Li Xiaolu Claimed She Was Blackmailed By Mysterious Caller

On November 14, Chinese actors Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮) and Li Xiaolu (李小璐) officially announced their divorce. It was a speculation that had long been rumored ever since Chinese media publicized Li’s cheating scandal with rapper PG One in December 2017. Though at one point it was said that Jia and Li had rekindled their relationship, they ultimately failed to mend their marriage.

Last month, nearly two years after the scandal broke, a video featuring Li and PG One kissing in an hotel room was leaked online. Li had stayed quiet about the leak until early Friday morning, one day after confirming her split from Jia, when Li finally broke down on Weibo, sharing her experiences of being blackmailed and threatened with the video.

In a long essay she posted on Weibo, Li claimed that the private videos were used to threaten her. She had received a mysterious phone call, which taunted her about releasing some of her private videos online. Li originally ignored the threat, but on the next day, the video of her kissing PG One was published.

“I was pushed to the edge of my life,” she said. “Nobody is perfect. Do not use a feudal society’s way of treating a woman to judge others. Do not use such obscene vocabulary! Do not steal someone’s privacy and use it to harm them! You guys do not understand the situation. You do not know the truth, because others’ family matters is none of your business! I’ve never harmed a single one of you!

Because of the scandal, the leaked videos, and the cyber bullying that Li had to endure, she had contemplated suicide. It wasn’t until she heard her daughter call for her when she realized that she still has something to live for.

“My head is now clear. I cired as I held onto my daughter, who was also in tears. I told her, baby, mother will never leave you.”

Li said she is only a simple woman, an average individual among the millions that live among us. “I am not perfect. I am just an average woman.”

Several netizens have come to Li’s defense. One netizen, claiming to be Li’s lawyer friend, told followers that Li and PG One are no longer in a relationship despite rumors saying otherwise. The netizen also claimed that the clip of her kissing PG One was filmed after she and Jia divorced, implying that Li’s rocky relationship with Jia had been ongoing for years, even before PG One became involved.


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  1. ” Do not use a feudal society’s way of treating a woman to judge others.”
    Did I just read this wrong? Did she actually say that. She makes herself a victim of unfair judgement…..She is a joker!

    Her moral values really needs addressing.

    “I’ve never harmed a single one of you!” Yes, you have. You seriously hurt and harm those fans of yours that supported you all these years. Fans that made you famous. where is your shame?
    Dont make yourself the only victim.

    “I am not perfect. I am just an average woman.” Please dont know shame “average women” we dont sleep around, lie about it and put such shame to family. You are not “Average women”

    I hate the fact she is threatened. And the blackmailer will need to be dealt with by law,
    But she is still playing the victim card.

  2. Darling, what happening to you right now is the results of your own actions. It’s called Karma or you reap what you sow. Oh, don’t use your daughter as a shield now, I am sure when you let PGOne banging you, he banged her out of your mind that time.

    1. @niangniang Her self centered nature must be due to upbringing….
      I am glad the kid has a great father. Her mum’s shame will forever be her burden.

    2. Please Li just shut up and lay low like you always do, stop playing the victim and using your daughter as a shield. Let it go it’s over just move on.

  3. A woman knows whether or not she’ll sleep with someone on their fort meeting so ms Li knew what she was doing. December she got caught going to PG’s place now we know they got intimate that night next day she performed on stage with her then husband who looked like he was having the best of time, he was labeled as green hat and much more but she never came to her defense, in fact he was the one who defended her on Weibo but she kept quiet. Fast forward to March/April since we now know where she was, at a motel with her younger lover. Summer rumors about her and joker surfaced again she kept quiet her then husband again got attacked now we are to believe that they were already divorced when she was parading around with him going from Victoria’s Secret show to an all girl out night (girl night out) key word but somehow she brought him along. Lol ms Li like the previous person said what u feeling now is karma and in my opinion you’re still doing that rapper cuz there’s no way you’ll give up ur marriage just to stay out home and do nothing

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