Fan Bingbing and Li Xiaolu Banned from Livestream Selling

Celebrities have generated profitable streams of income through livestream selling recently. With the popularity of live selling on the rise, the Chinese government will reportedly issue restrictions and explicitly ban artistes from participating. Two of China’s biggest earners from live selling, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and Li Xiaolu (李小璐), were singled out in particular.

While the speculations have not been confirmed, if the rumors turn out to be true, both actresses could lose out big time due to the government’s restriction. After her tax fraud scandal in 2018, in which Fan Bingbing had to pay 883 million RMB in taxes and fines, she has attempted to but failed to make a full comeback onscreen. Instead, she leveraged her position as a fashion icon to successfully sell beauty products through livestreaming. In one particular session, Fan Bingbing made 20 million yuan in only four minutes.

Li Xiaolu, whose extra-marital affair became tabloid fodder two years ago, also heavily profits from live selling. She reportedly sold 45 million RMB worth of products during a four-hour livestream session in April. Not even those with years of online selling experience could produce shocking numbers like Li Xiaolu’s sales figures.

Source: Netease

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  1. I’m glad the government is banning these two ladies. They deserve that punishment. Hopefully it gives other good people the opportunity to earn the money instead.

    1. These two already have plenty of money.
    2. One is a tax evader.
    3. One is a big cheater.

    1. @dramas4me Yes and not sure why celebrities that earn big bucks yet still wanna evade tax. While we commoners earn normal salary and work as hard as them or even harder than them, yet still pay tax instead of choosing to evade it.

  2. 20 million yuan in 4 min and 45 million yuan in 4 hours in live selling? If these figures turn out to be true, wow these 2 celebs really earned money faster and easier than acting in dramas/movies. No wonder more and more celebrities turn to live selling now.

  3. Damn they can earn more just selling online than filming a movie/drama. Easy money for sure!

    1. Agree that government should do something about celebrities on live selling. But can live selling evade taxes? Else certain ppl will evade tax on such income.

      1. @hayden idk why would the government want to do something about celebrities do live selling? Like there’s many youtubers who got famous now doing live selling, wouldn’t they then be stopped from doing so? Since now they have reached the status of a celebrity? Because recently I came across a woman (who I got no idea), but apparently she is like the Kim kadashian and Martha Stewart of China, and her live selling is always through the roof!

  4. Government should do something about celebrities on livestream selling. Can ppl still able to evade taxes from earnings on livestream selling? If yes then certain group of greedy ppl will definitely do that.

  5. I wonder why the Government is setting such rulings? Tax control reasons ?

  6. Just curious if anyone can evade tax from the earnings from live selling? If yes then certain greedy ppl will definitely evade tax thru such earnings.

    1. @hayden many people do live selling it seems, not just celebrities. Some brings in celebrities to boost their channel’s traffic but on their own, they already have a solid crowd :/ so if ppl can evade tax from live selling, then perhaps it’s the live selling that need to be axed lol.

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