Miriam Yeung Moves to Shanghai

After taking part in reality show Viva La Romance 3 <妻子的浪漫旅行3> with her husband Real Ting (丁子高), Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) has been focusing on developing her career in China. Both have both been staying in China to work for long periods of time. Previously, Miriam would return to Hong Kong immediately after finishing work to see her 9-year-old son Torres. Now that her workload has greatly increased, Miriam has relocated her entire family to Shanghai.

Miriam had already hinted at her decision to move to Shanghai in July, when she uploaded a family photo on social media to celebrate Real’s 42th birthday and wrote, “Having a place to return to is home; having someone you love is a family. Having both is happiness. I love both of you.”

Sources say that Torres is currently studying at a top school in Shanghai with great teachers and an innovative method of teaching. However, studying at a globally-renowned school comes with an astronomical cost–the yearly fee for primary grade school is 280,000 Chinese yuan.

When reached for comments, Miriam explained that their move to Shanghai is not permanent. “My home is still Hong Kong, so I will return there. I am temporarily in Shanghai, because I accepted a job in China and need to finish it. I took Torres along with me, because I’ll miss him too much if we are separated for a long time apart. He will go to school in China for now. Real’s family is in Shanghai so it’s convenient. Real also has a company in Hong Kong, so he will continue to fly between both cities.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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