Jia Nailiang Finally Responds to Wife Li Xiaolu’s Alleged Affair

On December 30, a Chinese paparazzi source revealed the alleged secret affair between Chinese actress Li Xiaolu (李小璐) and rapper PG One, star of The Rap of China <中国有嘻哈>. Li Xiaolu is the wife of fellow actor Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮), and the couple have been married since 2012. They have one daughter Jelena, also known as Tian Xin.

A week ago, Chinese paparazzi published photo and video evidence of Li Xiaolu spending the night at PG One’s home. The video started with the pair eating dinner together, followed by Li Xiaolu and PG One boarding a car together that was headed towards PG One’s home. Li Xiaolu held onto PG One’s arm as they walked into the apartment complex.

Li Xiaolu did not leave PG One’s home until the next morning. They walked a few streets down to where Li Xiaolu parked her car. They drove towards the direction of Li Xiaolu’s home, but about halfway there, PG One got out of the car to get into a different car.

Jia Nailiang Asks for Privacy

After a week of silence, Jia Nailiang finally posted his own lengthy response in regard to his wife’s alleged affair. He shared his response on Weibo on January 6.

“Only a week has passed, but it felt like a century,” he wrote. “I really do not like to be an inconvenience to others, but my recent family matters have started to get in the way of people I care about!”

Jia Nailiang confessed that the reports and rumors surrounding his wife’s alleged affair had been “uncomfortable” for him; it was to the point where he felt like he would soon be unable to “hear his own heartbeat.” He went on to say that he felt like a “walking zombie” leaving work every day, but for his family, he had to clench his jaw to brave through the storm.

“Now I’m being labeled with the term that many men hate to be associated with—the green hat! Xiaolu, as a mother for her child, is being labeled as one who doesn’t care about her family! My precious daughter has become the sacrifice of a marriage! You may not be able to see this, but such gossip has affected my in-laws and my parents. They are afraid to leave the house, and they have all fallen ill. Tian Xin is sick with a fever, and through our video chat, she smiled and cried telling me how much she missed me! Do you guys know how I felt then? My heart was crying blood.”

Jia Nailiang expressed that as a public figure, he understands that his private life must be sacrificed. “I have no right to put the blame on anyone. When I see my family in pain, all I can do is blame myself. I am sorry to Tian Xin; your father has made you suffer through so much at such an innocent young age. I am sorry to my in-laws and my parents; you should be enjoying your time in the age of happiness, and not having to worry about your children.”

The actor did not explicitly confirm his wife’s infidelity, but his words seem to be implying that her affair with PG One is true. Jia Nailiang said, “I am [also] sorry to Lulu; perhaps I didn’t do well enough. I wanted to do my best to give the world’s best to you, but even after using all my power I was unable to balance my family and work. Now that I’ve said this, I’m getting flashbacks of the day I proposed, of the vows I made to Xiaolu, every word clear in my mind. I remembered seeing the helpless look on her eyes as I was in the delivery room with her, and in that moment, I vowed to give her a perfect fairytale ending. But in the end, that has become my biggest regret.”

Jia Nailiang ended his response with a plea for privacy. “Please leave use some space. No matter how the road looks in the future, please let us handle this ourselves. I also plea for everyone to stop hurting my family. I do believe in sunny days after the rain.”

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This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. His words really touch the heart. I wish nothing but good things for this family, especially as a longtime fan of Li Xiaolu.

  2. I disagree that just because they are actors, their private lives should be sacrificed. Yes, fans may be naturally curious about them but they have to right to protect themselves from prying eyes.

    I really wonder how PPRZs are able to plant cameras along corridors of hotel rooms to pry on actors. The hotel management should be responsible.

    1. @mangotango Even if the pappo just followed them, her behaviour is quite dusturbing, and shows signs of a definite affair. No need to plant cameras in the hallways

      1) she is holding onto a man that is not her husband tightly while entering a hotel or a redidence with said man.

      2) she spent the entire night in the building away from her family.

      3) the same man drove her to her car which was parked halfway from the building and her home. That is the tell tale sign. If Li Xiaolu was there as a guest, or on business, she should have driven up to the building. This is sad.

  3. Girl reminds me of Tila Tequila & a bit like Zhou Xun.

    She’s really pretty.

    Cheating is not pretty and to be publically exposed for it is even worse. But couples have lived through scandals and come out on top. So it’s not a damning sentence, though it’s no walk in the park either (esp for celebrities.)

