Jia Nailiang Does Not Miss Wife Li Xiaolu After Her Alleged Affair

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Jia Nailiang Does Not Miss Wife Li Xiaolu After Her Alleged Affair

Since Mainland actor Jia Nailiang’s (贾乃亮) wife Chinese actress Li Xiaolu (李小璐) alleged affair with rapper PG One last year was exposed late last year, Jia Nailiang was labeled as the “most symphathetic green hat man.” When the news first broke, the 34-year-old star wrote a lengthy post asking for more privacy and apologizing to his wife, whom he married in 2012, for not doing well enough. However, it seems like he’s had a change of heart since then.

Recently, he participated in a Mainland variety show located in a remote place and in which, participants were required to hand over their phones to severe external contact. In the program, Jia Nailiang recalled his own mental journey and expressed he is not as vulnerable as everyone thinks. In fact, there is “no need to comfort him” – as long as he has friends by his side, he’ll be fine.

When the actor was asked what he missed most in the city, he did not hesitate to say his daughter, Jelena, also known as Tian Xin. Jia Nailiang added, “Actually, there are no other things that are worthy of me missing me in the city.”

Netizens were able to feel his pain through his sharp words and praised him for revealing his true feelings.

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Jia Nailiang Does Not Miss Wife Li Xiaolu After Her Alleged Affair

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    1. niangniang says:

      I would be glad to escape from that kind of wife IF I am him…Imagine the humiliation when the pictures of the cheating pair during hanky panky went viral….But the most pitiful party will be the daughter though…..

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