TVB Artistes Take COVID-19 Precautions

Amidst the surge of COVID-19 cases on Hong Kong, actor Robert Mak (麥德羅) and singer Zaina Sze (施匡翹) respectively announce that they are tested positive. Their colleagues at TVB and RTHK are all taking precautions to prevent further spread and are self-isolating to protect their family and friends.

According to reports, over one hundred colleagues who had interacted with Zaina in the past few days went to get tested. Joey Thye (戴祖儀) shared on Instagram that she was tested negative. While, TVB has postponed all press conferences and meetups for the two days, daily operations are still continuing as scheduled.

The cast of TVB’s Seven Princesses <七公主> had their schedules canceled yesterday night. Aside from the actors, all staff and behind-the-scenes personnel had worn face masks. “Cancellations would affect the filming progress,” said Real Ting (丁子朗). “But we are confident that we would be able to pick things up back again.”

Lokyi Lai (黎諾懿), who has been filming Detective Investigation Diaries <刑偵日記>, told the press through a phone interview that he and costar Kayan Yau (游嘉欣) are currently self-isolating. Both actors were in close proximity with Zaina Sze.

“I’m still living in my house, but my wife and son are currently living with their grandmother,” he said. “My son is still very young after all. I have heard that Kayan was tested negative, which puts me at ease, but the staff and I will still go get tested, just in case.” Asking if his son misses him, he said, “He does. He would ask me why I’m not coming home. I have to tell him that I don’t want him to get sick. There’s been a new community outbreak. I don’t even want him to leave the house at the moment.”

Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) is also in self-isolation. Her PR agent was tested positive. Her fiancé, singer Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) canceled his upcoming TVB event as a result.

“Safety comes first,” he said via phone interview. “We are currently well, thank you for all the concerns. Stay safe, everyone!”

Source: Sky Post

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  1. If they are asymptomatic, it may be too early to test and they may get a false negative. Best to just quarantine 14 days and wait. Nerve-wracking, though.

  2. Yikes it sounds like it can’t be contained at this stage. I can’t imagine living in HK corona free when it’s already so populated. There’s no way people can keep 6 feet from each other at all times, especially with filming.
    I wonder if they will ban all dine in in hk and if that would help reduce community transmission.

  3. Oh no its seeping into TVB. I mean they are still gonna film unless ofc it gets even worse. I had thought HK was safe, guess not.

  4. “I’m still living in my house, but my wife and son are currently living with their grandmother,”

    Lai Lokyi’s wife and son are staying with his MIL – she can’t be the wife’s AND the son’s grandmother.

  5. A part of me just wants to ask is TVB really that important? Crystal Fung didn’t make it to the hospital when her mother had heart surgery, Tavia filmed while having a fever for days, and now, a world pandemic with people dying everyday, the most important thing is not to “affect filming schedule”? When Andy Lau got injured, he took a 6 month sabbatical and the film producers waited. Yes, I understand Andy is a heavyweight, but is there anything more important than human life or health?

    1. @jesspepperwang pre covid, I guess if you weren’t literally hurt needing medical intervention, it’s difficult to just be like hey I need the day off since they have to book locations, arrange all the staff, work with other people’s schedules etc. It’s not just the artist’s emergency. I mean, sure, if their star is injured like Andy or Bosco they got time off.
      But now with coronavirus I’m not sure how taking a week off filming is gonna help them finish filming anything safely.

    2. @jesspepperwang It’s easy to judge people, these celebs in this case, when it’s really the company itself should be crucified. These people are worker bees. Going to work is their bread and butter. Work is their livelihood; regardless how rich or glamorous they may seem. If the company opens, you either suck it up and work, or get fire, or quit. Seeing how badly TVB treats their employees pre-C19, I highly doubt they’ve grown compassion overnight. If anything, they probably grill their employees even harder to make up the bottom line that’s lost from the pandemic.

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