Real Ting Stayed Up the Whole Night to Message Miriam Yeung’s Fans After Backlash

Real helps Miriam pacify politically-sensitive situation when she expressed sympathy for Hong Kong protester.

Appearing on Chinese reality program Viva La Romance Season 3 <妻子的浪漫旅行3>, Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) shared how she had been diagnosed with tumors in her womb during pregnancy and had a risky labor when delivering her only child, Torres (丁進諾). She also shared that her husband Real Ting (丁子高) once stayed up the entire night to help her out of a politically-sensitive situation.

Unfollowing Crisis Due to Deleted Post

In June 2019, a man accidentally plunged to his death from the rooftop of Pacific Place when protesting the extradition bill in Hong Kong. Miriam had then posted a social media photo with a “R.I.P” message to mourn the deceased, but netizens later realized that she removed the photo from her feed. Disappointed, many of the star’s loyal fans left comments criticizing her lack of courage, with many unfollowing.

Staying Together Through Thick and Thin

Seeing Miriam rather affected by the harsh online criticism which followed, her husband and manager, Real Ting, merely told her that he understood. Later that night, he private messaged every single person who had commented on Miriam’s profile.

Seeing that Real had written long messages in Chinese, Miriam said she “had not known he could write so well’. She said, “Seeing every word he wrote, I felt very happy, (you) understand me. Companionship is not [just sticking together in] good times. During bad times, I don’t even dare to be upset, as everything’s well.”

Explaining his actions, Real explained, “There was someone who maliciously did many things. I don’t wish for these false news to cause those who had liked Miriam to misunderstand her. One night when she said she was unhappy, I asked her to go to bed first, and then private messaged every fan to chat, spending at least 30 to 45 minutes on each fan, all the way from night until morning. After saying my piece, they will know. I don’t want those who like Miriam to be unhappy too.”

After the episode was aired, many viewers had a changed view of Real and was impressed by his thoughtfulness and loving care towards Miriam.

Source: HK01

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