[Breakup Files] Moses Chan Calmly Faces Break-up With Bernice Liu

On the night that the paparazzi spotted Bernice Liu and Alastair Lam dating, Bernice’s rumored love interest, Moses Chan Ho, appeared on the Tung Wah Charity Show 2010. Prior to the press publishing photos of Bernice and Alastair dating, Moses was unaware of Bernice’s new boyfriend. After performing on the charity show, Moses gave reporters a bright smile when they suggested that he should perform jointly with Bernice, “I’ll let TVB organize it!”

Moses Learned of “Break-up” Through the Press

Reporters contacted Moses one day after photos of Bernice and Alastair were revealed. Moses’ voice did not appear to sound jealous, “That’s okay. With love, sometimes things are meant to be!” (Did you know that Bernice was dating?) “No, she did not tell me!” (Did Bernice call you to explain matters?) “It’s clear without the need for her to explain. The press published the photos!”

Was Moses jealous? “I’m dealing with it calmly; I believe in destiny!” (Did you send your blessings to Bernice?) “As long as she is safe, I feel at peace.” (Will this affect your money-making opportunities as an “onscreen couple”?) “Probably not, TVB will make the proper arrangements. I will face work with an open attitude. Each job is an opportunity.”

Since losing out on the “My Favorite Male Character Award” at the 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony and with his relationship with Bernice Liu over, many people said that Moses was dealt a set of “double losses.” Moses said, “I’ll start all over again!” (There’s an entire “forest of trees” waiting for you?) “I don’t know. I will strengthen myself and prepare for next year!” (Do you mind that you are compared with the wealthy Alastair Lam?) “No, people should not compare who is better or worse to begin with(人本來就冇分高低).”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: My assessment of what happened between Bernice and Moses is that they did not have a clear break-up before photos of her date with Alastair was published. At the Tung Wah Charity Show, Moses was still very happy when the press mention Bernice’s name. Perhaps he was hopeful that they would be able to work out their problems.

After the photos were published, Moses accepted the fact that she had a new boyfriend. From his interview, it’s obvious that they have not been in close communication lately. But they sound like they are still friends.

I can only imagine how hurtful it was for Moses to learn that things are finally over between himself and Bernice through the newspaper, rather than realizing this fact much earlier.

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  1. I feel bad for Moses if he did not even know that he and Bernice have broken up, but he had to learn about it through the newspapers. I guess some things just aren’t meant to be. I am sure Moses will find someone better and more suitable for him anyways. It seems that actresses go for rich guys these days more than anyone… I actually sort of find that sad because that shows how materialistic they are…

  2. I also want to add that I think Bernice should have contacted Moses first to officially break up before starting another relationship like this. I don’t think that is considerate of her to do that to him. She should have thought about his feelings…

  3. Did Moses and Bernice ever admit they were dating? They were always on screen or rumored couple.

  4. If they did break up through the press I feel for him. How callous of her. I always feel Moses is a nice guy. Clearly she got bored with him. Moses, there is always someone better out there. Is Charmaine single? Get her!

  5. The only thing I get from the press is Bernice didn’t tell Moses she’s dating a new guy.

    I did not get the following from the article
    – They breakup through the press
    – They did not have a clean breakup
    – Bernice did not officially breakup with Moses before starting a new relationship
    – Bernice is bored of Moses.
    – Moses did not know that he and Bernice has broken up.

  6. How is anyone so sure that he’s her new boyfriend? If you look at Bernice’s twitter (@bernice106), it seems more cryptic as if to say it’s not true without have to say that her and moses really are dating…

  7. The reason that makes us think Moses and Bernice are dating is that Moses never really drew a line between them like he did with Charmaine. He clearly said he and Charmaine are just friends. But never say anything like that about his relationship with him and Bernice

  8. I have to go with AC. Bernice just said in the other article that they are just friends. You can choose to not believe. But, we cannot be sure that he’s her new boyfriend.

  9. @AC: I agree… I don’t think they are dating… maybe the guy has love interest in bernice or vice versa but that doesn’t mean they’re dating.

  10. @AC; omfg. i never knew bernice had a twitter.. imma follow her now! LOL

  11. And they’re having a nice one on one dinner as friends. Celebrities indeed have many many friends don’t they? Call a spade a spade. Shouldn’t have called her a golddigger though. Every woman has a right to choose, I realise that but why is it just so happens the one they choose always someone who can maintain their high maintenance? Not like Moses is poor. From what I read of course there’s the rich, the richer, and the Li Ka Shings of the world. Oh now THAT is super rich.

    Yes the man may be successful in his own right, he is after probably quite possibly maybe a self made man or someone who maintains that level of wealth but surely one can be attracted to power as much as they’re attracted to looks. I wonder what his mommy thinks?

  12. I think Moses responses were really in-genuine and contrived. But i’m sure he was playing it safe just like any other artists under scrutiny. Truthfully, i’m sure he felt cheated the very least that his love of 6 years found a new man so quick!

