Mimi Chu to Hold Lunar New Year Concert

Having the opportunity to hold your own concert  at the Hong Kong Coliseum is an Asian singer’s dream. Although the concert is not the largest multi-purpose indoor arena in Asia, nor is it the largest venue in Hong Kong, its 360 degree stage and four-sided design makes the coliseum a spectacular and elaborate stage for holding musical events.

Mimi Chu (朱咪咪) has finally achieved the singer’s dream. In 2011, Mimi held her first solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. The Malaysian-born singer is the only singer in the history of Hong Kong’s music industry to be able to hold a concert of her own, without the support of a studio album. Since her debut in the early 1970s until now, the bar singer-turned-actresss has only released one Cantonese music album.

“I performed in lounge bars for many years,” said Mimi. “Many of the fans I have now came from that era. I’ve never thought of performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum. One day, someone called and asked if I could be Jackson Wan’s (尹光) guest performer for his Coliseum concert. The first thing I said was ‘You’re crazy,’ and I hung up. I received the same call later, and I said, ‘Don’t play with me!’ At the time, performing at the Coliseum is the highest achievement for a singer! I can’t believe that this came true. At the time, I didn’t even released an album yet!

The 58-year-old actor-singer will hold her second Hong Kong Coliseum concert from February 23 to 24, 2013. She revealed that she will invite TVB colleagues, Koo Ming Wah (古明華) and King Kong (金剛), to be her guest performers.

“I will definitely not waste King Kong’s comedic talent. We will sing his biggest hit, ‘Righteous Sea, Heroic Passion’ <義海豪情> (No Regrets’ theme song) together,” Mimi joked. “So Gay (Koo Ming Wah) and I will sing ‘Undying Love’ <情義兩心知>. [Koo Ming Wah] had many of his ‘firsts’ with me. His first show in mainland China was with me. His first show at the Hong Kong Coliseum will also be with me, haha!”

Whether it is a large-scale concert like her performances in the Hong Kong Coliseum, or her smaller, family-friendly concerts in the Hong Kong Cultural Center, Mimi’s concerts are guaranteed to be fast sell-outs. Along with the comedic nature of her acts, Mimi’s concerts are full of renditions of popular Cantopop songs of the 1970s, 80s and early 90s. Mimi can successfully take you to a memory trip back to the golden times of Hong Kong pop music.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Me too.. I love her as an actress though since she is hilarious.

  1. Really like her personality, she’s so funny.Want to get some tickets for my mum and aunties !

  2. Really want to go to her concert. Did she ever hold a concert in US?.

    1. She may have been guest star or other group of Classic Chinese opera singers.

  3. U go girl. You can sing and act. I’m so happy for you. She deserve an award this year at TVB

  4. Love Mimi!! She’s great. My mom bought a concert dvd of her with Wayne and it was a really good concert! I loved it as not only do they sound good but her interaction with the audience and guest performer was hilarious! So hope this will be successful too!

  5. Mimi Chu’s concerts in Toronto, Canada are always a sell-out every time she comes here and they have to add more shows in the end. She is a true entertainer! Every success to her coming concert.

  6. Love Mimi real talent , original and hilarious jokes..plus her funny face..wow didn’t know she has her own concert..as well so hit & hot go..Mimi..go..good luck…

  7. Haven’t you heard her say some English words? You can spot the singlsh/Malaysian accent straight a way.

    Gosh, the worse accent

    1. lolz.. saw her concert in Genting last year. She has been in HK for so long her accent is now more Hongkie than Malaysian! But she put on the Malai accent for the show and it was hilarious! Her show is more entertaining than some ‘branded’ evergreen singers that make the concert circuits! Good show, Mimi chea!

    2. I’m referring to her English with Malay accent.

      Her cantonese is pretty much indistinguishable from other hongkies.

    3. Mimi is talented, funny and a great singer/actress.

      Your focus and negative comments about the Malaysian accent on a lot of your posts are getting annoying.

      Do you speak with an accent or something?

      Is that why you focus on accents so dang much?

  8. Love Mimi Chu and Rosanna lui… Great voices. Singing other people’s classic songs and loved by all the si-laai…. Lol

  9. I believe Mimi from Ipoh? No? Because generally those from Ipoh speaks rather good cantonese.

  10. Yes, she is from Ipoh. She was from Yuk Choy Secondary School. Ipoh. We are very proud of her. Best of luck on her coming concert.

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