King Kong Reveals His Ex Cheated on Him

Two months ago, King Kong (金剛) announced that he broke up with his Taiwanese rapper girlfriendNana Liang (梁云菲), after one year of dating. He did not reveal the reason behind their breakup and only hoped Nana will achieve her dreams. However, King Kong disclosed that one of his ex-girlfriends cheated on him during his recent guest appearance on the latest episode of ViuTV variety show, Chit Chat Drink, <晚吹 – 有酒今晚吹>. Although he did not mention names, it’s speculated that the ex-girlfriend mentioned is Nana.

The 39-year-old artiste spilled the tea after downing a couple of drinks on the show. At the time, King Kong was in another country due to work requirements, but he immediately flew back to Taiwan to be with his then-girlfriend after completing his work. However, when he arrived home, he found a bulky man sitting in the living room of their home – like a scene from a drama. Realizing that he was given the “green hat,” he confronted his ex-girlfriend with great anger. She did not bat an eye and calmly said, “Why are you back already? Did you say hi to my friend over here?”

The bulky man then hurriedly left with a bag of tuna cans. Without an ounce of guilt or an apologetic look, King Kong’s ex-girlfriend said she met him at a nightclub, and her “friend” came over because “he bought a lot of tuna cans for [her] to eat!”

Fuming, King Kong blew up after hearing such a poor excuse. He yelled, “I can’t afford to buy tuna cans for you to eat? You’re eating what another person bought for you?”

Source: HK01

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King Kong Confirms Split with Nana Liang One Year After Dating

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  1. Maybe tuna cans are a luxurious delicacy in Taiwan. They are certainly dirt cheap everyday food in the west…

  2. I don’t know…. Either the article is missing some details or he might be over thinking. Because if he simply saw a guy sitting in the living room he might really just be a friend. I can understand if he’s sitting on their bed or whatever, but if he’s fully dressed in the living room ….

    1. @abcd yah pretty funny interview and not everything was written. Those 2 did get together after he broke up with her.

  3. So he didnt catch them in bed, he caught them…..sharing tuna. Lmao 😀

    Hope theres more to the story or he seems like the jealous possesive type.

    1. @megamiaow

      I watched the video too, and my thoughts are the same as you. He did mention that she ended up dating him after they broke up.

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