  13. Honestly, we’re not even sure they dated, right? I find the entertainment industry a very muddled place to be.

    It was never clear IF they were dating. It’s still not clear IF they broke up. It’s even less clear that this new rich guy is even Bernice’s beau. And why does it has to be Bernice who’s materialistic (not saying she isn’t)?

    Maybe it was Bernice who was hurt by the Moses-Charmaine rumours? Or maybe Bernice was tired of not being in an official relationship? Or maybe, Moses wasn’t willing to commit to Bernice? Why do people automatically think Bernice is at fault?

    Imo, there was something wrong since they couldn’t even go public after supposedly dating for 6 years. And if Bernice is openly dating this new guy, plus the fact that Bernice has always been a very blunt person, it makes me think that Moses was the one to drag in their relationship. It’s entirely possible since 6 years ago, his career started to take off and is at its highest peak so far.

    I don’t mean to make it sound like it’s all Moses’ fault either. Like I said, we don’t even know if they dated. I just dislike how people seem to imply it’s all Bernice’s fault IF they indeed broke up and that’s she’s now dating a rich guy. While I don’t doubt a lot of these actresses are very materialistic – or perhaps, just realists, Bernice could have left Moses at any point for a rich guy. Especially, back when her career was peaking (she has definitely lost steam atm).

    Who knows if Bernice is really dating this new guy? But who can blame her for moving on after 6 years in a relationship which seemingly went no where, regardless of whom was to blame for it?

  14. I have always felt that Moses deserves someone more brainy than Bernice. She’s always about her boobs and nothing else, no?

  15. While I believe that Moses and Bernice are dating/dated, I don’t think Bernice and that Alistair guy are there yet. If you follow Bernice’s Twitter she’s basically lol-ing at this news b/c it’s all tabloid gossip. So I don’t think they broke up via press, even if a) they did date and b) they did break up.

  16. @ Moonriver

    Why does Moses deserve “someone more brainy” than Bernice?

    If Bernice is all about her boobs and Moses wanted to date her, didn’t he get exactly what he “deserves”?!! What’s worse: the vain girl or the guy who likes the vain girl?

  17. If the news reports are true, then it seems as if Moses and Bernice have been dating a long time. Perhaps Moses is too focused on his career right now and Bernice feels it time to make a further commitment into engagement or marriage as she is not that young anymore. Truth is, this and everything else that has been reported are all speculations. When a relationship goes wrong, both parties are @ fault. However, it is wrong if Bernice started seeing Alastair before breaking up with Moses.

  18. Base on Moses’s answer from this article, it does sound like they once dated. He is of course is answering it really carefully but I do believe that he must be hurt. Who wouldn’t? If and if Bernice is really with her new bf so quickly, then that is rushing a bit. I think once you come out from any relationship, whether actors or regular people, you will need to some time to reflect your past and then be ready for the new one. Rushing is only a band-aid to the problem, taking it slow would be the better way.

  19. From numerous tabloid tidbits in the past, many people inferred that Moses and Bernice were a couple. One time, Bernice was sick (or did she have a car accident) and Moses was not in Hong Kong to help her. Moses asked his friend to help Bernice instead. This proves their intimacy and who Bernice would turn to in times of need.

    From Moses’ response, I thought it was quite clear that he had a relationship with Bernice, which now it was clearly over. He spoke about believing in destiny in love and that as long as Bernice was safe, he was at peace. These words gave the impression that he still cared for her.

    Sometimes a break-up is never truly clear in a relationship, especially if one party wants to hang on and still has feelings for the other. Moses sounds like he still cares for Bernice and perhaps was still waiting to work things out. It’s hard to truly end a relationship until one person moves on,in this case, Bernice.

    If a couple dated for years, it is hard to say that those feelings of love can leave so quickly. In fact, I know many people who are still in love with their ex’s, unable to ever let go of the past. One of my friend’s ex-boyfriend still sends her love letters after she married for years. In those letters, he said he was still waiting for her…..

    It also takes a strong determination to walk away from a relationship that is not working out. If arguments are so frequent that there is less happiness left in a relationship to be together anymore. Often meeting someone better (whose qualities match what you are looking for more closely) is a strong stimulus to make people walk away from a fizzling relationship.

    I suspect the time that Bernice was filming in Hollywood opened her eyes on life and what she wanted for her life more. Since her acting career and Hollywood dream did not take off as ideally, I suspect she wanted to explore other entrepreneurial opportunties. Alastair Lam sounds like a worldly and accomplished man, who would be attractive to many women.

    My gut feeling is that entering her 30s, Bernice may be thinking more about her future, career, and life more. In a “Be My Guest” interview with Stephen Chan, Moses Chan came across as an easy-going person who did not have as strong an ambition and as clear headed as many think. When he was a model, he said that he spent all the money he earned and did not plan for the future. Aside from acting, he did not seem to have a “grand plan” in life.

  20. To be honest, I have been a true BERMO fan for almost 4 years already (although their rumors have sparked for 6 years).