  4. I feel for the families of the couple, not to mention the little girl. Jia Nailiang sounds pretty heartbroken too. Even if Li Xiaolu denies the affair, the way she behaved says otherwise. I have to say, I believe the media this time.

  5. Jia Nailiang seems to blame himself for working too much and not spending time with Li Xiaolu, thus prompting her to have the affair. “I am [also] sorry to Lulu; perhaps I didn’t do well enough. I wanted to do my best to give the world’s best to you, but even after using all my power I was unable to balance my family and work.”

    He seems very apologetic in his response. It is rare for a spouse to behave in such a way when the other partner has an affair.

  6. This is a sad, regrettable type relationship because there is obvious an affair in the making. It’s unfortunate and it’s a breakdown in family values especially when a child is involved. Both sides of the family foundation is being affected making it hard to rebuild at the moment so long as this so-called affair continues. Public needs to back off their criticisms about this couple’s relationship so they can resolve problems between them and only the two can decide where their relationship should go. Let them go, don’t pry, track or making it difficult to carry on their daily life, it’s really none of our business. It’s between them, we don’t know all what is involved only this couple does, so be patient, allow them to heal and be comfortable in resolving their problematic issues. No one knows but them what is truly going on. So be patient and allow them to be a loving couple for the sake of their child and both side families. Let us wish them all the very best. Wishing much love, happiness to all. Have a Happy New Year, wishing all the very best in good health, good luck, good life, good prosperity, success, happiness, security, love, always.

  7. I do remember their faces but never really watched much China series. Dude sounds sincere here, that’s quite sad and upsetting. The woman, I never find her pretty in any way but what a woman for doing that especially if you have a kid. Awful woman he married.

  8. @vbabe8 very great points and well said. I am not judging anyone. I was just concerned that Li Xiaolu does not lie through her teeth about the affair and add insult to injury to the two families, her husband, child and fans. Lets face it, an affair is going on, hopefully, this marriage can be saved, as everyone deserves a chance, or two. I can tell that Jia Nailing still loves his wife very much.I don’t like to see marriages fall apart, but sometimes, it can be what is best for all parties involved, but to fight to save the marriage first is the best course.

  9. I blame (us, myself too) netizens the most, many people made things sound like Jia Nailiang is a total green hat when he was aware of it already. He was doing his best to forgive, whether they agree he should or should not, almost everyone threw firing comments about such a personal family problem online. Although the cheating news was posted online (super hot topic), I think we shouldn’t be harassing this personal family probem, although we really really want to blame and say bad things about Li Xiaolu because it’s all her fault, doing so will actually hurt the innocent ones only, while it’s not like Jia Nailiang is dumb and doesn’t know what was going on. He is aware of his own problem, we don’t have to remind him. This couple were able to perform well on the New Year’s stage, he is such a strong guy, he was probably hoping people would stop saying things after seeing that he and Li Xiaolu are just fine together, he was probably protecting his daughter!

    It is so sad after hearing those words from him, he is such a funny person on Youtube who loves to make people laugh and smile!!!

    But, since the problem is already this far, I would like to comment that although Li Xiaolu may be a beauty, that’s just the past!!! Her recent looks has been quite awful to be honest in my taste. I always imagined that if this couple were to ever separate, Jia Nai Liang must be the cheater only because he is extremely handsome and beautiful. Honestly, I have always truly thought that this guy is one of the top, and most handsome man of China. I was so surprised by this news. And the guy Li Xiaolu cheated with is not very handsome at all. Too bad for her, her big loss.

  10. Did Li Xiaolu have plastic surgery done on her face? Every time I look at her face – I feel like she did. Thanks!

    1. @dramas4me I feel that she looks very plastic! Having overly, extra-extra pale skin with red lips (thick) made it worse too. But whether she is plastic or not, I don’t find her pretty like when she was a young little girl in Handsome Twins anymore. Her dimples are way too huge now, and her jaws shrinked that it looks scary.
      Every woman could be begging Jia Nai Liang under his feet just to be with him, while I can’t see why any man would sincerely want Li Xiaolu.

  11. Agree that Li Xiaolu had work done. I noticed that Joe Chen, Raine Yang and Charlene Choi seem to have had work done. Their faces have changed overnight. That is too sudden.

  12. With such publicity, the marriage will be truly tested. Whatever the outcome, think of the child.

    Is the dude in cap, the rapper? If so, the two dudes look quite alike, at least from the photos above.

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