Miriam Yeung On Having Long-Lasting Marriages: “You Must Compensate Each Other”

Starring as Lam Fei in the TVB drama Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) can relate to her character in many ways. Like Lam Fei, Miriam gained a lot of wisdom after being a mother, and like Lam Fei, Miriam fell in love with a younger man—her husband Real Ting (丁子高), who is five years younger.

In a new episode of Oriental Daily’s My Date with a Star <我和星星有個約會>, Miriam teaches a fan, Yumi, on how to make cake. Miriam shared that she learned to how to make dessert and pastries after giving birth to her son, Torres. “You earn extra brownie points as a mother,” said Miriam.

Yumi’s newly wed husband, who is from Macau, is two years younger. “Mr. Ting is also younger than you,” Yumi told Miriam. “And I believe in what you do. I’ve learned that it is possible to marry someone younger than you.”

“Traditional families in our society may put a lot of emphasis on age,” said Miriam. “But as long as the two of you can get along and communicate, age shouldn’t matter. Whether the other person is younger or older, balance is what that should matter. Don’t take marriage for granted. It is a responsibility.”

On how to keep her relationship “fresh” with Real Ting, her husband of ten years, Miriam said she is still learning, and the learning will last a lifetime. “Mr. Ting and I understand that the importance of compensation. We make our differences work for each other. For a happy family you must learn how to be accepting. Communication is very important, because everyone is unique and different. You have to be patient and really use your soul to talk. When you have time, talk to the other person as your friend. Share your feelings and work together for your family.”

Miriam and Yumi were invited to the kitchen to bake cake together. Miriam, who was wearing a purple sweater and had dyed her hair purple as well, decided to make a cake with ube icing. Miriam shared that her son Torres loves to cook, and with a helper, he baked a cake for Miriam.

“My son said he wants to be a chef,” said Miriam. “That’s great! We should support kids who have dreams. And once you make your decision, then you should put effort and work hard towards that goal.

As they completed their cake, Miriam advised Yumi to have kids soon if that was the long-term plan. “Start now! Not for me, because that will be a geriatric pregnancy! Of course, that would take time to consider, but think about it positively. You grow and mature a lot more once you have kids. You and your husband will also have more common topics and share goals. It’s definitely another type of happiness.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Okay, just a very stereotypical observation (and not always true), but I find that most guys who have much more successful wives and/or are dependent on their wives’ income, tend to be much better partners overall? Is that just my own biased thinking? Like, Miriam, Kay Tse, Kelly Chan, Carlo Ng’s wife, etc.

      1. @jimmyszeto
        I must say that I have noticed that in many cases where women who bring home more money treat their husbands pretty badly. Of course not everyone is like that but a majority of them are. Maybe some still live in the old world where the man is expected to be the bread winner. It is no wonder many traditional men hate to be with women who make more than them.

    1. @coralie Real Ting is rich family second generation. His brother is actor Allen Ting. He has his own PR Company. So I don’t he is living off Mariam.

    2. @coralie
      Sorry but I do not find that true at all. Even in my family, my aunt is the breadwinner and treats my uncle very badly but he has no choice as he is ill now and cannot work anymore. I have found many women who have more money think they are in control and treat their husbands badly. Of course not everyone is like that but I have seen that pattern a bit too often with family friends and all. If a guy looks like he is a good partner maybe it is because he has no other choice like my uncle. If that were the case, then I actually find it sad.

      1. @hetieshou no one’s talking about the wife’s behavior, though. I’m saying the higher breadwinner (woman) will get treated and pandered to because the man depends on her source of income.

        But you bring up an interesting observation…I find it true that women who make more in the relationship tend to be not be as good to their partner, especially if there’s a significant wealth gap. I actually think there’s some merit to that idea, but it also depends.

      2. @coralie
        Oh yes, that is generally true to some extent. Glad that you noticed what I did but yes it also depends on the person too. However, that is a general pattern that I see.

  2. I am honestly bored of seeing this couple trying to teach everyone how to have a perfect relationship whilst showing at that the same time…..

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