    Their rumors are like a roller coaster ride. I’m lucky when it gets to the top, when news just come blarring in. But, there are also times when the roller coaster comes flat onto the ground, and sometimes stay there for several months. These are the times when there are absolutely nothing about them and I sometimes wonder what’s going on?

    However, this Alastair Lam guy, I hope he is only a play in their game. Perhaps the two were in an argument and Bernice specifically wanted him to notice her more. Until they have confirmed that they are dating, I will choose to believe she and Moses are still together.

    Perhaps they are just playfully arguing over a small thing and things have to be sorted out.

    I mean what happened to Roger saying “I’m only borrowing Moses’ girlfriend for a few months” just two weeks ago? What happened to Bernice’s parents visiting Moses on set for his new series? What happened to all those praises Moses gave and complimented Bernice on? What happened with the rumors with Moses and Charmaine, where he drew a line to assure Bernice? What happened with her and another guy last summer when Moses said he was only a friend of hers? What happened to their chemistry? What happened to Bernice asking Moses about marriage in October during a function? And lastly, what happened to THEIR 6 years?

  21. If it’s true, I feel bad for Moses 🙁
    Like Gigi Lai, Michelle Reis, Isabella Leong, and a few others.I guess sometimes money do speak louder than words for some actresses. Nonetheless, not for Vivian Chow LMAO. I don’t know what’s worst, to marry someone with money that you don’t love or marry a guy with no money but you love and he cheats on you.

  22. i agree moses may be hurt from all this but come on – this is for the better.

    the relationship ended and now both parties can move on. i’m happy for both bernice and moses.

    Hot bachelor in the market =)

  23. @ Tammy

    The worse choice would be marrying for love and getting betrayed afterwards. At least, if you choose to marry for money, you already know there isn’t any love involved. It was your own choice and you went into it with your eyes completely open.

  24. It’s a loss for Bernice since Moses is a very good man but if that rich man makes her happier than it’s her choice. Afterall I don’t see Bernice going far in acting field with her very mediocre acting skills so she might be happier be married and live a good comfortable life.

    I’m sure Moses will have a lot of woman pursuing him now that he’s officially single. Who doesn’t want a nice and gentleman guy like Moses.

  25. @ Vivien

    To each its own. I prefer men who are more ambitious than what Moses come across as. Moses might be a nice guy, but it’s notoriously hard to date in the entertainment business. It’s especially hard for the relationships to last. Not every woman is interested in that kind of a life style either. Can’t imagine it being easy to see “your man” kiss and be intimate with other women etc.

  26. What makes you think Moses is not ambitious? Maybe he is ambitious, as an actor. As for ““your man” kiss and be intimate with other women etc.” I think in this case Bernice is more daring in her scenes.

  27. ^I wrote “come across as” for me. You may disagree, that’s your prerogative.

    What’s your point regarding Bernice? I’m not talking abou Bernice and Moses. I was replying to Vivien who thought lots of women would want a “nice guy” like Moses. That might be true – I’m sure it is – I just thought there were other factors, people think about as well in a relationship – and in particular relationships in the entertainment industry.

  28. ^And when I talk about ambition – I’m also referring to Moses within his own field. I don’t consider ambition something that’s restricted to only the business field.

  29. Whether they truly dated or not, I think it’s good that they are moving on. Their rumors have dragged out for years and did not seem to be going anywhere. If Bernice is truly dating this guy, then good for her as he does seem like a very sucessful, smart guy that seems to care a lot about her. And I know some of the people here have mentioned that she is a golddigger like some other actresses that are married/dated rich men. Whether they are really just marrying for the money or if it’s true love, only they would really know. It’s not for us to speculate as we don’t know these celebrities personally. But wouldn’t it be understandable if actresses do marry someone rich? I’m sure most of us girls here would want to marry someone that is financially better off than we are or has a successful career and income so we can feel a sense of security, on top of personality and other traits we look for? I’m a traditional woman, so as ambitious and career minded as I am, I would still want a man that is better off than I am and smarter, richer than I am. But it doesn’t mean that he has to be a millionaire or billionaire, as long as it’s a comfortable lifestyle. But for the case of most of these actresses, they are all pretty rich and already live a great lifestyle, so of course they would find a man that is richer than them, and in most cases, they would need to be millionaires or billionaires. If they are not rich men, most likely it will be another actor or a model, who are in the same industry and knows how the business is like. It’s very hard for an actress to find a normal guy that is not in the industry because the man will not have any sense of security when their girlfriend is in the industry. It’s a lot easier for male actors to date a normal girl that is outside the industry though. Not every actress is like Skye Chan or Kelly Chen, who end up marrying their boyfriends that they were with before entering the industry. And not every girl will be like Shirley Yeung, who wouldn’t mind dating a male colleague that is less successful and makes less than she does. So, that’s why it seems like a lot of the actresses are golddiggers. I think it makes sense that they would date rich men.

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