Miriam Yeung Refuses to Morally Judge Godbrother, Edison Chen’s Controversial Behavior

The discovery of Edison Chen (陳冠希) dating 16-year-old model, Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙), caused an uproar in the entire city of Hong Kong! The press asked Edison’s godsister, Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅), why he had to take intimate photos with each of his girlfriends and whether it was necessary for him to see a psychiatrist. Miriam refused to comment on Edison’s controversial behavior, only noting, “Adults have their own ability to judge! It’s inappropriate to comment on his behavior.”

Miriam Yeung: “I Haven’t Seen Edison in a Long Time!”

Appearing at a promotional event, Miriam Yeung stated that she was unaware of the release of Edison’s kissing photos with Cammi Tse. Miriam said, “I have not seen the photos, so I will reserve my comment!” In addition, Miriam said that she has not seen Edison for a long time and they did not maintain in contact. Asked whether she will advise him to be careful in the women he chose to date going forward, Miriam said embarrassedly, “I rarely ask him about love matters!”

Mag Lam Refuses to Comment on Edison’s “Sexual Perversion”

Regarding the new leakage of Edison’s intimate photos, Mag Lam (林欣彤) indicated that she knew how to protect herself. She will not take any intimate photos and professed that her previous boyfriends did not request her to wear a school uniform in the photos. Mag said, “Even if they had such requests, I would not agree in taking the photos. The request to take a photo [in school uniform] is quite odd! I will not easily fall into someone else’s ploy!” (What are your boundaries?) “It’s okay to take a photo cheek-to-cheek, but definitely not with tongue contact!” (Do you think that Edison has a sexual perversion?) “I will not judge whether he is right or wrong. Anyhow, I will not take such photos! If I do not wish to be attacked, then it’s necessary to be careful!”

Patrick Tse: “Don’t Mention His Name!”

Appearing at promotional event, Nicholas Tse’s ( 謝霆鋒) fathter, Patrick Tse (謝賢) was asked to comment on Edison Chen and Cammi Tse’s intimate photos. Patrick retorted angrily, “Do you want me to slap you? You want me to comment on people like him?” Asked whether he wished Nicholas would quickly find a girlfriend, Patrick said jokingly, “You’re crazy; that’s his own business. Do not ask such silly questions!”

Excerpt from Orientaily.on.cc

Jayne: I thought Mag Lam responded quite well regarding the taking of intimate photos. Girls, be sure to do the right thing!

I apologize if the header photo bared too much of Edison’s torso, but I found him holding of a camera very fit for the subject of the article.

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  1. whoa, patrick tse looks piss at edison.
    i never follow the edison-scandal but does patrick and him have a history disagreements??

    1. maybe cuz the scandal involved patricks ex-daughter in law (CC), thats why he’s so angry????

    2. Um, the photo scandal involved Patrick Tse’s ex-daughter-in-law, Cecilia Cheung. I think he has every right to hate Edison. Edition is a total womanizer that preys on young naive girls. But 16 years old, that is almost a child molester. Disgusting….

    3. Uh yeah, his ex-daughter-in-law and Edison’s friendly encounter on the plane is what led the media to put their huge magnifying glasses on their family, and made a media circus out of it.

    4. except Patrick Tse has had dated younger girls in the past…. womanizer…

  2. LMAO @ Patrick Tse

    It’s like the pot calling the kettle black!

    1. He just doesn’t like Edison Chen that’s all. If it’s some other male celeb, he wouldn’t have such a huge reaction.

      1. By RIGHT, he “shouldn’t” like him because of his son Nick, it would be silly for Pat if he talks about Ed’s sexual preference openly to the press. The reporters were just making fun of him prolly trying to see his funny reaction.

  3. I think Edison really needs psychological help since he seems to be literally addicted to sex.

  4. Edison might be a big time jerk but you can’t clap with one hand. The 16 year old doesn’t look as innocent as we think. I’m sure she knows the consequences of taking intimate photos and the chances of it leaking out but yet she still does it. Why? After all the previous scandal so what else is new? Some girls are willing to do anything to please the men and it’s a BIG time mistake! Just because Edison Chen is a celebrity and everybody is making a big fuss but in reality a lot of COMMON men do this kind of stuff!

    1. Just as many common women do this too. It takes two to tango.

      Assuming you are saying men do this more frequently (i.e. one guy would take these type of photos with multiple girls) then one can say there are more women that take these photos.

  5. Sometimes some guys are born with highly sex addiction so Edison is one of them, all he has to do is seek doctor helps to lower his sex addiction, maybe his estrogens are too high or some hormones problem. That’s why some people may turn to gay or lesbian or highly sex addiction all these are cause by our hormones problems, maybe they themselves are not aware also.

    1. Edison’s friends out there please take Edc to see the doctor. He’s getting worse

  6. edison was brought up overseas ..guess it is norm for westerners to behave like that so why is evryboyd harping about it..so happen he is a celebrity can;t blame him ..blame all those people who leek out his privacy to the world let poor edison get on with his life

    1. No doubt Edison has issues he needs help with. But you misplace your anger when someone accesses files on his personal PC, steals them, then makes them public. Those people have their own sins to atone to.

      What consenting adults do in their own bedroom is between them. They are all old enough to make their own decisions. This case, however, with a 16 year old really does cross the line, and he does need to seek help.

      But he is as much a victim as the other women in terms of the photo scandal. Sorry you can’t see it that way… but to brush this as a “Western” problem? My dear.. you fail to recognize that many of the women in these photos were brought up in China/Hong Kong…. it takes two to tango!

  7. They mentioned that Edison took photos of this little girl in her uniform, did they have a published photo or it’s rumor?

    When reporters interviewed Cammi in her school uniform, she looks like a kid without her fake eyelashes, makeup and big eyes contact. Her age should be focusing on school and not be a lengmo. Edison should see a psychiatrist since it seems like this kind of behavior did not stop even after many years from the scandal.

    If there are explicit photos, can he be arrested for child pornography?
    If there are sex photos, then he will definitely be bye-bye.

    1. Summer,
      I think Edison has liked young girls for a long time. When he dated Vincy (allegedly 14/15), no one complained as much? Was it because the 8 year age gap was not as big as the 15 year age gap with Cammi?

      1. Jayne,

        I have no idea when Edison dated Vincy, she was 14/15 years old. I thought maybe 16/17. But yes, the 15 years gap is a bit hard to digest since I live in US, many teens got pregnant at that age, so he can kind of be her father. LOL But I think I am more disgust with his behaviors is that he hasn’t change and still taking these kind of pictures.

    2. No sex photos at this moment, but the SMS text between EDC and Cammi are uploaded and these SMS text are kinda dirty. That’s enough for ppl to go to conclusion that Edision is a child pornography or a lolicon.

    3. Is he still a Canadian citizen? If he is, then he is playing with fire. The “legal” age for consensual sex is 16 in Canada. If he does something with someone younger than that, then he can be charged under Canada’s new child exploitation laws – EVEN if he has relations with an underage child in a different country. We do not take this kind of thing lightly in Canada. Many men have already been charged for having relations with minors in foreign countries.

      1. If that is true, then Edison is in even deeper water than he already is. I can’t believe that he did not learn from his past.. I guess he won’t learn until he gets put in jail or something even worse happens and then he will learn…

  8. People made the law need to see a doctor in in HK. 16 is legal age in HK, if u people have problems go change the law. I think the girl know exactly what she doing so stop blaming EC.

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