Miss Hong Kong Contestants Complain About Busy Schedule in Japan

The 12 finalists for the 2015 Miss Hong Kong Pageant earlier flew to Japan for training and filming. Last Sunday evening, the girls and crew enjoyed a relaxing night and allowed themselves to engorge in a table of delicious food. The group also took the opportunity to celebrate contestant #12 Sunshine Chu’s (朱嘉莉) upcoming birthday on July 15.

The celebration came as a surprise for Sunshine, who did not expect to receive a birthday cake. All the girls gathered around to sing happy birthday, and contestant #1 Louisa Mak (麥明詩) stepped forward to give Sunshine a hug. Sunshine expressed to reporters, “I was very surprised, because I didn’t think I would get an early birthday celebration. I wish for good health and career success.”

When asked if she wants to win the upcoming pageant, Sunshine replied, “I didn’t join hoping to win any awards. I just want to be the best of myself.” In terms of keeping a fit figure, Sunshine added that she follows a nutritionist’s diet and hopes to slim down in a healthy manner. “I wish to lose ten pounds and become more fit as the big day approaches.”

Since the girls have busy itineraries throughout their Japan trip, all of them complained about being tired. Louisa remarked, “We don’t get enough sleep! Back in Hong Kong, I needed 8 hours of sleep, but I lost 3 hours each night since coming to Japan. When I get back, I have to sleep for at least 18 hours!”

Contestant #4 Ada Pang (龐卓欣) expressed she misses Hong Kong a lot, “I want to go back and eat more. I’ll treat everyone to sashimi! I also want to reunite with my boyfriend. We kept in touch throughout and I complained to him until 3 or 4 a.m. last night! He told me he went to party in Lan Kwai Fong, but I’m not worried about that because I have a lot of faith in him!”

Contestant #5 Iris Lam (林凱恩) also hopes to return to Hong Kong for food, “We’ve been really busy in Japan and haven’t even had time to properly enjoy a Japanese meal. I want to go back and treat myself.” Meanwhile, contestant #9 Karmen Kwok (郭嘉文) complained about her lack of sleep and how her skin condition has become worse.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Doesnt sound like a complain, just observation. If they’re really complaining, wait till they join the company proper. Not even 1 hour of sleep per day. 8 hour sleep per day as per contract is for A listers so basically they are in for a shock I suppose.

    1. Actors have no holidays. Holidays is when they take a break from work. Too long a break means no work. No work means no money.

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