Jia Nailiang Moves Out of Home; Splitting with Wife Li Xiaolu?

Mainland Chinese actor Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮) was mocked for wearing a “green hat” after wife Li Xiaolu‘s (李小璐) affair with rapper PG One was exposed in December.  Although Nailiang’s initial reaction was one of forgiveness, in which he remained hopeful that he can work out his problems with Xiaolu, the couple seems to be unable to save their eight-year marriage after all.

In the weeks following the exposure of Xiaolu’s affair, Nailiang has been drinking himself to oblivion and stopped wearing his wedding ring. Nailiang has reportedly moved out of his home with Xiaolu, a sign that the couple is heading for a split.

According to Apple Daily, a neighbor who lives near the couple noted that Nailiang’s three luxury cars have been missing from the garage. Nailiang has removed his blue Lamborghini, two Ferraris, and Mercedes-Benz G65, but intentionally left behind the Bentley that Xiaolu drove on the night she slept at PG One’s home.

Although Nailiang may be able to leave behind the home that he had shared with Xiaolu and the hurtful memories there, he is unable to ignore the cruel reminders of his wife’s infidelity on the Internet. A video clip recently circulated in which Nailiang’s five-year-old daughter Jelena was asked, “Your mom forced whom to wear a green hat?” Although the video clip was was obviously re-edited, Nailiang nevertheless boiled with anger and called the prankster “unscrupulous”.

However, Nailiang has refused to respond to the media’s inquiries about the current state of his marriage with Xiaolu.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow… super rich celebs. Collecting sports cars? Good to move on if it doesn’t work anymore. They are both high profile couple and family – on tv as the perfect family. Guess the bubble has burst. Sometimes, it is better to stay low profile and keep family away from limelight. So if anything unpleasant happened, it is just among the family members. None of our business.

    Daughter looks like handsome dad.

  2. He would be a crazy man if he doesn’t divorce that woman after what she did to him. I hope the kids will not make fun of their daughter also.

    1. @dramas4me Jia Nailiang initially sounded like he was ready to forgive Li Xiaolu until netizens continuously mocked him for being a “green hat”. I wonder if pride got in the way of forgiveness.

      1. @ Jayne @ jjwong

        He should divorce her for the reason that she cheated on him. She showed no respect for him & the family, but not because of the nettizen

      2. @dramas4me
        I agree with you that she did not seem remorseful after cheating on her husband. I heard that her mom even defended her after she did this. Truly like mother like daughter. Jia Nailiang’s parents and him seem like wonderful people. They were so unfortunate to have crossed paths with Li Xiaolu. Hope he moves on and finds someone better since life is too short to suffer over someone so unworthy. He deserves way better and he even said straight out to Li Xiaolu “ I will not cry!” Good for him!

      3. @jayne
        I had a feeling he was thinking of forgiving her but maybe he realized that his marriage is beyond repair. Also I have a feeling that Li Xiaolu wants to be with someone else. I have watched and read a lot of news and even some videos of Jia NiaLiang implying that she did not just cheat on him once but several times. That truly shows something and I think he deserves better. They should just divorce and move on. I kind of doubt that Jia Nailiang would allow Netizens to influence his decision in this case. It is his life afterall.

      4. @hetieshou With Jia Nailiang moving out, it only becomes harder for him to reconcile with Li Xiaolu. As celebrities, it’s hard for them to not feel pressured by public opinion, even though they are dealing with their own marriage. It was only a few weeks when he responded to Xiaolu’s cheating that he believes in “Rainbows after the rain” and now he moved out of their home already.

      5. @jayne

        True and that is one of the prices you pay for being a celeb. But I think the power was still in his hands in the end as I think maybe he figured out that their marriage is beyond repair. I think he can do better since Li Xiao lu did not love or treat him well anyways. Maybe this cheating scandal is a blessing in disguise for him. Hope he can find someone better who will love and cherish him.

  3. Honestly, who in the right mind would harass and involve children? The prankster, whether it’s Netizen or papz, needs to grow the eff up. Children are innocent and need to be kept out of adult actions. It’s beyond low of low to use children just for sake of clikcs. SMH.

    I hope he chose to leave his wife out of own doing and not because people calling him green hat. Really hope it’s not out of pride. It’s petty if it is and he’s effected by strangers opinion. Best of luck to both and hope the kid isn’t scarred and can grown up normally.

    1. @jjwong very, very well said. Agree with every sentence of your comment. Obviously his wife seems to flaunt her affair in his face in a very public manner. I don’t think that the decision to divorce has anything to do with the public’s remark. It is about Jia Nailiang realizing that his wife wants another man. Which man with any self respect and pride will want to continue with such a marriage? I think the citizens need to butt out. If the man wanted to forgive his wife that should be his business. The pappo also can be so ruthless, insensitive and ignorant at times that it is scary. Unfortunately, there are sick citizens out there who are ignorant and backward enough to drag that innocent little child into her adult parents family matter.

      1. @bubbletea
        I totally agree and I doubt Jia Nailiang would allow net citizens or the public decide what he wants to do. I think he reached the end of his rope and realizes his wife wants to be with another man as you said. Even if he did try his best to mend this marriage, I have a feeling Li Xiaolu does not want to. He deserves way better anyways as she not only hurt him but his parents and their daughter too. I feel bad for them all, especially the little girl.

    2. @jjwong
      The feeling I get is he is divorcing her because she truly wants to be with someone else. I think he even implied that she cheated on him many times and not just that one time. She seems to not care that she hurt him ,his parents and their daughter. Yes she seems to flaunt the affair too. I read some of her text messages and boy she seems like a bad woman. I wonder how they got a hold of their text messages? Her mom even defended her after this affair. My late mom would have killed me if I were married and cheated on my husband. Like mother like daughter.

  4. I do not think he should have issued a public response to the infidelity allegations. He should have tell that ‘it is family problems so give us the space and privacy to resolve it’. By going public, you make your ‘family problems’ a raging public talking point. I see their relationship is finished.

    China netizens love divorce stories. They always make it to top 10 on weibo.

  5. Curious. When there’s an affair, the 3rd person is usually pounced on bu papz with articles about how she stole the husband and a bunch of nasty comments on here. Has there been same treatment on thia rapper, the 3rd person???

  6. Hm… wish there will be more news of LXL and PG One, after hurting JNL what happened to them? Why is it that JNL is already the victim but he continues to be the victim online as well, with everyone calling him greenhat and chasing down all his actions? It took him weeks before he can finally call out to public to put a stop to harassing him and his family, but people still did not listen.

    1. @davy
      There have been reports but not much from what I have seen. I feel bad for Jia Nailiang that he is already a victim and is still a victim. I feel very bad for him, his parents and daughter. Very sad indeed.

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