child care to her nanny, the evils of the dirty diapers and all its glory, the downright dirty, messy, grittiness of it all that screams Parenthood. 🙂

      2. Siying,
        Hired help is very desirable if we can afford it. Some of my friends hire cleaning ladies to dust and do hard scrubbing for them because they have no time for house chores.

        One thing we know for sure is that Michelle Reis doesn’t have to balance childcare with household cleaning.

        And the children of the rich will have access to the best tutors, so teaching the children will not be a worry either.

        Perhaps Michelle has changed some diapers, but the access to maids would no doubt make it too tempting to let someone else do the less glamorous aspects of childcare.

      3. True that Jayne.

        It is a blessing not to have to balance child care and housework because the latter can actually take away much needed quality time that can be better used in nurturing and educating the children.

        Unless mothers choose to do those chores before or after their kids bedtime, which takes away mothers’ quality sleep.

        I’m guessing it must be nice being a celeb mum with all these perks and benefits, but there are probably some down sides to it as well.

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