Moses Chan to Star in “Armed Reaction 5”

The Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐> drama franchise was one of TVB’s most successful police series in the last decade. Hoping to revive the franchise, TVB will be filming the fifth installment in February with several returning cast members. Moses Chan (陳豪) will be the new male lead.

At a promotional event, Mimi Chu (朱咪咪) revealed that she had a very busy work schedule this year. Having just flown back to Hong Kong from Los Angeles, Mimi shared that she will continue to fly to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for stage performances before returning to Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year. Despite her busy schedule, Mimi is happy to be working as she provided details of her Los Angeles performances and announced that she will be appearing in the sequel Armed Reaction 5 <陀槍師姐V>.

Filming “Armed Reaction V”

It has been two years since Mimi return to film a drama with TVB, but Mimi will reprise her role as Wong Yee Mui in Armed Reaction 5. Mimi explained that the sequel will not star Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) and Esther Kwan (關詠荷), “The main male lead will be Moses Chan (陳豪). I heard Joyce Tang (滕麗名) will also be in the drama.”

The media asked if Marco Ngai (魏駿傑) will play a role in the sequel, Mimi laughed and replied, “How is it possible?”

As there were rumors that TVB has been cutting artistes’ fees, Mimi was asked if she was affected. “No way, I’m such a beautiful woman. They can’t reduce it. They actually increased it a little. Honestly, you can’t really depend on TVB to make a living. It’s not even enough for gas. I charge a high fee for my appearances in United States and Canada. I rely on dramas as a platform to promote myself. It’s mutually beneficial.”

Los Angeles Stage Performances

Recently traveling to Los Angeles to perform as a guest for Wayne Lai’s (黎耀祥) concert, Mimi said, “Although I acted as Wayne’s mom once, I was his guest for his first concert. I haven’t seen him for a year or two, but we have great chemistry.”

The two artistes are comfortable joking with each mother, and Mimi shared Wayne’s plan to help Mimi get the TV Queen title. “I told him that I was envious how he was the TV King and how I wanted to be the TV Queen. He ended up telling me that he will go to the pharmacy and help me buy morning-after pills [事後],” the actress laughed as she alluded to the Cantonese homophone for TV Queen.



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    1. @wm2017 Funny but sad truth! At least she appears on screen and has the opportunity tp make appearances for money; imagine behind the scene crew… especially now another 350 laid off. TVB is like a sweatshop -_-;

      Another topic I find more humorous is Wayne Lai had a concert? Lol, wtf, why? I like his acting and all, but singing? Really?

      Also, they need to let Armed Reaction go! The first one was my onlu favorite. All sequels don’t exist for me, lol.

      1. @jjwong I know right? Wayne Lai a concert? hahaha LOL…OMG people really are crazy. But then again singers in HK got famous and let’s face it not alot of them are known for their voices. But WL is really an actor but yet he can still a hold a concert and in LA? omg….
        Yes, I caught AR 1 & 2 on youtube. It was ok. Most sequels suck and it’s a fact but TVB has nothing going for them that they had to get back in time. Depressing!

  1. TVB is just straight pathetic at this point. I don’t see how people can still defend this company.

  2. Pathetic. Tvb shouldnt call this Armed Reaction V if only one of the main characters (Joyce) will be staring in it. They couldve just renamed it but i guess its easier to ride on the past series fame

  3. Ew, I will not be watching this! The first and second installments were great and it went downhill after Esther left and was written off.

    I don’t get how Mimi can still be apart of the series when she was supporting Bobby’s character. Not to mention, Moses was a villain in Armed Reaction 3. All these actors overlapping in series they’ve been in before.

  4. Sigh.. I don’t know if tvb doesn’t want Bobby to be in the sequel drama or he decided not to be in it because every time there’s a drama got him in it he’s always the one being out for some reason. It’s just not the same without him in the sequel drama just like Forensic Heroes he’s out again it’s just makes me mad. Like some of people say don’t called it sequel if all the original casts are not the same one. Tvb please bring back Bobby, Esther, Ada and Marco if it’s possible maybe not a chance since him and Joyce is over. I remember I love to watch them together they make such a cute couple.

    1. @cutie777 Marco and Joyce chars were the cutest in AR 1. I rmbr shipping them to the max back then, lol. Though I didn’t like Marco’s acting until The Uncatchable (?) It was the one with Ada and Dayo.

    2. @cutie777

      If I was Bobby, I wouldn’t want to participate in a sequel that resemblances nothing of the original in terms of quality of cast, plot and production value. He would rather see it laid to rest.

      With that said, he needs to stop filming for TVB altogether. He’s mentioned that he returns to see the old casts and production crew but there’s nothing nostalgic about TVB for him to return. Aside from upper management, everybody has moved on.

      1. @anon I definitely agree, but unfortunately Bobby is too nice. It’s pretty much already confirmed he will be returning to film a series for TVB again next year (though thankfully not this particular one), which I’m a bit miffed about given that Bobby already knows how TVB treats him (he even said in past interviews that every time he returns, he is essentially a “babysitter” for the newbie artists). I mean, I get the whole “loyalty” thing, especially with a lot of these veterans from the 1980s era, many of whom feel that TVB made their careers so they will continue to support them no matter what…but to be honest, it’s not helping things, as all that does is make TVB even more complacent and even less willing to change. I still love Bobby but sorry, TVB has become unwatchable to me nowadays, so not going to bother even if he is going to be in a series.

        As for the Armed Reaction sequel — that series died years ago after they changed out Esther for Ada, and now reviving the franchise by adding yet another installment is just adding insult to injury. I agree that TVB is pathetic…close up shop already please!

      2. @llwy12
        Think it’s a new low 2019 that I only watched 1 series, the Barack O’Karma and that was ok but wasn’t great. Feel I have to give the new Eddie Cheung series a real go….

      3. @jimmyszeto I’ve watched zero TVB series this year (in fact, I don’t even pay much attention to what’s airing anymore). Though with that said, other members of my family still watch, some “religiously” in that they still watch every single series that comes out (argh)….I think once I can get the rest of my family to stop watching TVB, I’ll be golden, lol.

        Eddie is another one I get ticked off talking about. Like Bobby, he is way too nice and doesn’t need to film for TVB at all, but he still does it out of loyalty (and the fact the he is good friends with certain TVB management). I mean, Eddie is definitely talented, he has a successful movie career now (I think the last time I counted, he had won a third Best Actor award from yet another film festival), plus it’s not like he needs money, since he supposedly is a millionaire now due to how well his and his wife’s beauty products business has been going. Why go back to TVB to babysit newbies? I’m sure there is better use for his time…..

  5. I love the Armed Reaction series because the main cast had a lot of chemistry, and the storyline was great, but it should just end where it ended. Having a different main cast to continue the story just doesn’t make sense. What’s the point?

  6. The first 2 Armed Reactions were classics due to the amazing cast. I can’t imagine one without Bobby (without Esther was terrible enough).

    Should just rename it.

  7. Didn’t like the entire series anyway. Why keep making it. Same goes for forensic hero’s. I only like the detective series

  8. Always see her in real life at a local coffee shop i visit often. Down to earth person. Talk and dress like no other aunties of her age, with normal friends. surprisingly, she’s much plump in tv than the real person.

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