King Kong Met New Girlfriend from Surfing

Actor King Kong (金剛) has found new love after breaking up with Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang (梁云菲) in April. Trying to heal from his breakup, King Kong had gone to Kenting, Taiwan to learn how to surf. Coincidentally, Taiwanese actress Kelly Huang (小嫻) also shared the same surfing instructor while she was vacationing there. Realizing they have mutual friends in common, King Kong and Kelly bonded quickly.

The 40-year-old actress was previously married to Taiwanese basketball player He Shou Cheng (何守正) in 2017, but they divorced after five years. It was rumored that the divorce was due to Kelly’s infertility, as she has Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome and was born without a uterus. Kelly later clarified that other reasons led to their split, “I am willing to sign these divorce papers, because I respect and accept that you do not love me anymore.”

Losing confidence in herself after the divorce, Kelly fortunately had the support of her friends to help her get through the difficult period. Single for almost three years, Kelly felt that she needed to be brave and take the first step back into the dating world. She does not mind King Kong’s previous relationship and understands that everyone has their past.

Similar in age, King Kong and Kelly are passionate about freedom and fitness. With her sunny personality, Kelly has inspired him to view life differently. Though they have only been dating for a few months, they take care of each other. The couple is very happy and enjoys and living in the moment, without putting too much thought into the future or marriage.

Source: Sky Post

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