Real Ting’s Deep Feelings for Miriam Yeung

Miriam Yeung’s (楊千嬅) marriage with her husband, Real Ting (丁子高), has been gracing headlines recently due to their participation in the Chinese reality television show, Viva La Romance <妻子的浪漫旅行>. The couple, who secretly wed in the United States in 2009, shared about their views on marriage and how they sustain the passion in their relationship after more than ten years together.

In an earlier episode, Miriam did not shy away from speaking about how Real has sacrificed for her and supported her in pursuing her dreams. In a recent episode, she wrote a love letter to Real, expressing, “Being able to marry my own love has been my biggest dream. Now this dream has come true. The current Cherie [Miriam’s popular character in Love in a Puff <志明與春嬌>] is very difficult to put up with. Too bad you have already chosen and signed a lifelong contract with me. Please give me advice for the rest of our lives. Your broken thoughts are actually very healing. However, once a day is enough.”

Real expressed how touched he was after reading the letter. “I feel that this woman is deserving of my love. She supports me and try to make me happy, but actually, I am already very happy. She has given me everything. Having her by my side is enough. Some people express their love verbally. They call their other half and tell them they miss them or love them. Before, I did not know how to express this out loud. However, after this trip, I will tell her I love her more!”

Touched by her husband’s words, Miriam could not stop her tears and said, “Actually, he is my shadow. He has contributed a lot to making me who I am. In contrast, I am more selfish. I hope to be a good wife in the future. Even if we do not have anything anymore and only have our hands left, he will still be willing to carry me on his back. So, I am certain that I did not choose the wrong person.”

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  1. This like the 5th or 6th article in recent weeks about this couple either trying to offer marriage advice or boosting about their relationship…,

      1. @m0m0
        I really don’t know why this site is obsessed in producing articles on the relationship thoughts of this couple. It is not news…

      2. @pandaxo
        This guy with a crap name is one of Andy Hui’s friends and was one of those who said he didn’t know what was going on even though he had seen Andy bring Jacqueline to all recent gatherings. This nobody guy is just trying to gain strides into being a familiar name within the entertainment but he will always just be known as Miriam’s young husband…

      3. @jimmyszeto no way..
        but thinking back, i have seen his face in their gathering photos. i have also seen him commenting and liking loads of girl’s IG photos/posts. maybe you are right and he is using Miriam’s status to be better known

      4. @hetieshou
        hum…you got me thinking now…. portraying as a good faithful, humble wife while in fact is a cunning woman using her playboy image husband as a facade…. this would really be something the most scheming woman could pull off.

  2. He sounds so very sincere but yes you never know down the road. Just remember how Sandra Bullock was snickering/ridiculing the Tiger Woods incident before her own hubby’s infidelity? She probably at that moment when she said it there is no way my hubby was like that kind of dog. What a joke! haha..I just goggled the guy. So he’s 5 years younger what exactly does he do? It didn’t seem to say anything specific.

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