King Kong’s Ex-Girlfriend, Nana Liang, Reveals Sexual Assault History

When Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang (梁云菲) broke up with TVB artiste King Kong (金剛) in 2020, the news heated up tabloids due to cheating allegations. While King Kong was deeply hurt, Nana continued to carry herself coolly. Just as many wondered what lay behind Nana’s tough exterior, the Taiwanese rapper revealed she suffered a traumatic past and was a victim of sexual assault.

Running Away From Home

On a Taiwanese talk show, Nana confessed that she was a rebellious teenager and had a poor relationship with her parents. When she was 14 years old, Nana stole money from her father and ran away from home with her friends. While she was happy to be independent, trouble began when her friend stole her money and Nana ended up being homeless.

Violated by Multiple Men

During this time, Nana met a man and thought that he cared about her. However, it was the start of her nightmare. After a night of drinking, Nana was sexually assaulted by the man and his two friends. Her attacker’s wife witnessed the assault, but did nothing to help Nana. “After the attack, she helped me shower and then dropped me off at the side of the street,” Nana said sadly.

As a young runaway, Nana was too scared to report the incident to the police. Continuing to wander on the streets, she met a 70-year-old man who pretended to help. To her horror, Nana once again trusted the wrong person and was violated. “After I went in his car, he took me to the outskirts and did terrible things to me.”

Unable to Face Trauma

When Nana reunited with her family, she did not dare to tell her parents about being sexually assaulted. Unable to bottle up her emotions, Nana finally broke down and tried to harm herself by ingesting pills in front of parents. Nana’s father was a doctor and yelled at her for her foolishness.

Not wanting to be a headline in the newspaper, Nana called a taxi to take herself to the hospital for medical help.

“Although I really hated my parents, I know I still loved them deep down,” Nana confessed. When her father wrote a personal letter expressing his buried feelings, Nana finally found closure. Over time, Nana and her parents slowly mended their broken relationship.

Story is Too Shocking 

The sheer magnitude of what Nana revealed about her tragic past distressed many people. Some found the story to be so shocking, they refused to believe Nana and accused the rapper of lying to promote herself.

Angered by the accusations, Nana slammed her attackers, “Do you think any woman would want to link her name to these negative experiences? Or that a female artiste wants to create terrible stories to be a center of gossip? Before you leave your comments, consider the ruthlessness of your words. Like a sharp knife, they can kill.”


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  1. I’ve noticed that a lot of hypersexual women tend to have sexual assault history. They do this to obtain control over their sexuality since it was robbed from them at a point in time.

  2. literallu quite shocking and i doubt her story but honestly, not to sound too hard but she was indeed pretty dumb. even as a 4th grader, 10/11 yo i knew when to stay away from older men. my friends and i used to hang out and older men in theirs 20s and 60s would come and talk to us and invite us home. we often just talk to them on the street or a public area but never go home or a private place w/ them alone. so for her as a teenage and not aware of such thing, she was indeed dumb beyond naïve.

    1. @m0m0 Well, we won’t be able to verify whether her story was true but speaking from personal experiences when I was 14-15, I did have friends who would hop into the cars of college boys to have supper with them despite only knowing them from ICQ/Friendster. They used to invite me along but I would decline since I don’t feel comfortable hanging out with a bunch of strangers and getting driven around by them. It was truly insane and incomprehensible to me.

      Even in my 30s now, I still cannot comprehend the idea of dating a stranger from Tinder which a few of my friends do. At least one of them had a sexual relationship with the guy she dated over Tinder and while she thought their relationship was going steady, she found out that not only he is already married, he is also a serial cheater with several other women.

      This pretty much tells me that regardless of age, if females don’t learn to protect themselves, they can really get themselves into any kind of vulnerable situation.

      1. @rika
        yeah, it is mind boggling that women would just go out w/ men alone they barley even know. read too many stories how girls got sold into prostitution that way or kidnapped.

  3. Poor girl. To be assaulted multiple times, she was indeed unfortunate, naive, and not smart. I don’t doubt her story as I truly believe most woman would not want to come out and say they were victims of sexual abuse just for publicity. Netizens can be so harsh saying these things about her making this up. I mean, nobody will know for sure what happened, except for her but there is no need for her to say such traumatizing things just to make it onto the news. I hope she finds a good man or someone who will treat her right in her life. I don’t know anything about her except she was King Kong’s ex and despite the appearance and image KK gives, I’ve watched his interview before, and he seems like a good man. Not sure why they broke up but I would guess a girl that has gone through so much trauma must have a hard time building healthy romantic relationships with others.

  4. Ehhh this is turning into very grey area of whether you should be victim-shaming. Is someone dumb for getting robbed? Are they robbed because they didn’t take full precautions? No and yes. So, on the flip side, why aren’t men taught better and do better so they don’t rape women? Why didn’t she learn to be more cautious of her surroundings?

    1. @coralie
      i find your response rhetorical. if people could be taught to not do bad things and they simply follow what they are taught then there’s no need to have law enforcement.

      1. @m0m0 no, not really rhetorical. i find issues like immoral behavior is usually due to lack of teaching at home on how men should treat women. parents don’t drill it into their kids’ head enough that they can’t ever violate women. if constant education doesn’t work, then humanity is hopeless.

  5. Never heard of her, is she actually a good rapper? Also I find it ironic that she stole from her parents and ran off with her friends, who in turn stole from her…

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